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Music Streaming: A Help or Hindrance?

TGJ Weighs In On Still-Raging Debate

In recent years, streaming has become the new trend in discovering new music.

With the decline in record sales and increase in online/on-demand, it is safe to say that it has been a disruptive entity within the music industry.

And now with streaming impacting chart positions, record “sales,” and RIAA certifications, it raises the question of whether its inclusion is an accurate representation of the public’s perception and reception of the material. Has obtaining a #1 single lost its initial notoriety?

We weigh up after the jump…


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Female Hip-Hop: Removing The One Rapper Rules Rule

There is no shortage of male titans in Hip-Hop. Historically, despite testosterone dominating the rap landscape, said forces have been able to co-exist alongside one another. Indeed, with the recent release of ‘What A Time To Be Alive,’ Drake and Future proved that there is strength in unity. Though existing on different branches of the genre, they fused their talents together and earned chart-topping results.

But, while the public have no problem accepting a multitude of male Hip-Hop artists, it appears that masses can only affix their focus on one female rap star at time.

Tune in after the jump as we explore this reoccurring problem within the culture.


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Is Music Ready For Another TLC or Destiny’s Child?

TGJ Weighs-Up The Current Girl Group Climate


In the past year, what seemed to be a resurgence of girl groups proved to be a fluke. Indeed, the fall of acts such as Danity Kane, GRL, and Neon Jungle warrants the question of whether girl groups can make it past the catty quarrels and management dilemmas.

With the likes of pop surveyors Fifth Harmony and Little Mix currently holding the torch, it begs the question of whether the industry would be welcoming to another urban girl group. Since Destiny’s Child‘s exit in 2005, there has not been a urban girl collective that has been able to maintain relevancy or major success in the industry. There have been groups that attempted to state their claim, such as Cherish, RichGirl, and even Girlicious. Despite their best efforts, they were unable to cement their status as established artists.

Taking influence from previous success stories (such as TLC, Destiny’s Child, En Vogue and the like) we have compiled a few strategic moves to make future urban girl groups “work.”

Check them out below…


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Can Iggy Azalea Make A Comeback?

TGJ Weighs-Up Embattled Rapper's Options

Flashback to the summer of 2014, one could not flip a channel without seeing the Australian bombshell that is Iggy Azalea. Now merely a year later, we see the ‘Fancy’ chart topper’s career in limbo. With a controversial start, Iggy Iggz has had a tough road despite all her success.

Is it too late for the Aussie Rapper?

At That Grape Juice, we feel there are some steps Ms. Azalea could take in order to revive her career.

Check them out below…


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Hot Topic: Could A Scandal Stop You From Supporting Your Favorite Artist? [Weigh In]

scandal thatgrapejuice

“An artist’s personal and/or moral failure has no bearing on his or her ability to do a job (singing, acting, etc.)” – an argument lent by many-a-diehard fan of stars embattled in scandals.

From the most recent controversies surrounding songstress Ariana Grande and entertainer Bill Cosby to King of Pop Michael Jackson and King of R&B R. Kelly, some of entertainment’s most celebrated faces have found themselves royally discharged by even their staunchest supporters after news broke of their involvement in an illegal or immoral dealing.

And, while some careers suffer temporary setbacks while others see more permanent mar, the truth remains: many of these offenders commit infractions that in no way changes their ability to perform nor does it negate any of their professional achievements to date.

As such, it begs the question:  how much should personal decisions affect one’s professional dealings?


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How Being Too Socially Conscious Too Soon Caused Lady Gaga’s Demise


Lady Gaga has always stood as a present day pop anomaly.

As an artist, Gaga – born Stefani Germanotta – has carefully skated on commercial relevance by offering an EDM-wrapped package similar to the radio’s top offerings, yet qualitatively different in its decoration with undeniable vocal talent and stage presence oft-lost on her pop competitors.  These qualities, much like her ever-changing image, saw her inaugural years court as much positivity for her eccentricity as it did negativity for claims of being gimmicky.

Yet, for as meteoric as her rise to pop dominance was, her slide down the slope of commercial relevance has seemingly met similar acceleration.  Indeed, the years that followed her blockbuster ‘Born This Way’ album don’t see her every “hairdo and don’t,” on-stage antic, nor music release greeted with the same level of intense media coverage they once received.  While the cause of this shift has seen many-a-finger pointed toward the allure of “her gimmick fading,” others even argue that her inconsistent choice of sound (i.e. departure from “black music”) is to blame.

I, on the other hand, will argue that neither are the primary perpetrator, but instead wish to place a lens on Gaga’s aggressive social agenda which, in turn, caused the drift of her faithful buying audience.  Full analysis below:


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Vote: That Grape Juice Ranks Whitney Houston’s Top 5 Covers & Remakes


The week brought with it the third anniversary of the untimely passing of pop icon Whitney Houston.  Lauded as a stentorian vocal performer whose prowess knew few (if any) rivals, the diva’s 30 year career saw her become the standard for all singers to follow.  From her self-titled debut album (released on this day in 1985) to 2009’s ‘I Look To You,‘ Houston sailed to the top of the charts with a discography of hits that includes many of the most memorable numbers imparted to pop music over the last three decades.

Interestingly, many people do not know that a great number of said memorable tunes lining her discography are, in fact, remakes.  Borrowed from the likes of Diana Ross, Donnie Hathaway, Dolly Parton, The Isley Brothers, and many lesser known acts, Whitney’s catalog shines with a collage of covers that were done so well most assumed her versions were the originals.

Since February 2012 fans, celebrities, and more commemorate the anniversary of her death by sharing remakes of her top hits.  But, now we’re coming to you – That Grape Juice faithful – to ask:

What’s Whitney Houston’s best remake (of other artists)?

Tuck in below to see our top 5 picks and sound off:


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