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Hot Shot: Danity Kane Hit The Recording Studio

Last month saw much ado made about the “reforming” of Danity Kane.

In the time since “those pictures” surfaced, some of the group’s members confused fans by continuing to push their solo endeavors.

However, while few details are known about the “reunion” project everyone’s been waiting for, it appears Aubrey, Dawn, Aundrea, and Shannon are letting their actions speak louder than words.

Taking to Instagram, a shot of the ladies in the studio was shared by producers The Freshmen, who cooked up Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj‘s latest single ‘Love More’. The caption attached read:

“Fun session with Danity Kane. They’re dope!”

As keen appreciators of what DK brought to the table, we’re salivating at the prospect of what they sound like in 2013. Hence, bring on that album/reality show already!

Tidbit: For those wondering where D.Woods is, she has gone on record to state a) she has prior commitments and b) was not contacted about the reunion. Meow.

Your thoughts?

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Dawn Richard Reveals New Album Title, Due Date

We may be on the horizon of a highly anticipated reunion of Danity Kane, but that has not stopped a certain Dawn Richard from pushing her solo agenda.

Kicking off 2013 with the explosive, ‘Bombs’ featured EP ‘GoldenHeart’, now Richard has taken to Twitter to tease its forthcoming follow-up.

Christened ‘BlackHeart’ and said to be the second in a trilogy of albums, the announcement of its accompanying era was escorted by a date that sent fans into a frenzy.  Her success in 2013 may have only just begun…


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Aubrey O’Day Continues To Tease New Danity Kane Album & Reality Show

Since footage of Danity Kane dining hit the net last month, fans have been scrambling for more details on what appears to be the reunion everyone has been waiting for.

For the most part, though, the ladies have remained relatively silent on the matter – besides absentee D. Woods, who confirmed that she will not be taking part in whatever reconciliation is on the cards.

That is until now.

The group’s most vocal member, Aubrey O’Day, lived up to her billing when spotted at Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood this week. For, when questioned about the group’s “comeback”, she shared interesting morsels of info.

Find out what she said after the jump…


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Dawn Richard Talks D.Woods, Danity Kane And Maintaining Relevancy

‘We asked D.Woods to come to the reunion…’

When Urban Pop group Danity Kane wowed fans by reuniting weeks ago, there was no denying the elephant in the room that was D.Woods’ absence.

So, as to explain why her former group member wasn’t there, Dawn Richard caught up with the guys over at Pacific Rim for short but detailed conversation into what really happened.

Her version of events below…


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Weigh In: Danity Kane Spotted Together With “New Manager” / Should They Reunite?

After the wake of Destiny’s Child disbandment, “Making the Band” winners Danity Kane seemed poised to quickly fill the trio’s “girl group” void.  Armed with all the makings of a diva syndicate (i.e. – actual talent), the fivesome – comprised of Aubrey O’Day, D. Woods, Shannon Bex, Dawn Richard, and Aundrea Fimbres – flew to the top of charts on the wings of songs like ‘Show Stoppers’ and ‘Damaged’.

Despite their successes, the group barely made it out of album #2 before announcement their disbandment.  And, while the likes of O’Day, Richard, and Woods all went on to varying levels of success, fans still longed for the full effect of the quintet.

Well, fans should long no more if reports that surfaced today are to be believed.  Find out what we mean below:



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Hot Shots: Danity Kane Stars Reunite

For many, the disbanding of Danity Kane will forever remain one of Pop’s biggest tragedies. However, in snaps that will no doubt delight fans, two of the group’s integral components, Aubrey O’Day and Dawn Richard, continue to mend fences.

The pair shared shots of themselves catching up on Instagram over the weekend; Richard initially took to Twitter writing that she was in a music vibe session, later re-tweeting the Insta pics of her and Aubrey revealing that they had “beautiful time” and great conversation.

Needless to say, we’re filing this in the “things we love to see” folder. Naturally, the snaps will send speculation into overdrive regarding a DK reunion. And while, like the masses, we’d love to see one, we suspect that chapter is closed for some (if not all) of the ladies. Still, we have moments like these to reminisce on….


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‘Goldenheart’: Dawn Richard Scores UK Top Ten With New Album

Dawn Richard‘s hustle is finally paying off!

Yes, while a number of her ‘Danity Kane’ sisters have chosen to take a more ‘relaxed’ route to success, the last two years have seen Richard generate a loyal group of followers, by way of a steady flow of progressive R&B and music videos a few of her contemporaries could learn from.

Now, find out why she’s on course to becoming 2013’s leading R&B it girl, below…


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