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The Way Forward: Major Label Machine or Indie?


In 2016, being an “Indie Artist” carries a different weight than in previous years. With albums becoming more DIY than ever before, we are seeing more talent pave their way to success without the backing of a major label. Has the once sought after “record deal” lost its vigor? That Grape Juice weighs up below…


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Longevity: Does Your Favorite Artist Have It?

TGJ's Lee Assesses A Cross-Section Of The Pop Pack


The music scene is continuously flooded with new talent, few of which manage to stand the test of time. After the jump, we break down a few artists who we expect to see for the next 15 years and some who may be on their on their final 15… minutes.  (more…)

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Is Chris Brown Doing…Too Much?

TGJ Weigh-Up Current Stage Of Star's Career


In a climate dominated by Adele, Chris Brown‘s recent release ‘Royalty’ was hailed a triumph after debuting at #3 on the Billboard 200 with sales of 164,000.

Considering this was a feat achieved with no hit single in sight, the project’s firm holding within the upper region of the US Top 20 is as impressive as it is surprising.  

Suffice to say, it’s clear that the Virginia native has a loyal fanbase, who are willing, ready, and able to make their presence felt at retail. 

However, a glance at the broader scope of Brown’s commercial standing, highlights why it’s arguably in his best interest to not revel in the momentary momentum but to instead remould his approach. 

Follow us as we lay out why after the jump…


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Product Vs. Promotion: Ariana Grande’s ‘Focus’

focus ariana grande thatgrapejuice

Once America’s sweetheart, some will argue it was Ariana Grande‘s sweet tooth (see:  donut licking incident) that left a sour taste in music lovers’ mouths.  If so, it’s this very distaste that has seen itself reflected in the chart performance of ‘Focus’ – the official first single from the singer’s third studio effort ‘Moonlight.’

Barely giving time for the heat from her donut disaster to cool, Grande quickly tried to shift the public focus back to her music when she announced the single’s arrival in September 2015.  By October, the horn-heavy tune was blaring from the speakers of her faithful #Arianators, many of whom praised the songstress for the rhythmic bop and the increased intensity of its accompany music video’s choreography.  Outside of the fan group, however, some critics were none-too-impressed and quickly noted the number’s similarity to her last album’s inaugural single – the Iggy Azalea-assisted ‘Problem.’

But, that’s just where the problem began…



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That Grape Juice’s 2016 Album Previews: Which Are You Most Buzzed About?

TGJ's Lee Weighs Up Upcoming LP's From Artists - Both New & Known


2015 has brought us countless great albums, and some not so great. Looking forward, there are a few artists who we are expecting to take 2016 by storm and anxiously awaiting their arrivals. Find out who after the jump!


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That Grape Juice’s Top 5: Albums Due This Winter

TGJ's Lee Weighs Up Releases Heating Up The Holidays


While some may be busy searching for the perfect gift, the most festive decorations, or the right Christmas tree, several artists are gearing up for their holiday album releases.

There are ample pros and cons to releasing during this time of year and after the jump we will discuss the most effective ways to capitalize on the 2015 holiday season…


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Grammys: 5 Artists With No Awards…Yet

TGJ's Lee Weighs-Up Notable Snubs Ahead Of Nomination Announcement


Next Monday sees the nominations for the 2016 Grammy Awards announced!

The coveted honor is deemed as the Holy Grail for singers and performers alike. Garnering 57 years of prestige has not come without its fair share of controversy. While often difficult to find the rationale in the decisions behind who is nominated and ultimately given the award, it is clear that commercial success alone is not always enough.

After the jump, we outline a few of music’s top acts that are yet to obtain the coveted gramophone trophy.


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