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Report: Janet Jackson Turns Down Las Vegas Offer / Jennifer Lopez Signs On


In recent years, many a diva has ventured to Las Vegas. And with good reason.

Once billed as a museum of ageing acts, Sin City is now emerging as a means of reviving careers. Just ask Britney Spears, who despite tanking with her most recent album has carved out a new success narrative with her ‘Piece of Me’ show which is now its second year.

With Mariah Carey now in the mix, it’s little surprise then that other iconic names such as Janet Jackson and Jennifer Lopez are believed to want a piece of the pie ahead of planned comebacks.

However, if new reports prove true, the ladies Vegas plans are heading in two different directions.

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Janet Jackson Spotted In Paris Amidst New Album Rumors


The Queen of Pop Janet Jackson has assumed an incognito M-O in recent years.

Indeed, public appearances have become increasingly rare, ultimately rendering any sighting a media “moment.”

The latest took place in Paris today when the superstar singer was filmed arriving at an airport.

Ms. Jackson’s appearance comes as mounting evidence suggests she’s working on new material and a potential tour.

Peep the vid below…


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Why Hasn’t Janet Jackson Been Inducted Into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Find Out Here.


Proponents of Pop purveyor Janet Jackson took to the net to express their disappointment when they learned the singer wasn’t to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

For, after learning that artists could only be considered for induction 25 years after their debut, her fans had hoped her success in the early 90s would have seen her celebrated by its committee and secure an invitation.

Alas, this didn’t happen following the committee’s meeting in New York City last September, seeing its members leave Janet out in the cold and welcome eight new acts who will officially become members of the exclusive club on April 18th.

Now, days before the event takes place in Cleveland, Jann Wenner (chairman of the Rock Hall Foundation and founder, editor and publisher of Rolling Stone) has been quizzed on the matter by Billboard.

Why his answer may spell trouble for the likes of Beyonce, Rihanna and Lady GaGa in the future?

Find out below


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How Being Too Socially Conscious Too Soon Caused Lady Gaga’s Demise


Lady Gaga has always stood as a present day pop anomaly.

As an artist, Gaga – born Stefani Germanotta – has carefully skated on commercial relevance by offering an EDM-wrapped package similar to the radio’s top offerings, yet qualitatively different in its decoration with undeniable vocal talent and stage presence oft-lost on her pop competitors.  These qualities, much like her ever-changing image, saw her inaugural years court as much positivity for her eccentricity as it did negativity for claims of being gimmicky.

Yet, for as meteoric as her rise to pop dominance was, her slide down the slope of commercial relevance has seemingly met similar acceleration.  Indeed, the years that followed her blockbuster ‘Born This Way’ album don’t see her every “hairdo and don’t,” on-stage antic, nor music release greeted with the same level of intense media coverage they once received.  While the cause of this shift has seen many-a-finger pointed toward the allure of “her gimmick fading,” others even argue that her inconsistent choice of sound (i.e. departure from “black music”) is to blame.

I, on the other hand, will argue that neither are the primary perpetrator, but instead wish to place a lens on Gaga’s aggressive social agenda which, in turn, caused the drift of her faithful buying audience.  Full analysis below:


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Retro Rewind: Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson Reflect On Super Bowl 2004


Broadcast on this very day in 2004, Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake closed – what was otherwise an epic Super Bowl showing – with a five second incident that literally changed the face of television forever.  Not only television, but the career of the show’s leading lady.

While Timberlake arose from the media ashes unscathed and enjoying even higher successes some ten years later, the misadventure led Jackson, a pop icon whose catalog and stage presence combined have arguably yet been matched, down a road to blacklist of almost unrecoverable heights.

By now, you know the story of “Nipple-gate,” as it was affectionately coined, in its totality.  So, instead of focusing on the enormity of its backlash – a backlash, mind you, that’s still seeing its repercussion directly or indirectly impacting decisions made today regarding live television – let’s focus on words from the horses’ mouths.

As we prepare for Katy Perry‘s sure-to-be-epic Super Bowl showing, let’s rewind to 2004 to hear Janet and Justin’s thoughts on “Nipple-gate” and the event that birthed the phrase “wardrobe malfunction”:


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Report: Diana Ross & Janet Jackson Confirmed For Respective Vegas Runs?

diana ross thatgrapejuice janet jackson

Las Vegas is soon to be R&B diva central!

As if it’s not enough being home to some of pop’s top crop of stars, from  Celine Dion and Shania Twain to Britney Spears and Elton John, now it seems more leading ladies are looking to get in on the action.

Weeks before diva Mariah Carey officially announced her relocation to “Sin City” for an extensive residency, her nemesis Jennifer Lopez, “The Boss” Miss Diana Ross, Queens of Pop Madonna and Janet Jackson, and more were rumored to at least be considering a sashay  down to the Strip.

Now, if newly surfaced reports are to be believed, some of those rumors have become fact.  Read more below:


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Hot Shots: Janet Jackson Surfaces In Dubai / Supports Brother’s Show


The Queen of Pop Janet Jackson was spotted looking all sorts of fierce in Dubai last night.

Flashing her megawatt smile, the superstar was in town to support her brothers, The Jacksons, who were performing at a private event with Chaka Khan and Gloria Gaynor.

We’re still crossing our fingers, toes, and everything else in hope that Janet will make a return to the music scene this year. It’s time. It’s been time!

In the meanwhile, peep more pics of the regal royal below…


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