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Kanye West Weighs In On ‘Dangerous’ Job: ‘It’s Like Being At War’

kanye west that grape juice Kanye West Weighs In On Dangerous Job: Its Like Being At War

Does Kanye West believe his job as a musician is just as dangerous as a soldier’s job at war?

Well, if a new rant spawned by the entertainer is anything to go by, he just may be.

That’s right, in a new interview reportedly taped during his recent ‘Yeezus’ promotional run, he goes to great lengths to explain why facing criticism from the press is akin to the danger police officers and soldiers everyday.

Watch below…


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Weigh In: Kanye West Slams Grammys For ‘Yeezus’ Nominations

Kanye West Illuminati 2013 Bold Sugar Weigh In:  Kanye West Slams Grammys For Yeezus Nominations


Can’t say we didn’t see this coming.

Hit rapper Kanye West adds yet another rant to his list of quote-worthy tirades, this time slamming the Recording Academy for only gifting his latest album ‘Yeezus’ with two nominations.

Finding listing only in the Best Rap Song and Best Rap Album’s categories, West, fans, and critics alike all called ‘foul’ on the decision to omit the rap work from the Big 4 – a feat some thought was remedied when Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, and Time Magazine all listed ‘Yeezus’ as the year’s top release.

Well, apparently that wasn’t enough.  Tuck in below for the ‘Gold Digger’ divo’s latest speech:




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Kanye West’s ‘YEEZUS’ Tops Entertainment Weekly, TIME, and Rolling Stones ‘Best Album Of the Year’ Lists

061013 music kanye west yeezus album art blank disc Kanye Wests YEEZUS Tops Entertainment Weekly, TIME, and Rolling Stones Best Album Of the Year Lists

Call him crazy but…

Genius is genius, says music critics at highly revered publications TiME, Rolling Stones, and Entertainment Weekly.  For, as the ‘year-end’ tallies come rolling in, the aforementioned three have unanimously championed Kanye West‘s 2013 release ‘Yeezus’ as the album of the year.

Beating out the likes of Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, and mentor Jay Z, the news comes just as fans complained of the Recording Academy’s overlook of the critically acclaimed set only giving it 2 nominations (“New Slaves” for Best Rap Song and “Yeezus” for Best Rap Album).

Elsewhere on the list, you can spot Katy Perry, Rihanna, Lorde, and more.  Ready to sound off?

See the three’s top ‘songs and albums of the year’ lists below:


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Chart Check: Miley Cyrus Reigns, Lorde & Lady Gaga Wane

703140 pop princesses Chart Check:  Miley Cyrus Reigns, Lorde & Lady Gaga Wane


Finally, there is some moving-and-shaking on the Billboard Hot 100!

After weeks of saying newcomer Lorde reign with her blockbuster debut single ‘Royals’, the single is abdicated from its Billboard throne by the unlikeliest of opponents – Miley Cyrus.

Thanks to a viral parody video, Cyrus reclaims her spot atop the singles chart with ‘Wrecking Ball’ – much to the dismay of Eminem and Rihanna fans who were sure the duo’s latest ‘Monster’ hit would scare Lorde from the #1 position.  They needn’t worry, however.  For, upon debut of its accompanying video, it may be gifted the much needed lift.

Elsewhere on the charts the likes of Kanye West, Pitbull, and One Direction have seen considerable gains and may also be in line to challenge Cyrus’ renewed reign.  Unlike them, Cyrus’ former top two contenders – Katy Perry and Lady Gaga – are seeing their respective megahits ‘Roar’ and ‘Applause’ slide downward on charts with the latter finally losing its long-held grip on the top 10.

This week’s full chart check below:


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Kanye West: ‘President Obama Is Constantly Attacking Me’

president obama kanye west that grape juice she is diva 31 Kanye West: President Obama Is Constantly Attacking Me

Four years may have passed since he billed the Rapper a ‘jack***’ in footage captured here, but President Obama’s name continues to show no signs of leaving Kanye West’s mouth this week.

For, hours after he suggested that the leader of the free world lacked the power and connections afforded to George W. Bush, yesterday brought it with a fresh Kanye quote on the Harvard graduate- spewed during his interview with the ‘Sway in the Morning‘ show.

What he’s claiming this time?

Hit the 23 minute mark for his exact quote, and the 15 minute mark for context, below…


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Kanye West On Nicki Minaj’s ‘Monster’ Verse: ‘It Was The Best Of All Time’

 Kanye West On Nicki Minajs Monster Verse: It Was The Best Of All Time

Commercial glory aside, Nicki Minaj’s lyrical skill and story telling abilities have seen her rise well above the realm of ‘Female Rap’ to become one of the most celebrated Rappers of all time.

Indeed, despite trying and failing numerous times to cite her aesthetic, financial backing and eccentricities as the root cause of her notoriety, her naysayers continue to find themselves faced with facts that point to the contrary.

Facts, that lie in her subtle use of  metaphors, clear diction and versatility . Facts, acknowledged by ‘Through the Wire’ lyricist Kanye West, who has named her verse on his 2010 cut ‘Monster’ the best Hip Hop verse of all time.

Hit the 14 minute mark below!


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Watch: ‘Sway In The Morning’ Interviews Kanye West

sway in the morning kanye west that grape juice1 Watch: Sway In The Morning Interviews Kanye West

Seemingly more eager than ever to promote his new LP ‘Yeezus’, Kanye West‘s radio tour saw him arrive at the ever popular ‘Sway in the Morning’ show yesterday, where he caught up with its host Sway Calloway.

Alas, despite the host’s efforts to engage in a calm and peaceful conversation with the performer, he soon found himself on the receiving end of a rant that’s now available to listen to in full here.

Or….if you’ve got 34 minutes 15 seconds to spare, you could watch the entire conversation right here on That Grape Juice.Net below!

You will?!

Check it out below!


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