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Did You Miss It?: Azealia Banks Goes On Anti-Christianity Rant / Slams Lupe Fiasco In Twitter Tussle


When there are buttons to be pressed be sure to know that Azealia Banks is there to press them.

With an arsenal of 140 characters, Twitter has become a war zone for the rap diva’s antics and oft-controversial thoughts on everything – especially social issues.  While fans were still in her corner after her emotional Hot 97 interview, some of them have seen their support wane as the ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’ beauty continues to offer random rants on the social media site.

This weekend alone she sparred with Lupe Fiasco (who also found himself in a Twitter tussle with Kid Cudi) and fans who did not support her unceremonious slamming of Christianity.

Did you miss any of the action?  We’ve got you covered:


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Azealia Banks Shares Thoughts On Disappointing Remarks Made By Kendrick Lamar


Disappointing might be one word to describe Kendrick Lamar today, set to surprise some fans with a remark he made on the treatment of ethnic minorities during a recent interview with ‘Billboard.’

I wish somebody would look in our neighbourhood knowing that it’s already a situation, mentally, where it’s f—ed up. What happened to [Michael Brown] should’ve never happened. Never. But when we don’t have respect for ourselves, how do we expect them to respect us? It starts from within. Don’t start with just a rally, don’t start from looting — it starts from within.

Accused of suggesting that African-Americans who “don’t have respect” for themselves are deserving of the discrimination they’re said to face, it wasn’t long before Lamar found himself on the receiving end of remarks made by ‘Chips’ rapper Azealia Banks.

What she had to say on Lamar’s comment?

Find out below…


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Everybody Hates Iggy Azalea…But Why?

Has "winning" caused Iggy to lose hip hop's respect?

iggy collage

Some of rap history’s biggest sellers, from Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross to Nelly, Pitbull, and Flo Rida have all had their rap (and street) credibility questioned at one point in their careers.  None listed, however, were rebuked with the intensity of criticism like that aimed at Iggy Azalea.

From barely a buzz to a bulls-eye, she went from obscurity to enemy #1 in just a year.

Besides the unique position of being a white female emcee from Australia who rapped with a southern U.S. accent, not much else surrounded the newcomer’s name initially. In fact, this time last year she seemed poised to take rank with the many other unsung female rappers trying to find a place in the male-dominated game.

Despite backing from one of the genre’s frontrunners (T.I.) and a number of well-prepared videos to boot, success would not knock on the rapstress’s door until the unveiling of the pop-cloaked number ‘Fancy’ and its ‘Clueless’-themed music video. In conjunction with a timely “assistant role” on rising pop starlet Ariana Grande‘s hit ‘Problem,’ Iggy, seemingly out of nowhere, was thrust to the top of mainstream music consciousness.

Undoubtedly a dream come true for any female rapper, especially a Caucasian one traipsing a path so many before her had failed (see:  Sarai, Kreayshawn), that dream would prove itself a nightmare as all but the very genre she pursued would openly embrace her.

Has “winning” caused Iggy to lose hip hop’s respect?

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T.I. Defends Iggy Azalea: “Not All White People Out To Steal Our Culture”/ Azealia Banks Weighs In


While most are tweet-watching to see if the “Anonymous” hacker threats against rap starlet Iggy Azalea will manifest into anything more, her mentor – rap mogul T.I. – comes to her aid again.

Indeed, after calming the bark of legendary rapper Snoop Dogg just weeks ago, now Tip is clapping back at rapper Q-Tip on behalf of Azalea after the ‘Breathe and Stop’ beau lent her a stinging lesson in hip hop history (see that here if you missed it).

In a lengthy Twitter lecture, Tip refutes some of Q-Tip’s claims about Azalea’s intent with hip hop, the fear of white people embezzling from Black culture, and more.  Tuck in below, read his rant, and tell us if you agree:


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Weigh In: Should Iggy Azalea Ignore Famed Hackers Threatening To Expose Her?


It seems ‘Black Widow’ beauty Iggy Azalea finds new foes across the web everyday.

As if the constant struggle to defend her credibility was not enough, the Australian rapstress is often on the defense against scathing attacks from those accusing her of “misappropriating” black culture.  The most recent of the aforementioned was launched just days ago courtesy of longtime nemesis Azealia Banks (see the fiery response from Azalea here).

The heated e-altercation has ignited a polarizing debate amongst spectators with most of them seemingly siding with Banks.  The latest backers of Banks, however, come in a surprising form – the ‘AnonMessage’ Twitter group.

Best known for hacking the official KKK Twitter account and bringing to light private information about officer Darren Wilson (Missouri policeman who escaped indictment after killing unarmed African American male Mike Brown), the “e-vigilante” group has demanded Iggy apologize to the Yung Rapunxel by Sunday night (December 21) or else…

anon v. iggy1


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Azealia Banks Finds A New Friend In…Nicki Minaj


Solange Knowles isn’t the only entertainer showing a little love to Azealia Banks this week.

For, after revealing that she believes black women aren’t given enough credit for their contributions to Pop culture and society in general, Nicki Minaj used Twitter to thank Banks for supporting her new album ‘The Pinkprint.’

Quite interestingly, Banks echoed similar sentiments during a headline-grabbing conversation Hot 97’s Ebro Darden, unaware that Minaj had discussed the very same topic with the very same Darden days earlier.

A case of great minds thinking alike? Perhaps.

Now find out what happened when Nicki “met” Banks online, below…


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Solange Throws Support Behind Azealia Banks Following Intense ‘Hot 97′ Interview


“Thank you.”

‘Cosmic Journey’ star Solange Knowles had that to say to ‘Wallace‘ rapper Azealia Banks today, praising the outspoken entertainer for speaking out against “cultural smudging” in the entertainment industry in an interview with radio station ‘Hot 97.’

Indeed, after Iggy Azalea claimed her attitude was to blame for the discrimination she faces as an African-American entertainer, Solange sympathised with the ‘Luxury’ belle today.

Her words below…


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