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Hilarious: Bruno Mars Purchases ‘Bootleg’ Bruno Mars Albums

bruno mars she is diva that grape juice 4 Hilarious: Bruno Mars Purchases Bootleg Bruno Mars Albums

As the music industry continues to battle music piracy, one its leading cash cows Bruno Mars pulled quite the hilarious stunt hours ago, when he purchased ‘bootleg’ copies of his own material from street vendors.

Full story below…


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Watch: Bruno Mars Blasts “Disgusting” ‘Super Bowl’ Halftime Critics On ‘Ellen’

bruno mars ellen Watch: Bruno Mars Blasts Disgusting Super Bowl Halftime Critics On Ellen

Bruno Mars‘ blazing Super Bowl showcase not only broke records, it earned the star praise aplenty from most corners.

However, the performance – which took place last Sunday during Halftime at the big game – wasn’t well received by all.

Indeed, while some sects felt his showing paled in comparison to the efforts of previous headliners, others took aim with Mars’ eligibility – claiming that with so little time at the top under his belt, he simply wasn’t deserving of the slot.

During a visit to Ellen today, the singer took a moment to address what he deemed “disgusting” critics.

And while the 28-year-old was entirely serious about his stance, he would go on to approach the matter with a brand of hilarity that must be seen to be believed.

Peep Bruno in action below…


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Bruno Mars Sets Viewership Record With SuperBowl Half-Time Show, Tops Madonna & Beyonce

Screen shot 2014 02 04 at 1.23.23 AM Bruno Mars Sets Viewership Record With SuperBowl Half Time Show, Tops Madonna & Beyonce
Reports have surfaced that ‘Grenade’ crooner Bruno Mars has blown away the competition with the ratings from his top-rated Super Bowl halftime performance.

Fans may continue to debate where the Hawaiian hitmaker’s 14 minute set stacks up against the likes of Madonna, Janet Jackson, Beyonce, and Michael Jackson on the performance front, but for now, as the numbers reveal, the critics will unquestionably have to place him at #1 on the ‘most watched tally’.

As if making history for being the youngest halftime show headliner ever wasn’t enough, see Mars’ out of this world viewership reports below:


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Watch: Michelle Williams Dishes With Bruno Mars’ About His Stellar ‘Super Bowl’ Showing

Michelle Williams Promo 1 Watch:  Michelle Williams Dishes With Bruno Mars About His Stellar Super Bowl Showing

‘If We Had Your Eyes’ hitmaker Michelle Williams was one of many who had eyes on Bruno Mars’ hot Super Bowl halftime show last night.

Joining her friends at OMG! Insider, Williams got exclusive access behind the scenes to chat with the Grammy-winning crooner and even dished it up with some Broncos and SeaHawks for good measure.

See Miss Williams work below:


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Celebrities React To Bruno Mars’ Show-Stopping ‘Super Bowl Half Time Show’

 Celebrities React To Bruno Mars Show Stopping Super Bowl Half Time Show

‘Locked Out of Heaven’ hitmaker Bruno Mars moved the Metlife Stadium with an out of this world performance moments ago for the ‘Super Bowl XLVIII Half-Time Show”.

Joined by veteran rockers Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mars & Hooligans delivered a high octane set chock full of the crooner’s biggest hits including ‘Treasure, ‘Just The Way You Are’ and so much more much to Twitter’s delight.

Still very much ablaze after the smoking Super Bowl Half-Time set, tuck in below to see Mars’ contemporaries sing his praises


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Watch: Bruno Mars Rocks Super Bowl 2014 Halftime Show

bruno mars superbowl halftime Watch: Bruno Mars Rocks Super Bowl 2014 Halftime Show

Moments ago, Bruno Mars brought his unique brand of electricity to the MET Life Stadium during his much-hyped Super Bowl 2014 Half-Time spectacle.

The Grammy winning superstar was joined by rockers the Red Hot Chili Peppers during the must see showing, which follows Beyonce’s mega-watt performance last year.

A worthy follow-up, watch Mr Mars show and prove after the jump….


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Weigh In: Billboard Ranks ‘Best Superbowl Half-Time Shows Ever’

8e5cfe19e5f5450edf7fafa5de031625 Weigh In:  Billboard Ranks Best Superbowl Half Time Shows Ever

It is quite literally the biggest show on Earth.  Often playing to (present and distant) crowds of 90 million+, the SuperBowl Half-time Show is every year’s must see performance with only an elite group of pop superstar’s able to claim they’ve headlined one.

From pop’s top divas Madonna, Janet Jackson, Diana Ross, and Beyonce to pop potentates Michael Jackson and Prince, the Superbowl Half-time show has been graced by its fair share of music royals.

But, is there one that completely takes the crown for ‘best ever’?  Billboard seems to think so.  In great anticipation for Bruno Mars’ showing tomorrow night, the Music Bible unveiled its top Half-time shows ever.  As ever, sparking quite the debate.

See the list below and weigh in?


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Performances: 2014 Grammy Awards [Watch]

15d180ff3d55a7ae44c95e4b367432da Performances:  2014 Grammy Awards [Watch]

The Grammy Awards 2014 are currently underway at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. As ever, That Grape Juice will be providing you with performances as they occur!

Check out performances from Madonna, Beyonce, Katy Perry, P!nk, Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar, Bruno Mars, and more below. Keep refreshing, as we’ll be updating minute-by-minute…


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