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Updated: Azealia Banks Explains ‘Control It’ Controversy On Twitter / Spars With Shystie On Twitter

AZEALIA BANKS THAT GRAPE JUICE SHE IS DIVA Updated: Azealia Banks Explains Control It Controversy On Twitter / Spars With Shystie On Twitter

Last year, they were as thick as thieves. This year, they find themselves in the middle of a heated controversy with either citing the other as the cause.

We’re talking about ‘Murderation’ Rapper Shystie and ‘1991′ MC Azealia Banks of course, whose friendship reportedly turned sour when the video they shot for Shystie‘s single ‘Control It‘ was pulled from Banks’ label Interscope, seemingly damaging the campaign the Rapper had in place to endorse her forthcoming EP.

Now, in response to the drama, the Brit belle took to Twitter to confront Azealia, which resulted in the latter hitting back at both she and her manager.

Full story below…


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Must See: Shystie – ‘Control It (Ft Azealia Banks)’

shystie that grape juice Must See: Shystie   Control It (Ft Azealia Banks)

This is one video you do not want to miss out on.

That’s right, after teaming up to serve the fiery cut ‘Neptune‘, Azealia Banks joins forces with her sonic sister Shystie for her new video for the single, ‘Control It’.

Released to fans a matter of minutes ago, the sexy clip marks one of Shystie’s strongest efforts, and precedes the release of her new EP, ‘Pink Mist’.

Enjoy below…


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Azealia Banks Mocks Iggy Azalea : “Stan For The Head Negress”

azealia banks that grape juice Azealia Banks Mocks Iggy Azalea : Stan For The Head Negress

While the bulk of her cause has been sullied by a never ending stream of feuds, Azealia Banks has done a pretty good job of establishing herself as a ‘music led musician’, in an age where most of her contemporaries truly are models with mics.

However, while the last year has seen her brand go from strength to strength thanks to a consistent supply of engaging material, this week has saw her parade rained on when long running nemesis Iggy Azalea fired shots her way via ‘Shut Your Pretty Mouth’ magazine.

This, months after Azealia sparked a mini race row over a lyric in an Azalea cut, in which she referred to herself as a ‘runaway slave master.

Now peep Banks’ response to Iggy’s new diss below…


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Iggy Azalea On Azealia Banks: “She Talks S**t Out Of Her Arse”

iggy azalea 2013 seye isikalu e1360621913460 Iggy Azalea On Azealia Banks: She Talks S**t Out Of Her Arse

For a multitude of reasons, Iggy Azalea has been a hot topic on the lips of many as of late – including rival Azealia Banks.

Ever outspoken, the latter has not shied away from taking jabs at the Australian reared star at any and every junction possible, recently suggesting that Azalea has “seriously trivialised aspects of black culture“.

And while the ‘Work’ femcee has generally dodged Bank’s banter, she lets rip in the latest issue of ‘Shut Your Pretty Mouth’ magazine.

Her words after the jump…


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Azealia Banks Slams Gay Rights Organizations For Sensitivity To ‘Homophobic Slurs’

5129618e6244dcbb9d7d437ab5d6c76a Azealia Banks Slams Gay Rights Organizations For Sensitivity To Homophobic Slurs

The snap above could not be more fitting for the succeeding story as the last month has seen New York-bred beauty Azealia Banks serve (and be served) a seemingly neverending platter of beef.

From newcomer Angel Haze to Perez Hilton and other highly documented showdowns, the ‘Van Vogue’ vixen has definitely dished a dollop of PR disasters that seem to grow in number weekly.

Now, after the backlash received from last week’s renewed tweet beef with Hilton, a recent interview saw Banks come to her own defense in a tirade aimed at gays rights organizations and sensitive readers.  Read the rapstress’s rant below:


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Azealia Banks Beefs With Perez Hilton Again, Angers Fans With Slurs

07970dc27d099f921afb521f550dc44f Azealia Banks Beefs With Perez Hilton Again, Angers Fans With Slurs

Barely a month has passed since the last heated tweet beef between femcee Azealia Banks and media maven Perez Hilton cooled.

But, if recent fiery comments made by Banks are anything to go by, the heat is still very much on.  For, after engaging in a verbal battle with Baauer (the creator of the revamped ‘Harlem Shake’ movement), the ‘Van Vogue’ vixen shook things up when she referenced the new hitmaker with gay slurs.

Prompting the chime in of Hilton, see the fiery exchange between the divas below.  Let’s just say, the censors were nowhere to be found:


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Azealia Banks Previews Lady GaGa ‘Red Flame’ Duet

AZEALIA BANKS THAT GRAPE JUICE Azealia Banks Previews Lady GaGa Red Flame Duet

‘Red Flame‘.

The above, we’re pleased to report today, is one of the many cuts recorded for Lady GaGa‘s forthcoming studio album ‘ARTPOP‘, set for release in the coming months.

Her first LP since the #1 album, ‘Born This Way’, all signs point towards the project boasting a ‘broader’ sound- courtesy of the genius DJ White Shadow...and ‘Luxury‘ stunner Azealia Banks.

Now listen as the above teases her verse on ‘Flame’ below!!


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Azealia Banks Teases Fans With ‘Yung Rapunxel’ Lyrics

 Azealia Banks Teases Fans With Yung Rapunxel Lyrics

More so than any other chart debutante, Azealia Banks remains one act whose appeal lies in her craft and not her look.

Kicking dust in the faces of all the Femcees she debuted with circa 2011/2012, this year will mark the arrival of her debut album, ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’, and tonight she has teased the world with lyrics from its lead single ‘Yung Rapunxel’.

We have to warn you though, if you’re under 18 you may want to journey to a ‘PG friendlier‘ post, as these lyrics are of the ‘NSFW’ persuasion.

Check ‘em out below…


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