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New Video: Dawn Richard – ‘Dance’

Danity Kane Diva Dances Up A Storm


Dawn Richard dazzles in the dynamite video for new single ‘Dance.’

The high-octane cut is the lead release from the performer’s third solo opus, ‘Redemption Heart’ (due next year).

As previously relayed, the track sees the former Danity Kane diva skew more to the mainstream middle after her dalliances with daring EDM.

Watch Ms. Richard rock all the way out after the jump…


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New Song: Dawn Richard – ‘Dance’

Danity Kane Diva Moves On With New Sound

D∆WN _ Dance (Cover Art)


After skewing to left and flirting with EDM, Dawn Richard moves towards the mainstream middle with new jam ‘Dance.’

The high-octane cut is the first to be lifted from her third solo album ‘Redemption Heart,’ which struts into stores early 2016.

Penned by hitmaker Ester Dean, the track positions the former Danity Kane nucleus in the thick of what’s current without compromising her unique appeal.

Take a listen below…


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Danity Kane Drama: Dawn Richard Claps Back At Dumblonde


The reality of Danity Kane continues to unravel and it’s laced with all sorts of drama.

This week ex members Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex (who now go by the name Dumblonde), took aim at their former comrade Dawn Richard in an explosive interview on The Breakfast Club.

The Dance duo – whose new EP is due on September 25th – sunk their claws into Richard, spilling on their various clashes with her, including “the” punch that disbanded DK3 and her alleged rift with D. Woods.

Naturally, it was only a matter of time before Richard clapped back.

Her words, via Twitter, below…


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Explosive: Dumblonde Dish On Danity Kane Break-Up On ‘The Breakfast Club’

Aubrey O’Day & Shannon Bex Spill All On Split


The fall out from the latest Danity Kane break-up continues.

As reported, Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex are pressing on as Dance duo Dumblonde – a journey which brought them to The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 this morning.

In a rare move, the ladies did not hold back.

Indeed, each – with detailed depth – shared their account of the group’s second split – which they say has its roots in dramas from a decade earlier.

Needless to say, it’s unlikely ex-bandmate Dawn Richard (who infamously punched O’Day in the head) will be any kind of pleased.

Get ready because all sorts of tea is poured below…


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Dawn Richard Sounds Off On Brandy Comparisons


The sky is blue.

The square root of 64 is 8.

That Grape is the best website of all time.

For many, if not everyone, the statements above are simply facts of life.

Unfortunately, Dawn Richard seems to have been partial to a little fiction recently when she claimed that she didn’t understand why so many “black people” compare her vocal stylings to those of her R&B sibling Brandy.


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Danity Kane Drama: Dumblonde’s Shannon Shades Dawn / Gets A Clapback

Ex-Bandmates Publicly Trade Jabs


Despite being one year removed from their dramatic break-up, it seems the ladies of Danity Kane are still brawling.

Thankfully, this time it’s with their words and not their fists.

The messy tea is poured after the jump…


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New Song: Dawn Richard – ‘Roses’

The Brandy-inspired performer unwraps brand new number for fans


Dawn Richard is back with brand new material.

Yes, as her Danity Kane sisters Dumblonde gear up to launch a career away from the group Richard delivers a new musical offering to the world after she became the latest musician to represent PETA.

Press play to hear the number before the release of her new album ‘RedemptionHeart’ in 2016.


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