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Kanye West: “Madonna Is The Greatest Visual Music Artist That Ever Lived”

kanye west 2014 thatgrapejuice Kanye West: Madonna Is The Greatest Visual Music Artist That Ever Lived

Kanye West is renowned for endorsing few others beyond Kanye West. As such, it’s both surprising and warming to see that the Hip-Hop titan has shared his love for Pop queen Madonna in the latest issue of Interview magazine.

The outspoken star not only expressed his admiration for the diva, he deemed her “the greatest visual music artist that ever lived”.

His words below…


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Controversial Kanye West Covers ‘Interview’ Magazine

kanye west interview 2014 Controversial Kanye West Covers Interview Magazine

High sales may no longer be a guarantee with Kanye West (as seen by last year’s ‘Yeezus’), yet one thing the rapper is ever consistent in serving up is controversy.

Mr Kardashian poses it up in the February issue of Interview magazine, with the spread certainly likely to set tongues wagging thanks to a careful blend of dark imagery and religious overtones.

Equally engaging is West’s interview piece with Steve McQueen, excerpts from which can be found below. These days it appears few have a clear-cut understanding of who Kanye is or wants to be. However, as his words below highlight, he seems as sure of himself as sure can be.


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Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’ Certified Platinum

kanye yeezus cover Kanye Wests Yeezus Certified Platinum

If headlines are anything to go by, controversial Kanye West hasn’t had much to smile about of late.

However, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) released news to the contrary today.

The rapper’s latest album ‘Yeezus’ has been officially certified Platinum in the US.

Details after the jump…


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Did You Know: No African American Artist Had A #1 Hit in 2013? [Weigh In]

Screen shot 2014 01 12 at 1.45.49 AM Did You Know:  No African American Artist Had A #1 Hit in 2013? [Weigh In]

With digital downloads and online streams becoming two of the more dominant ingredients in the recipe of most of Billboard Hot 100 hits today, critics started to argue that topping the chart had become easier than ever to achieve.  But, despite the likes of Jay Z, Drake, and Beyonce making headlines in 2013 for moving some of the year’s most impressive numbers on Billboard 200, they have another commonality – no Hot 100 #1 singles.

In fact, they join a bevy of African American hitmakers (i.e. Alicia Keys, Kanye West, J. Cole) who delivered chart-topping albums in late 2012 or 2013 without the aid of a similarly successful single.

Even this generation’s Hot 100 queen Rihanna, whose #1 single ‘Diamonds’ was dethroned two weeks before 2013’s beginning, did not see her name stamped atop the tally [as a leading act] for a song she released this year…


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T-Pain Explains Influence On Kanye West: ‘I Felt Unappreciated’

kanye west she is diva that grape juice she is diva 1 T Pain Explains Influence On Kanye West: I Felt Unappreciated


‘Bartender’ performer T-Pain has reveals that he feels hurt & ‘unappreciated’ by the world’s refusal to acknowledge his influence on rapper Kanye West’s critically claimed ‘8o8s and Heartbreak.’

Why the ‘Low’ lyricist believes he deserves credit for the project’s impact on Pop culture?

Find out below…


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Kanye West Weighs In On ‘Dangerous’ Job: ‘It’s Like Being At War’

kanye west that grape juice Kanye West Weighs In On Dangerous Job: Its Like Being At War

Does Kanye West believe his job as a musician is just as dangerous as a soldier’s job at war?

Well, if a new rant spawned by the entertainer is anything to go by, he just may be.

That’s right, in a new interview reportedly taped during his recent ‘Yeezus’ promotional run, he goes to great lengths to explain why facing criticism from the press is akin to the danger police officers and soldiers everyday.

Watch below…


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Weigh In: Kanye West Slams Grammys For ‘Yeezus’ Nominations

Kanye West Illuminati 2013 Bold Sugar Weigh In:  Kanye West Slams Grammys For Yeezus Nominations


Can’t say we didn’t see this coming.

Hit rapper Kanye West adds yet another rant to his list of quote-worthy tirades, this time slamming the Recording Academy for only gifting his latest album ‘Yeezus’ with two nominations.

Finding listing only in the Best Rap Song and Best Rap Album’s categories, West, fans, and critics alike all called ‘foul’ on the decision to omit the rap work from the Big 4 – a feat some thought was remedied when Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, and Time Magazine all listed ‘Yeezus’ as the year’s top release.

Well, apparently that wasn’t enough.  Tuck in below for the ‘Gold Digger’ divo’s latest speech:




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