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Drake & Kanye West Tease Joint Album


Are two of Hip-Hop’s most towering titans, Drake and Kanye West, set to release a joint album? It seems so!

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Kanye West Rants / Demands Apple Cut Jay Z A Check For TIDAL


Kanye West is ever outspoken and lived up to his billing moments ago on Twitter.

The rapper turned human megaphone this time shared his view on the on-going battle between streaming platforms – with specific reference to Apple and Jay Z‘s TIDAL.

Yeezy, along with acts such as Rihanna and Coldplay, signed on as a part-owner in Jigga’s company.

And despite a number of high-profile exclusives (the most notable being Beyonce‘s ‘Lemonade’), the service lags by quite a margin behind market leader Spotify and Apple Music.

With the latter reportedly in talks to buy TIDAL, it seems Ye’s words are timely and perhaps provide an insight into the status of negotiations.

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Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Crowned “Icons” By Harper’s Bazaar

Rapper Compare’s Wife’s Nudes To A Renaissance Painting


Self-obsessed couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian celebrate their unique brand of indulgence on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar.

As well as poking fun at their image in the joint shoot, the pair wax honest about a number of topics including the Taylor Swift (who they infamously “exposed”) and how they want to be remembered.

Rapper ‘Ye also goes into depthy detail about his wife’s nude pictures, which he likens to a…wait for it…”renaissance painting.”

At this junction, we could go on about how much we miss the “old” Kanye; the Yeezy who’d lambast the farce that is this “duo.” But we won’t.

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Twitter Tackles Taylor Swift Following Kim Kardashian Video Leak


Taylor Swift may be a Pop titan, but social media is making child’s play of cutting her down to size.

The newswire exploded this AM when the ‘Bad Blood’ belter was seemingly “exposed” by Kim Kardashian. 

Clearly in a mischievous mood, the talent-challenged reality star leaked a clip of Swift seemingly ok-ing the track ‘Famous’ by her husband Kanye West. The same track she would later take the rapper to task for calling her a “bitch” on.

The apparent exposé set the net ablaze, yet the flames were raging most on Twitter – which had entirely no chill.

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Taylor Swift Claps Back At Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Over Leaked Video


Taylor Swift has been the hottest topics today following the ironic leak of a video courtesy of Kim Kardashian.

Taking up for husband Kanye West, the reality star shared a clip of Swift which seemingly supports the rapper’s adamance that the ‘Bad Blood’ belter was OK with his song ‘Famous.’

Indeed, as widely reported, following the release of the track (which features on Yeezy’s ‘Life Of Pablo’ LP) the singer took aim at the Hip-Hop titan for branding her a “bitch” on the song.

West has always maintained that not only was she aware of the lyrics before it hit public domain, she was in support of it.

Serial dater Taylor denied and even went as far as to make a public plea (during an acceptance speech) – urging fans to “never let anyone take credit for your success.”

She was, of course, referencing the current drama as well as the genesis of it. Namely “that” infamous VMA ’09 moment where West solidified himself as the big bad wolf for interrupting her Best Video win in protest over Beyonce‘s ‘Single Ladies.’ 

Fast forward to today and, in the wake of KimYe’s antics, “#KimExposedTaylorParty” has been trending on Twitter for hours.

Hot, bothered, and boiling, the multi-Platinum sensation has hit back.

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Watch: Kanye West Proves Taylor Swift DID Know About ‘Famous’ Jab With Snapchat Video


It looks like Taylor Swift now has a new reasons to shed some teardrops on her guitar.

The Grammy winning songstress has certainly had her fair share of bad press lately (see: boyfriend-hopping, slam from former flame Calvin Harris, and more).  But, the serious burn came from KimYe (Kanye West and Kim Kardashian) recently when the twosome put the country darling on blast.

Indeed, while West has adamantly defended Swift’s awareness of his controversial line in ‘Famous’ – the first official single from his #1 album ‘Life of Pablo‘ – in which he references having sex with her, she vehemently denied it.  She even went as far as to refer to the line as ‘misogynistic.’

Well, the proof all came tonight when Kim took to Snapchat to share a video of the convo that allegedly took place where the ‘Gold Digger’ divo warned the country star about the tune and, if the woman in the recording is indeed her, she didn’t seem turned off by the idea at all:


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Kanye West Enters Long-Term Partnership With Adidas


With the help of his new manager Scooter Braun Kanye West had entered a longterm agreement with Adidas.

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