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Azealia Banks Teases Fans With ‘Yung Rapunxel’ Lyrics

 Azealia Banks Teases Fans With Yung Rapunxel Lyrics

More so than any other chart debutante, Azealia Banks remains one act whose appeal lies in her craft and not her look.

Kicking dust in the faces of all the Femcees she debuted with circa 2011/2012, this year will mark the arrival of her debut album, ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’, and tonight she has teased the world with lyrics from its lead single ‘Yung Rapunxel’.

We have to warn you though, if you’re under 18 you may want to journey to a ‘PG friendlier‘ post, as these lyrics are of the ‘NSFW’ persuasion.

Check ‘em out below…


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‘Broke With Expensive Taste’: Azealia Banks Announces New Single

 Broke With Expensive Taste: Azealia Banks Announces New Single

 ‘Miss Amor‘? Forget about it.

The above seemed to be the sentiment held by Azealia Banks today when she announced she was to scrap the aforementioned as her new single, and release another to launch her long awaited debut album.

So what’s it called?

Find out below!


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‘Clique’: Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Angel Haze & Azealia Banks Dominate iTunes UK

16cce22f2e593b3afc953e92ffbaf9f6 Clique: Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Angel Haze & Azealia Banks Dominate iTunes UK

News of his forthcoming delivery may have seen him dominate many a headline, but this week has seen ‘Love Lockdown’ genius Kanye West soar much farther than the confines of the tabloids and the ever competitive UK charts.

Find out how British Hip Hop fans shown their gratitude to Mr. ‘GOOD’ below…


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Beyonce Enlists Azealia Banks For New Album

azealia1 Beyonce Enlists Azealia Banks For New Album

Beyonce is coming for blood.

The above, albeit a little extreme, is the safest way to describe the force that is her latest album campaign- following the release of 2011′s ’4‘. Now, as to boost momentum for the release, ‘Luxury‘ belle Azealia Banks has revealed that she contributed to the album, due out in a matter of months.

Her news below…


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Azealia Banks Beefing With Perez Hilton, Causes Controversy With “Gay Slur” *Updated*

azealia banks tgj Azealia Banks Beefing With Perez Hilton, Causes Controversy With Gay Slur *Updated*

140 characters (or less) have consistently proven themselves to be just enough ammunition for a certain Azealia Banks.  For, as the last few days have seen her engaged in an ongoing battle with fellow rapstress Angel Haze, now it seems Banks has her sights set on another diva – blogger Perez Hilton.

Indeed, Hilton nor Banks are any stranger to Twit-evoked controversy, but Friday night saw the twosome go camel toe to toe via the social media network over Hilton’s commentary on the Haze/Banks showdown.  While most of the exchange has been deleted, some of the most damaging quotes were captured.

See what we mean below (updated with apology):


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Nas Praises Azealia Banks & Nicki Minaj / Opens Up On Frank Ocean

811ca02fa018dccd86025314ac900b7b Nas Praises Azealia Banks & Nicki Minaj / Opens Up On Frank Ocean

It’s safe to say it’s been a rough week for Interscope‘s Azealia Banks, following spats with Perez Hilton and the allegedly racist MC Angel Haze.

However, in what should brighten her mood, Rap icon Nas has declared his love for her material released by both she and ‘Catch Me‘ Rapper Nicki Minaj.

 His words below…


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New Song: Angel Haze – ‘Shut The F**k Up’ (Azealia Banks Diss)

angel haze1 e1357344572936 New Song: Angel Haze   Shut The F**k Up (Azealia Banks Diss)

Ding, ding, ding!

Angel Haze has initiated “round three” in her still-raging beef with fellow femcee Azealia Banks – tonight unleashing ‘Shut The F**k Up’.

Swapping Twitter banter for scorn-soaked bars, the newcomer fired the first shot with diss track ‘On The Edge’ last night. And with Banks barking back with ‘No Problems’ this afternoon, Haze wasted no time jabbing with another missile of her own.

Take a listen below…


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New Song: Azealia Banks – ‘No Problems’ (Angel Haze Diss)

 New Song: Azealia Banks   No Problems (Angel Haze Diss)

Ever vocal, it was always inevitable that Azealia Banks would bark back at the diss track Angel Haze unleashed on her last night. As such, cue ‘No Problems’.

Produced by MachineDrum, the cut takes aim at Banks’ femcee rival.

Does it pack enough to cool Haze’s blaze? You be the judge after the jump…


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