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Hot Shot: Nicki Minaj & Eve On The Set Of ‘Barbershop 3’


Peep this pic of Nicki Minaj, Common and Eve on the set of ‘Barbershop 3’!

The Hip-Hop trio posed for a snap while on the set of the comedy which is set for release next year weeks after Minaj joined the project in the Southern state of Atlanta.

Want more on the release?

Click here and press play below…


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First Look: Nicki Minaj & Eve Star In ‘Barbershop 3’


Nicki Minaj & Eve join forces to star in ‘Barbershop 3’ this year, touching down in Atlanta to shoot scenes for the comedy alongside Common, Regina Hall  and Anthony Anderson.

Now peep footage pulled from the movie below!


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Official: Nicki Minaj & Eve Join The Cast Of ‘Barbershop 3’


‘My Chick Bad‘ collaborators Nicki Minaj and Eve are to reunite again this year, joining forces to bring the latest serving of the ‘Barbershop‘ series a brand new look!

Amazing news after the jump…


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Spoiler: Katy Perry Covers Billboard Magazine / Reveals Hit Female Rapper As Superbowl Surprise Guest

katy perry thatgrapejuice

The countdown is officially on to Katy Perry‘s “must-see” Super Bowl halftime show.

Coming to a screen near you Sunday night live from the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, AZ, all eyes will be on the diva and her kooky antics to see if they live up to Superbowl showings past (i.e. Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Janet Jackson).

Sending anticipation into overdrive with the announcement that rocker Lenny Kravitz will be among guests joining her on the mega-outing, Perry teased her newly revealed guest in a recent interview:

“Q: Are you planning on inviting any guest performers?

A: Yes, of course. There were a couple of names I tossed around and this one really stuck. I thought OK, it’s time for this person to have their shine again.

Q: Is it someone who’s on one of your records?

A: Hmmm. That’s funny should ask. Let’s just say I’ve been familiar with them before in a roundabout way.”

Just as her Billboard magazine feature makes its way to shelves, the Associated Press has revealed who surprise guest #2 will be.  Tuck in below for the spoiler:


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Read: Iggy Azalea Claps Back At Eve & Jill Scott For Slamming Her “Blaccent”

iggy azalea-thatgrapejuice-jill scott-eve

Iggy Azalea is taking to Twitter yet again to defend herself from naysayers who aren’t exactly on board with her brand of hip hop.

For, just days ago, rapper Eve and songstress Jill Scott joined the ranks of a growing list of emcees and entertainers including Q-Tip, J. Cole, Nicki Minaj, Azealia Banks, Eminem, and more, who have expressed displeasure with the Aussie hitmaker’s “blaccent” (Black accent) and overall image.

Their message did not fall on deaf ears, however.  And, despite not singling the ‘With This Ring’ duo out, it’s pretty clear the two were included in Azalea’s mass reminder and defense of her authenticity.

See it below:


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Eve Shares Fresh Thoughts On Iggy Azalea / Jill Scott Accuses Her Of Imitating Rival Rappers


‘Who’s That Girl‘ rapper Eve may have questioned Iggy Azalea’s authenticity in the past, but it would seem this year has seen her come to understand the entertainer far better than she did before.

For, during an interview to promote their brand new movie, Eve and R&B singer Jill Scott were quizzed on the rapper, and broke down why they believe so many haven’t been able to applaud her success in 2014.

Their words below…


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Winning: Eve Scores ‘ABC’ Sitcom


For most acts, dealing with the inevitable horror that is a commercial decline oft goes a long way to bruise legacies when said decline prompts desperate measures they believe will reverse, or at least delay, the inevitable.

Fortunately for ‘You Had Me’ performer Eve, she isn’t like most acts.

Indeed, in penning a positive chapter in the novel that is her career, the Rapper has secured a lucrative new deal with Bob Iger‘s ‘ABC‘, who have handed her her very own television series.

Wonderful news below…


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