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Hot Shot: Frank Ocean Hits The Studio


Two years.

Indeed, that’s how long it’s been since soulful crooner Frank Ocean set sail with his game-changing debut ‘Channel Orange’.

Now, after tending to his team (and by “tending” we mean replacing), the New Orleans native is hard at work at his eagerly awaited sophomore album.

And while no release date has been set in stone (or pencil), a new snap of the singer in The Church Studios in London has surfaced.

Posted by Grammy-winning producer Om’Mas Keiththe on Instagram, pic was paired with the caption:

well that was an awesome week in the studio with my brother… the smiles say it all. #frankocean the genius.

Buzzed? We are.

In large part, it’s due to the qualitative slice of quality that was ‘Channel Orange’. It showcased Ocean’s lyrical, vocal, and storytelling skillset in a stellar way. Hence, we’re eager to see what he plans to bring to the table artistically this go round.

From a commercial standpoint, it’ll be uber interesting to see how the media mass handle another Ocean album. After all, it was only following his truth-baring “letter” that countless outlets jumped on his bandwagon. With two years having passed and the titillation of his “reveal” already milked in earnest by the media, will he still be pegged a hot commodity? If the material is as on-point as we believe it will be, then we sure hope so!

Your thoughts?

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Shocking: Frank Ocean Fires Management And Publicist Ahead Of Sophomore LP



Frank Ocean is moving onto pastures new.

Indeed, before the release of his sophomore LP, the ‘Swim Good’ performer has reportedly cut his management team and PR company loose, kicking them to the curb this Spring.

Full story below…


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T-Pain: ‘Rappers Won’t Work With Frank Ocean Because He’s Gay’



Has Frank Ocean been blacklisted by ‘Black’ music?

If an opinion T-Pain is anything to go by, the answer- rather unfortunately- is yes. Indeed, in a recent interview with DJ Vlad, the ‘Go Girl’ rapper has revealed that numerous Hip Hop staples have decided to cut all ties with Ocean…because of his supposed sexual orientation.

Details below…


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Frank Ocean & Mary J.Blige Gear Up For Legal Battle? Court Documents Unveiled



Is Mary J.Blige being forced to take legal action against ‘Nostalgia Ultra’ lyricist Frank Ocean?

Yes…and no.

Confused? Not to worry, meet us below for a full explanation of the pair’s unique legal battle below.


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Chris Brown Files Countersuit Against Frank Ocean’s Cousin Following ‘Westlake’ Brawl

Earlier this year, Chris Brown and Frank Ocean found themselves rocking many a headline after engaging in a brawl that led to Ocean’s cousin filing a lawsuit against the ‘Wall to Wall’ singer.

Named Sha’keir Duarte, Ocean’s relative took legal action against Brown after he claimed the January 27th assault had seen him suffer humiliation, concussion and mental anguish.

Now, Chris is biting back, filing a countersuit against his supposed victim.

Details below…


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Kid Red On Frank Ocean Vs Chris Brown Brawl : ‘Frank Was Looking For Trouble’


If a recent interview given to Vlad TV is anything to go by, there’s far more to Chris Brown‘s feud with Frank Ocean than initially reported.


Well, in a conversation given to the aforementioned outlet, Brown’s closest pal Kid Red has claimed that Ocean had sought out drama before the well publicised brawl  took place, and continues to provoke the ‘Don’t Judge Me’ singer to this day.

His estimation of the fight below…


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Hot Shots: Frank Ocean Sizzles For ‘Oyster’ Magazine

 Peep these snaps of ‘American Wedding’ crooner Frank Ocean, heating up to dangerous levels in his spread for ‘Oyster Magazine‘.

Released earlier this month, the Nabil directed shoot comes as the entertainer wraps up work on his second studio album, and stands as one half of a double cover. The second, graced by ‘Change Your Life’ Rapper Iggy Azalea, now available to peep here!

Want to see more of Mr.Ocean?

Check him out below…


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