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Watch: Kanye West Rants & Refuses To Apologize For Offending Disabled Fans

West Asserts That The Media Is Bullying Him

kanye west Watch:  Kanye West Rants & Refuses To Apologize For Offending Disabled Fans


Another day, another Kanye West rant.

After footage surfaced of the Grammy winner demanding that some disabled fans stand up to dance at a recent stop on his world tour, he found himself tunneling through a mountain of damning headlines.

Tired of the slamming, West took to another concert to clear his name.  Giving one of his now infamous on stage rants, the ‘Heartless’ hitmaker asserted his mistaken intention and even claimed to be the victim in the scenario.

Do you agree with his stance?  Tell us below:


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Kanye West Orders Disabled Fans To Dance At Concert

kanye west yeezus tour that grape juice Kanye West Orders Disabled Fans To Dance At Concert

Two fans of rapper Kanye West were asked to perform a miracle on themselves yesterday evening, when the performer ordered them to get up and dance at his most recent show in Melbourne, Australia.

What miracles have anything to do with this? They were in wheelchairs.

Full story below…


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Kanye West: “Kim Kardashian Is A Legend”

kanye west kim kardashian that grape juice  600x543 Kanye West: Kim Kardashian Is A Legend

Kanye West has slammed critics of wife Kim Kardashian, hitting out at those who believe she was undeserving of the GQ ‘Woman of the Year’ award she received earlier this week.

Why he feels her “legendary” status makes her more than qualified to own the title?

Delusions of grandeur below…


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Watch: Kanye West Performs Live At ‘Made In America (Full Performance)’

kanye west kim kardashian that grape juice 2014 9001 600x863 Watch: Kanye West Performs Live At Made In America (Full Performance)

Missed the Philadelphia showing of  Kanye West‘s ‘Made in America’ set?

Then fear not, for HQ footage now lies in wait below, filled to the brim with a mixture of hit songs pulled from his discography and, as is to be expected, a rant.

Was he any good?

You tell us below!


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Video Teaser: Kanye West – ‘Robocop (Starring Amber Rose)’

kanye west amber kim kardashian rose that grape juice  600x345 Video Teaser: Kanye West   Robocop (Starring Amber Rose)

Six years after it made its debut, Kanye West‘s ‘Robocop’ makes a surprise return to the world today, after a 15 second teaser from its video was released today.

Starring West’s then girlfriend Amber Rose, the clip was directed by Hype Williams and shot years before West went public with his relationship with his wife Kim Kardashian, only one year removed from the release of her sex tape at the time!

Check it out below!


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He’s Coming: Kanye West Announces New Single ‘All Day’

Hip-Hop Titan

kanye west single all day 600x399 Hes Coming: Kanye West Announces New Single All Day

Despite hitting a commercial iceberg with recent album ‘Yeezus’, rapper Kanye West remains one of Hip-Hop’s most titanic forces.

As such, anticipation for his follow-up project is at fever-pitch and looks set to intensify after his revelation today about its lead single.

Details after the jump…


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Kanye West Covers GQ

Rapper Styles & Profiles In August 2014 Issue

kanye gq 2014 Kanye West Covers GQ

These days Kanye West‘s name tends to be tangled with that of wife Kim Kardashian.

However, away from the glare of the tabloid spotlight, the rapper remains one of the most fascinating figures in Hip-Hop.

For beyond being this generation’s premier wordsmith, the chart-titan has also carved out a niche as style maestro.

It’s a status he celebrates in the August 2014 issue of GQ Magazine.

Rocking a multitude of looks, Yeezy works the cam like only he can.

Check ‘em out below…


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