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Watch: The Fabulous Life On Kanye West & Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian that grape juice entertainment 2014 10 Watch: The Fabulous Life On Kanye West & Kim Kardashian

Kanye West & fiancee Kim Kardashian have their finances thrown under VH1‘s microscope for their ‘The Fabulous Life Of…’ series, revealing just how one of the world’s most celebrated couples earn and spend the millions they’ve earned in their respective career paths.

So, just how do their spending habits compare to that of pals Beyonce & Jay Z?

Opulence and extravagance below… (more…)

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New Song: Future ft. Kanye West – ‘I Won’

future i won New Song:  Future ft. Kanye West   I Won

Soon to be “trophy wives” Ciara and Kim Kardashian find themselves the muses of the latest tune “I Won” by rappers/producers Future and Kanye West.

The future newlyweds toast to their fiancees via the Metro Boomin-produced track, due for feature on Future’s forthcoming album “Honest” (April 22).

With the Hype Williams directed video already in tow, fans unfamiliar with the song can get acquainted below before the visual makes its arrival in the coming weeks.  Did the two cook up a winner?

You tell us below:


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Kanye West Readies New Album…This Year

kanye west that grape juice television 9 Kanye West Readies New Album...This Year

‘I Changed My Mind’ producer Kanye West has confirmed the release of a brand new studio album today, less than one year removed from the launch of his latest LP, ‘Yeezus.’

Full story after the jump!


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Oh No! Vogue Readers Slam Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Cover / Threaten To Cancel Subscriptions

kim kardashian that grape juice television 11 Oh No! Vogue Readers Slam Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Cover / Threaten To Cancel Subscriptions

Oh no!

As fans of Kim Kardashian and ‘Monster’ rapper Kanye West celebrate the unveiling of their hard-fought for ‘Vogue’ cover, the publication now finds itself on the receiving end of threats made by its readers.

Yes, in slamming its decision to feature the sex-tape pushing belle and her headline hunting lover, the mag’s customers have now taken to social media to threaten to pull their support of it in retaliation.

Their words below…


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Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Cover…Vogue

kim kanye vogue april 2014 Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Cover...Vogue

It appears Kanye West‘s campaigning has paid off.

For despite the fact that the rapper’s fiance Kim Kardashian boasts no discernible talent, the reality TV staple joins her man a-front of the most prestigious fashion magazine around — Vogue.

In a trade-off for the coveted cover, the controversial couple seem to have toned down their antics – which most recently saw them dry-humping on a motor-cycle in Yeezy’s ‘Bound 2′ video.


Why, how, and who allowed this to happen is anyone’s guess. One thing is certain though, this’ll inevitably spell much more Kardashian coverage for the masses. Joy.

Peep a behind the scenes look at the pair’s Vogue April 2014 issue shoot below…


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Kanye Wests Releases ‘Yeezus’ Movie Trailer (Directed By Hype Williams)

yeezus movie trailer Kanye Wests Releases Yeezus Movie Trailer  (Directed By Hype Williams)

Kanye West may need a miracle of biblical proportions to resurrect sales of current album ‘Yeezus’, but that hasn’t stopped the rapper from taking the project to the big screen.

Moments ago, West unwrapped a trailer for a ‘Yeezus’ movie, which is set for a theatrical release.

While no further details about the project were released, one has to wonder if it can spark renewed interest in its parent album – which has sold just 640,000 copies in the US since release last June.

Can Yeezy change his musical water into wine? You be the judge after the jump…


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Kanye West Defends Drake ‘Rolling Stone’ Remarks

drake that grape juice diva 1 Kanye West Defends Drake Rolling Stone Remarks


His recent run-in with ‘Rolling Stone‘ may have scored him some negative press, but Drake can always be sure to find positivity in the open arms of rival Kanye West, who has defended him against the publication.

Learning of his pal’s short-lived feud with the magazine this week, West took the New Jersey showing of his ‘Yeezus’ tour to share his thoughts on the matter, after comments made by Drake to the mag about him ‘off air’ were published in his feature.

Watch below…


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Watch: Beyonce Teases ‘Drunk In Love’ Remix Video With Kanye West?

Screen shot 2014 02 15 at 1.38.31 PM Watch:  Beyonce Teases Drunk In Love Remix Video With Kanye West?

Beyonce taps into her inner cowgirl via a cryptic video uploaded to her Youtube moments ago.

Teasing what could be a sneak peek at the theme of her ‘Drunk In Love’ remix video featuring Kanye West, Bey rounds up the stallions in the sexy black-and-white clip – a throwback to a 2011 photoshoot from Essence magazine.

See it below:


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