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Skai Jackson On Azealia Banks Twitter Feud: ‘She’s A Bully…I Hate Bullying’

Disney Star Slams Rapper For ‘Making a Fool of Herself…’


Despite being the victor of many-a-social media battle over her short, but storied career, Azealia Banks met her match when she crossed paths with the unlikeliest of opponents:  14-year-old Disney star Skai Jackson.

Jackson, best known for her infamous “sitting” meme, politely sat and shat all over Banks via Twitter – a bout that’s now gone down in infamy for the self-proclaimed “Yung Rapunxel.”

Now, a day after the rapstress tried to rekindle the beef by labeling the young actress as a “c**n in training,” Jackson’s interview with ‘Teen Vogue’ has surfaced and gets her take on the now epic Twitter feud.

Tuck in below to read the Disney darling’s statements:


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Bye! Azealia Banks Banished From Twitter After Homophobic Zayn Rant

The repercussions continue to rain down on Azealia Banks following a series of rants gone wrong.

Furore erupted on Twitter yesterday after the femcee took odd aim at Zayn Malik (for supposedly copying her style). For his troubles she branded him a “f*ggot d*ck rider.”

The anti-Azealia climate escalated when she turned her attention to UK rappers, who she asserted could not rap. Naturally, their clap back reflex was all sorts of real.

As reported, the latter saw her booted from a major British festival she was said to headline.

Now Twitter, the primary vehicle for her volcanic comments, has followed suit.

See what we mean below…


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Azealia Banks Issues Statement Following Racist Twitter Rant


In 2015, Azealia Banks was lauded for her groundbreaking Hot 97 interview in which she slammed institutional racism and its irreparable affect on African-Americans.

In 2016, the entertainer showcased behaviour akin to those she often speaks out against by launching a racially charged attack on the Pakistani performer Zayn Malik.

Now, she has apologised for her abhorrent actions.

Her words below…


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Skai Jackson’s Mom Claps Back At Azealia Banks: ‘I Don’t Play Those Games’


Uh oh!

As if getting dragged up and down a number of Twitter timelines yesterday by Zayn fans and Disney starlet Skai Jackson wasn’t enough for ‘The Big Big Beat’ beauty Azealia Banks, now the fire has been reignited by Jackson’s mom Kiya Cole.

Indeed, she had some feisty words for Banks who – as you may know – suffered a major L at the hands of Cole’s 14-year-old daughter last night (click here to read more on that).

Click below for the warning from mom:


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Azealia Banks Strikes The British Rap Scene


Azealia Banks’ views on white supremacy and racism within society after often accurate and carefully presented.

Alas, it’s now clear that the same can’t be said about the rapper when discussing her relationship with the industry she once hoped to conquer.

For, after engaging in a headline-making Twitter war with Zayn Malik and a 14-year-old Disney star, the rapper has now shared her thoughts on Britain’s Urban music scene.


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Azealia Banks Loses Twitter Wars With Zayn Malik & Teen Disney Star

Rapper Accuses ‘Pillow Talk’ Singer of Plagiarism


Another day, another L for rapstress Azealia Banks.

The ‘ATM Jam’ diva, known more for cashing in on publicity for her sharp Twitter rants than her deserving music, strikes again – this time lashing out against ‘Pillow Talk’ wailer Zayn Malik.

Indeed, after slamming the former One Direction singer’s new video ‘Like I Would’ for copying images & scenes from her previous efforts, he quickly clapped back (and his fans along with him).  But, before that beef could cool, the rapstress was embroiled in another tussle – this time with teenage Disney star Skai Jackson.

Did you miss any of the action?  It’s all inside:


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Azealia Banks Encourages Minority Voters To Think Twice About Hillary Clinton

Eloquent Rapper Reveals That She No Longer Trusts The Democratic Party


‘Count Contessa’ rapper Azealia Banks has urged African-American and Hispanic voters to think twice before supporting Hillary Clinton‘s bid for the White House.

Taking to Periscope to share her ideas, the eloquent entertainer explained why she’d sooner vote for her Republican rival Donald Trump (despite loathing his immigration policies), and revealed why she believes his plans will rock a system built to oppress the working class.

Watch below..


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New Video: Azealia Banks – ‘The Big Beat’


Conveniently coinciding with the release of her new video, ‘The Big Beat,’ fans of Azealia Banks may lend the rapstress a collective side-eye for the timeliness of her ‘anti-Lemonade'(Beyonce) rant last night.  But, after a quick view of the visual – the latest release lifted from her ‘Slay-Z’ mixtape – we’re certain that pause will turn to praise.

Indeed, living up to the title of its parent project, the ‘Beat’ is 3 minutes and 56 seconds of pure house hop slayage – something Banks is accustomed to delivering.

Don’t believe us?  Find out for yourself below:


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Azealia Banks Slams Beyonce’s #Lemonade: ‘She’s A Thief’ [#ICYMI]

Rapper Accuses Bey’s Project Of Being Bad For Black Women

beyonce lemonade azealia banks feminist

Earlier this year Azealia Banks vowed to take a permanent hiatus from Twitter.  However, as our good sis Jazmine Sullivan once wailed, ‘forever don’t last long.’

For, in a move to redirect #Beyhive stings from the mysterious Beckies of the world to herself, Banks took to Twitter to rant about Beyonce‘s hotly-selling new project ‘Lemonade.’  Accusing the songstress of being ‘anti-feminist’ and even plagiarizing some of the album’s critically acclaimed content, Banks is reaching for wig glue after questioning the validity of some of ‘Lemonade’s insinuations (namely those surrounding Jay Z‘s alleged infidelity).

Do you agree with her rant?  Or, is it just ole AB looking to cash in on some media shine?  You tell us:


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Azealia Banks Sinks Claws Into Kanye West / Claims Rapper Is “Closeted”


Azealia Banks is back at it.

Following a brief break from Twitter, the fiery femcee returned last night and immediately begun sparring with any and everybody.

One of the many names in her firing line was rapper Kanye West, who the New Yorker took particular aim at.

Claiming that they once shared a mentor/mentee type relationship, Banks narrated her fall-out with ‘The Life Of Pablo’ MC. She also mused on his sexuality.

Her words, as ever unfiltered, below…


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Azealia Banks Ends Twitter Beef With Erykah Badu

Azealia Banks Ends Beef With Erykah Badu 2016 That Grape Juice

Birds of a feather? Azealia Banks and Erykah Badu have squashed their beef on Twitter.

The random exchange follows a controversial and trying week for the duo, with Banks getting into a fiery exchange with Sarah Palin and Badu coming under fire for advocating that young girls be required to wear longer skirts in school.

How did everything turn out in the end? Continue reading.


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Sarah Palin Promises To Sue Azealia Banks After Rapper Suggests She Film A SexTape

Rapstress & Politician Trade Words On Twitter

thatgrapejuice azealia sarah palin

Remember that whole “swearing off Twitter forever” thing Azealia Banks promised just weeks ago?  Well, apparently she doesn’t.

For, in typical A.B. form, the ‘ATM Jam’ diva is dispensing some controversy-causing shade on social media and, in turn, has tongues wagging.  Unlike many of her former victims on the site, her newest target – Sarah Palin – is planning her clapback in the courtroom.

Did you miss any of the action?  Tuck in below to find out what ensued after Banks suggested Palin ‘get a train run on her’ and film the venture for WorldStar…


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