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Watch: Beyonce, Jamie Foxx, And John Legend Join PSA For Gun Control

Since the unspeakable tragedy of Sandy Hook Elementary (Newton, Connecticut), gun control laws have certainly been a hot topic in the United States.  As such, many are lifting their voices with hopes of preventing such a crime from ever occurring again – including a number of celebrities. 

Beyonce, Jamie Foxx, Jessica Alba, John Legend, and more of Hollywood’s brightest join the campaign for ‘Demand A Plan’ – an initiative sweeping the country to press for firmer gun control laws.  See their moving PSA above and click below for more information:

Click here to visit Demand-A-Plan’s Official Website


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Hot Shot: Beyonce Gets Back To “Work”

beyonce work 2013 e1356093497480 Hot Shot: Beyonce Gets Back To Work

Beyonce is busy diva these days.

The singing superstar is presently in rehearsals for both the Super Bowl and her NYE showcase in Las Vegas. And while much of the process has been shrouded in secrecy, the 31 year old shared the snap above with fans on Instagram accompanied with the hashtag – “#work” .

It’d be futile to speculate what King B watching, however it’s worth noting that the fellow standing is Ed Burke – who, over the years, has shadowed the singer for behind the scenes projects as well as music videos and live shows.

Needless to say, exciting times!

Your thoughts?

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She Is Diva: Beyonce Honored With ‘Most Desirable Body’ Nod

d6171c42a2d57d58d0d40e56ae71f366 She Is Diva: Beyonce Honored With Most Desirable Body Nod

For years, it was Beyonce‘s empowering sound that inspired women around the world.

Now however, it’s her shapely figures that have British women singing her praises before the release of her fifth studio album.

Full story here!

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‘Stay': Rihanna Edges Closer To UK #1 / Set To Match Rita Ora Record

e71ba583a7f4e893417d2b97828ccf24 Stay: Rihanna Edges Closer To UK #1 /  Set To Match Rita Ora  Record

It may have taken seven years, but Rihanna consistency as an entertainer reached all new heights this year- upon the launch of her new album ‘Unapologetic‘.

Of course, while her voice still holds the goat like twang that has us begging for Beyonce‘s return, it seems her flawless performance at the ‘X Factor UK’ two weeks ago is paying off in ways not even she could have imagined.

Details below…


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The Critics Weigh In On Beyonce’s Pepsi Deal. Do You Agree?

fe0a16d4dca1a807623307d44e18d3c1 The Critics Weigh In On Beyonces Pepsi Deal. Do You Agree?

It’s the deal designed to take her brand to all new heights.

However, despite the fact Beyonce‘s gargantuan dealings with Pepsi Co will inadvertently shine fresh light on her philanthropic efforts, it seems not everyone is as pleased as we are for her.

Indeed, though the deal- which marks one of the biggest to be scored by an African American entertainer- will only see her serve as an ambassador for the brand, her association with them has seen her come under fire for, ‘promoting obesity’.

Details below…


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Behind The Scenes: Rita Ora – ‘Radioactive’

f4d225a1505f29fe2e269a077fe230ef Behind The Scenes: Rita Ora   Radioactive

While  US sales for Rihanna‘s ‘Unapologetic‘ continue to shimmy and shake to Underperformance-ville, Rita Ora continues to pave the way for her US launch with her smash hit single, ‘Radioctive’.

Now peep behind the scenes footage pulled from its Sci Fi inspired video released in aid of the clip, months after the singer received a glowing endorsement from Pop icon, Beyonce.

Watch below…


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Must See: Google Name ‘The 50 Most Popular Women On The Web 2012′

eba7f44feaab221b0232b9acd4df18c9 Must See: Google Name The 50 Most Popular Women On The Web 2012

Check out this year’s ’50 Most Popular Women On The Web‘ according to Google tally, compiled by counting the number of times each public figure has been ‘searched’ for on the web.

Beginning with a list of 300 singers, actresses, models, public figure and politician, Google then tallied the Top 50 with results that will surprise some while enticing many- especially the multinational brands behind many of the women listed.

So, want to know where your favorite female came in?

Mind blowing stats below…


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