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Coupled Up? Nick Cannon & Chilli Spice Things Up In New Video


Are they? Aren’t they?

Nick Cannon and TLC star Rozonda ‘Chilli’ Thomas have been a fixture in headlines of late after rumors of romance hit the mill.

Both have been noticeably coy about their purported coupledom,  yet they look set to make quite the statement in Cannon’s new music video.

Conveniently titled ‘If I Was Your Man,’ the clip sees Chilli star as the mogul’s leading lady. Check out the two getting all sorts of close (via E!) above.

Art imitating life or a skilful and wilful baiting of the press? Who knows.

What is certain is that eyes remain peeled to see Nick’s next move following his 2015 divorce from Mariah Carey (with whom he has two children).

Another shot of the maybe-lovers awaits below…


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TLC Shares Update On Kickstarter Album


How time flies! Just ask fans of TLC.

A whole year has passed since the iconic R&B outfit made headlines when they launched a fan-funded Kickstarter campaign to finance their final studio album.

Supporters – including celebrities such as Katy Perry – bound together to assist the surviving members T-Boz and Chilli in the venture, which hit $430,000 by its climax.

With a whole year passed, what is the status of the record?

An update awaits below…


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TLC’s Chilli Joins Bravo’s ‘The Millionaire Matchmaker’


‘Red Light Special‘ performer Rozonda ‘Chilli’ Thomas has signed on Bravo‘s dotted line this year, joining the cast of their hit Reality TV series ‘The Millionaire Matchmaker.

Want details on her televised quest for love?

All will be revealed below…


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Weigh In: TLC’s Chilli Suffers Twitter Attack From #Beyhive

Things got pretty ugly yesterday for ‘Unpretty’ star Chilli (of TLC) after the singer’s 2014 ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ ruffled the feathers of members of Beyonce’s dedicated fanbase “the Beyhive”.

Indeed, after the Atlanta star implied that referring to the pop superstar as “Queen B” be “forbidden” in the new year, fans instantly went on the attack causing the 42-year-old to quickly issue a statement regarding the backlash.

Did you miss the action?  See it all below and weigh in:


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Watch: TLC’s Chilli Shows ‘PETA’ Some TLC

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Watch: TLC – ‘Creep’ Video (Unreleased Alternate Version)

As one of biggest selling girl groups of all-time, TLC achieved such status with a flavoursome mix of classic songs and epic videos – with one of their most noted being 1994’s ‘Creep’.

Lifted from the trio’s mega-selling sophomore set ‘CrazySexyCool’, the track and its accompanying video is widely hailed for cranking the “Girl Power” movement into overdrive. For, with its risqué lyrics and unapologetic delivery, the release presented a super sound foundation for the ‘independent women” “running the music world” today, the Beyonce’s, the Rihanna’s, and the countless other progressive female figures in-between.

Yet, despite the song’s global success, very few know that another video was not shot for it. Directed by Lionel C. Martin, the original ‘Creep’ clip was left on the cutting-room floor for reasons unknown. What is certain, though, is that fans can now watch it after Martin unearthed it from his vault.

So, without further adieu, watch T-Boz, Left Eye, and Chilli like you’ve (literally) never seen them before below…


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VH1 Start Production On TLC Biopic

For the fortunate set who grew up during TLC‘s reign, it’s common-knowledge that the trio brought the drama both on and off the stage.

Naturally, then, a biopic centred on the lives of Tionne ‘T Boz’ Watkins, the late Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez, and Rozonda ‘Chilli’ Thomas, has been talked about for more than a decade.

Yet as the 10th year since Lopes’ passing draws to a close, fans will be elated to learn that the made-for-TV-movie has finally gone in to production – with the iconic group’s surviving members serving as “consultants and executive producers”.

Peep the press release below…


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