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Hot Shot: Keyshia Cole & Justin Bieber Hit The Studio / Singer Praises Star’s New Album


She’s the fiery chanteuse famed for her heartfelt brand of soulful R&B. He’s the Pop prince who rose to fame in 2009 with the Platinum bop that is ‘My Time.’

Together, they make for the unusual but welcome pair that is Justin Bieber and Keyshia Cole! Sharing a collaborator in ‘I Would‘ singer/songwriter Elijah Blake, this morning saw Cole unwrap quite the surprise when she revealed the pair had hit the studio together to spin Bieber’s latest LP and to complete work on her own project.

Peep their pic and her caption below…


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Why? Chris Brown Hits Studio With…Justin Bieber


Cop a gander of Chris Brown!

The R&B crooner is wasting no time getting back to business following a much publicised spell in the slammer for violating his probation.

And while news of C. Breezy’s return to the studio will bring warmth to his legion of loyal fans, his choice of collaboration perhaps won’t.

Legally laden singer Justin Bieber posted the shot above of him and Brown in the studio together on Instagram moments ago, adding the caption:

Studio, me and CB did 1 for the fans.



On a relatively random note; is anyone else puzzled as to why the Urban artist community have welcomed Bieber with such open arms? Surely the allure of his charting power wanes with every new drama and his efforts to evoke “hip” are all flavours of contrived. Odd.

Your thoughts?

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Usher Pens Open Letter Defending Justin Bieber


With the fate of Justin Bieber‘s career very much uncertain following the unearthing of footage of the star making racist slurs, the singer’s celebrity friends are springing to his defence.

The latest? The 20-year-old’s “mentor” Usher.

Today saw the ‘Good Kisser’ crooner pen an open letter on Instagram, re-affirming his support for Bieber.

Check it out below…


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Justin Bieber Quotes Bible Verses In Wake Of Race Scandal


Has Justin Bieber been listening to Erica Campbell’s new single? Because, if the singer’s latest Instagram activity is anything to go by, he’s certainly seeking ‘A Little More Jesus’.

The 20-year-old is embroiled in yet another race debate, after a second video of the star making comedic use of the “N” word surfaced.

Hoping to quell the flames that threaten to burn his career, the ‘Boyfriend’ singer took to his IG account to share Bible verses that speak to his predicament.

See what we mean below…


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Report: Justin Bieber Jokes About Joining ‘Ku Klux Klan’


Just days after apologising for using the ‘N-word’ during the shooting of footage caught here, Pop prince Justin Bieber has been billed a rampant racist by some critics today, after he joked about joining the ‘Ku Klux Klan.’

Full story below!


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Justin Bieber Issues Apology Following Use Of The ‘N-Word’



‘Confident‘ star Justin Bieber has apologised for his use of the N-word today, labelling his decision to do so a “reckless and immature mistake”, citing ignorance and not prejudice for the reason behind his remarks.


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Drama: Justin Bieber Caught Using Racist “N-Word”


Another day, another Justin Bieber flavoured drama.

After spending much of the year embroiled in legal turmoil, the singer is now at the center of a race row after footage of him using the “N-Word” surfaced.

Details below…


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