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Hot Shots: Jazmine Sullivan Dines At Top Nigerian Restaurant Ahead Of London Show

jazmine sullivan tgj london 3 Hot Shots: Jazmine Sullivan Dines At Top Nigerian Restaurant Ahead Of London Show

After a brief spell out of the spotlight, soulful songbird Jazmine Sullivan resurfaced in London last night.

The ‘Lions, Tigers, & Bears’ belter – who is gearing up to play a sell-out show at the UK’s KoKo this evening – was snapped at the capital’s most revered Nigerian eatery 805 Restaurant along with her team.

Sullivan, who has been working in earnest on her third studio album, is reportedly gearing up to unleash the set later this year. The as-yet-untitled collection follows 2010′s ‘Love Me Back’, the critically acclaimed LP that spawned gems such as ‘Holding You Down’ and ‘Don’t Make Me Wait’.

Needless to say, salivating at the prospect of what she’s been cooking up!

In the meantime, peep more pics of Jazmine at the Elegance hosted dinner after the jump…


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Jazmine Sullivan To Make Live Comeback In London

Jazmine+Sullivan+2014 Jazmine Sullivan To Make Live Comeback In London

Four lengthy years have passed since Jazmine Sullivan blessed the industry with her sophomore effort ‘Love Me Back’.

And while the ‘Holding You Down’ led set didn’t ignite the charts as perhaps hoped, the project did succeed in re-affirming Sullivan as one of R&B’s brightest prospects.

Having taken a spell away from the limelight, the Soul-filled songbird is gearing up to make her long-awaited return, which – it has been confirmed – will take place in London.

Details after the jump…


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Listen: Jazmine Sullivan Teases New Music

Jazmine Sullivan 2014 e1374656052185 Listen: Jazmine Sullivan Teases New Music

Three long years have passed since Jazmine Sullivan blessed the charts with her sophomore set ‘Love Me Back’; sadly the LP’s title would go on to prove ironic following so-so sales and a premature pulling of the promotional plug.

Fast forward to today and the climate looks altogether different for the soul-filled songstress.

Having honed her image and side-stepped onto another Sony Music label RCA (she was previously signed to the now-dissolved J Records) , Sullivan is hard at work on her third studio album.

The ‘Lions, Tigers, & Bears’ singer has maintained a silence of sorts about the as yet untitled set, however this morning saw her share a snippet of a new song.

What are you waiting for? Take a listen after the jump!


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Weigh In: Who Is This Generation’s Vocal Bible?

brandymonica e1330646945386 Weigh In:  Who Is This Generations Vocal Bible?

Let’s face it…

The turn of the century has unfortunately been accompanied by an under-appreciation of true vocalists.  Veritably, it has been clear to see that as production technology has increased its ability, inversely, quality vocal performances have decreased.

Turn on the radio today and you will be assaulted by an abundance of autotune, so much so one may question if he/she is listening to real people or The Transformers…

*Voting closes Monday, January 14th at 11:59pm CST*


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She Is Diva: Jazmine Sullivan’s Dramatic Weight Loss

jazmine sullivan 2013 thatgrapejuice She Is Diva: Jazmine Sullivans Dramatic Weight Loss

Jazmine Sullivan has been a busy lady as of late.

Hard at work on her third studio album, the Philadelphia native has also been working on her physique.

Click here to see her new look!


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The Skinny On Success: Weighing In On the “Overweight Debate”

Untitled 2 The Skinny On Success:  Weighing In On the Overweight Debate

Over the past year, we at That Grape Juice have turned to the readers for their thoughts on the roles age, race, and even sexuality play in one’s success in the music industry.  Now, let’s weigh in on a heavier topic – weight.

Our culture is collectively becoming more stylized, making substance a thing of the past.  As image drives the culture, often filling media with airbrushed or digitally altered representations of “beautiful”, the standard of beauty has never been more sought.  An anomaly indeed given that statistics have proven most of the people subscribing to those very standards oft do not meet them.

So, what’s the big deal?


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Jazmine Sullivan Confirms New Album In the Works

jazmine 999 Jazmine Sullivan Confirms New Album In the Works

Even though the talentless still reign supreme, the successes of vocal divas as of late is reassurance that there is hope yet.  For, without question, what the industry has ‘needed badly’ would be the prowess of a vocalist comparable to that of ‘Need U Bad’ beauty Jazmine Sullivan.

Last year may have seen the 24-year-old announce an ill-received departure from music, but now fans can rejoice at this weekend’s Twitter announcement:

(click to enlarge)
jazsull 300x92 Jazmine Sullivan Confirms New Album In the Works

*insert excitement here!*

While not completely mute on the musical tip as recent months have seen her lend the pen to Monica‘s ‘Until Its Gone’ and other R&B numbers, we at TGJ still are ready for Sullivan to make her own splash on charts.  Overlooked gems from the singer’s sophomore album ‘Love Me Back’ are still on CONSTANT repeat at TGJ headquarters!

Your thoughts?

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Jazmine Sullivan: Product vs Promotion

jazmine 999 Jazmine Sullivan: Product vs Promotion

The 2008 debut of Missy Elliott’s Pennsylvanian protégé Jazmine Sullivan was indeed an introduction to some. But given her songwriting resume (see: Christina Milian, Monica, Jennifer Hudson) and already established Youtube following long before ‘Fearless’ hit shelves, by the time ‘Need U Bad’ blared from Urban radios, her unmistakable contralto was already a celebrity.

Showcasing a maturity in tone and technique far beyond her years, many would be forgiven for not knowing the ‘Bust Your Windows’ beauty was only 21 the year her debut LP arrived on record shelves. Heralded by many as the second-coming of Lauryn Hill, Sullivan’s soulful servings instantly gained her mainstream notoriety – some even christening her as R&B’s long-awaited messiah. Four hit R&B singles would follow ‘Fearless’ as it made an impressive top 10 debut. And, with Jazmine garnering an impressive 5 Grammy nods for the album, it appeared she was on her way to the same heights once held by Hill. Unfortunately, that trek to compeer Hill quickly turned uphill.

For, while her singles (that never made much noise on Pop charts anyway) were losing ground on home fronts, the singer was unceremoniously snubbed at the 2009 Grammy’s. This, of course, only furthering fears that the ‘Fearless’ follow-up would suffer a sophomore slump.

Enter ‘Love Me Back’ – ‘Fearless’ unsuccessful successor headed by R&B hit ‘Holding You Down (Goin’ In Circles)’. And, though marginally besting the first week sales of her first album, ‘Love Me Back’ wasn’t getting much love from record buyers. Consequently, many believe, leading the soulful songstress to ‘retire’ from the industry indefinitely.

That Grape Juice wants to know – what is the problem? Clearly one of this generation’s leading talents, the promo from her introductory hype alone helped float her first album sales. Albeit very deserved, could the lack of such her second-go-round have played a role in its successor’s sink? Lack of singles? Bad videos? Some may even argue weight gain, but the successes of the Adeles of the world could counter that argument.

Or, regardless of Jazmine’s mega-talent, was the material from ‘Love Me Back’ too dated and unappealing to garner mainstream success?

You tell us. Product vs. Promotion? What’s Jazmine Sullivan’s shortcoming?

Your thoughts?

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