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Confirmed: Janet Jackson Readies New Album

janet jackson new album Confirmed: Janet Jackson Readies New Album

Janet Jackson is back!

Six years after the release of her last LP ‘Discipline’, the ‘Escapade’ singer has commenced work on its hotly anticipated follow-up.

Teased by sources close to her creative camp for months, today saw its existence confirmed by her longtime engineer in a new interview published today.


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Read: Joe Jackson Pens Open Letter About Janet Jackson

janet jackson that grape juice 2014 26 Read: Joe Jackson Pens Open Letter About Janet Jackson

The father of singer Janet Jackson, Joe Jackson, has penned on an open letter about the performer today, detailing his relationship with a star via his official website.

Released as part of a series which has seen him share stories on each and every one of his children, his take on Janet comes as fans anticipate the release of her first studio album since 2008, and five years after the death of her older brother Michael.

His words below…


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Jimmy Jam Teases “Exciting” Janet Jackson News

Is Queen Of Pop Plotting A Comeback?

janet jackson comeback Jimmy Jam Teases Exciting Janet Jackson News

Is Janet Jackson plotting a chart comeback?

It perhaps seems so if a quote from her longtime producer Jimmy Jam is anything to go by.

Details after the jump…


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TGJ Replay: Janet Jackson’s ‘Damita Jo’

79e3286873ae6792441343f0f192c00d TGJ Replay:  Janet Jacksons Damita Jo

After a lengthy break on the bench, ‘TGJ Replay’ is back!

Designed much like our ‘Retro Rewind’ and ‘From the Vault’ segments, ‘Replay’ is That Grape Juice‘s newest retrospective segment - a written quest, if you will, to re-spin the gems and jams of yesterday.

Unlike its ‘Rewind’ and ‘Vault’ predecessors, ‘Replay’ looks to dust off and showcase entire albums (and eras) from a library of pop and Urban pop music hits.  As this weekend marks the 10th anniversary of her epic Super Bowl showing, today’s ‘Replay’ revisits ‘Damita Jo‘ – the ensuing era of pop icon Janet Jackson.


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Weigh In: Billboard Ranks ‘Best Superbowl Half-Time Shows Ever’

8e5cfe19e5f5450edf7fafa5de031625 Weigh In:  Billboard Ranks Best Superbowl Half Time Shows Ever

It is quite literally the biggest show on Earth.  Often playing to (present and distant) crowds of 90 million+, the SuperBowl Half-time Show is every year’s must see performance with only an elite group of pop superstar’s able to claim they’ve headlined one.

From pop’s top divas Madonna, Janet Jackson, Diana Ross, and Beyonce to pop potentates Michael Jackson and Prince, the Superbowl Half-time show has been graced by its fair share of music royals.

But, is there one that completely takes the crown for ‘best ever’?  Billboard seems to think so.  In great anticipation for Bruno Mars’ showing tomorrow night, the Music Bible unveiled its top Half-time shows ever.  As ever, sparking quite the debate.

See the list below and weigh in?


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Major: Former FCC Chairman Admits Janet Jackson Was Treated “Unfairly” After Super Bowl

janet jackson super bowl 2014 Major: Former FCC Chairman Admits Janet Jackson Was Treated Unfairly After Super Bowl

A decade.

It’s shocking to think a whole ten years have passed since Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake‘s ‘Super Bowl ’04′ showing changed the face of the music industry forever.

Even more surprising, though, is the fact that the split-second that came to be known as “nipplegate” would alter the course of Jackson’s otherwise iconic career, while bizarrely (and unfairly) enhancing Timberlake’s.

Indeed, while industry big wigs ensured the ‘Suit & Tie’ crooner star soared to dizzying heights, it was the Queen of Pop who was left to bear the brunt of the backlash, one that carried very real ramifications – both personally and commercially.

Beyond being branded all but a Jezebel by the media, the singer was blamed by many as the sole cause of the $550,000 fine the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) handed to Super Bowl broadcaster CBS –  figure that was a record at the time.

The FCC then increased the fine per indecency violation from $27,500 to $325,000 shortly after the event.

Adding salt to the controversial wound, the NFL announced that MTV (who produced the showing) would never be involved in another halftime show again.

However, in a major development ten years later, Michael Powell - who served as the FCC chairman at the time of the performance – admits that both his reaction and that of the masses were completely overblown.

In a must-read interview with ESPN, Powell denounces his own claims that the wardrobe malfunction represented  “a new low for prime-time TV”.

Excerpts below…


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Diva Duets: Janet Jackson & Ciara Vs. Lady Gaga & Britney Spears [Weigh In]

Gaga Britney lady gaga 28892282 400 516 Diva Duets:  Janet Jackson & Ciara Vs. Lady Gaga & Britney Spears [Weigh In]

First Rihanna & Shakira, now this?

The night was set alight with word that Grammy winning pop superstar Lady Gaga was on board to duet with ‘Womanizer’ wailer Britney Spears - a concept first brought forth by Spears in a recent chat interview with her devoted fans.

With Spears already listing Madonna, Christina Aguilera, P!nk, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, and Rihanna to her lengthy list of female collaborators, the self-proclaimed Femme Fatale’s inclusion of Gaga would certainly seem fitting.

Elsewhere in the blog-o-sphere, news surfaced that ‘Body Party’ beauty Ciara has been eyeing a collabo with long-time idol Janet Jackson.  As both singers have albums reportedly due in the next year, this is certainly a combo we could see happening.  But, can you?


Janet Jackson vs Ciara Diva Duets:  Janet Jackson & Ciara Vs. Lady Gaga & Britney Spears [Weigh In]


Tuck in below for a hint at what the duets might sound like…


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Ciara: ‘I’d Like To Duet With Janet Jackson’

 Ciara: Id Like To Duet With Janet Jackson

As the critics continue to shower praise on her R&B #1 ‘Body Party‘, R&B Queen Ciara has announced that she hopes to collaborate with ‘Twisted Elegance’ entertainer Janet Jackson, doing so in a conversation with the ‘Peoples Choice Awards.’

A life long ambition of the ‘Overdose‘ darling, her desire to hit the stage with Janet comes as the icon reportedly continues work on long awaited comeback effort and as the aforementioned ‘Party’ prepares to be praised once Billboard’s ‘Year End Charts’ for 2013 are published.

Peep Ciara’s petition for a Janet collabo below…


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