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Chart Check: Justin Timberlake and Chris Brown Bring Their Latest Hits To Billboard’s Top 10 [Hot 100]

Screen shot 2014 04 23 at 11.32.13 PM Chart Check:  Justin Timberlake and Chris Brown Bring Their Latest Hits To Billboards Top 10 [Hot 100]

 Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’ may not exactly be warming the hearts of its competition, but we’re willing to bet its keeping a smile on his face.

As the song’s grip on the Hot 100 refuses to loosen, other crooners are easing their way into the tally’s top 10 with hopes of dethroning the longtime chart champion.  The tune will see its forthcoming weeks try to fend off advances from the likes of Chris Brown’s “Loyal,” Justin Timberlake’s “Not a Bad Thing,” and a surprising rebound by “Talk Dirty” divo Jason Derulo.

Do any of the aforementioned stand a chance of ending Williams’ streak at #1 or is he headed to week #10 on the perch?  Tell us below as the latest Hot 100 chart check awaits below:


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Teaser: Katy Perry – ‘Birthday’ Video

katy perry birthday Teaser: Katy Perry   Birthday Video

With Katy Perry‘s video for new single ‘Birthday’ due imminently, the Pop force has unveiled a titillating teaser.

Ever keen to go all out, the singer gives a sneak peek at the various characters she’ll be playing in the clip – which serves as the fourth to be lifted from her blockbuster ‘Prism’ LP.

Check it out below…


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Lyric Video: Katy Perry – ‘Birthday’

katy perry birthday thatgrapejuice Lyric Video: Katy Perry   Birthday

Her ‘Dark Horse‘ may be a long away from ending its run on the Billboard Hot 100, but that hasn’t stopped Katy Perry from readying the launch of its follow-up, ‘Birthday‘, also pulled from her #1 album ‘Prism.’

Now peep the official lyric video shot to support the song, whose official video will mark the third from this era, released to coincide with its release to Contemporary hit radio/Rhythmic contemporary radio on April 21st!


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Snippet: Iggy Azalea – ‘Black Widow (Ft Rita Ora)’

iggy azalea that grape juice entertainment 11 Snippet: Iggy Azalea   Black Widow (Ft Rita Ora)

Katy Perry is to thank for Iggy Azalea’s ‘Black Widow‘ today, penning the hook to the number pulled form the latter’s debut album, ‘The New Classic.’

Featuring Iggy‘s ‘Turn First’ sister Rita Ora and a theme that cements the Rapper’s status as one of Pop’s more creative contributors, the bop is teased with a short snippet this morning- giving fans a little of what they can expect from the full release!

Fall into her web below…


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Chart Check [Hot 100]: Pharrell Williams Reigns, John Legend Gains

1815340362059767caa1641a0ee50d79d50aaeb6 Chart Check [Hot 100]:  Pharrell Williams Reigns, John Legend Gains

Pharrell Williams is undoubtedly happy that his 2014 breakout hit is still leading the Hot 100 for a 7th week.  Fending off competition in the form of John Legend‘s ‘All of Me’, Katy Perry‘s ‘Dark Horse’, and more, the Oscar-nominated jam refuses to loosen its grip on the tally (despite suffering a digital sales dip).

At one time threatening to best the 300k a week digital sales record of Robin Thicke‘s ‘Blurred Lines’ (of which Williams shares co-star ranking with rapper T.I.), “Happy” maybe losing affront Itunes, but it is certainly keeping up a fight elsewhere (see: radio spins, online streams, etc).

But, with talks of fresh gains from ‘Talk Dirty To Me’ maestro Jason Derulo, can that fight last much longer?  Full chart check below:


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Weigh In: Digital Downloads Fall, Match CD Sales Slump For First Time In History

Conversely, digital streams gaining steam

Screen shot 2014 04 07 at 10.57.17 PM Weigh In:  Digital Downloads Fall, Match CD Sales Slump For First Time In History

Even jointly, late 2013 blockbusters from the likes of Beyonce, Eminem, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga were not enough to save the fledgling music industry as reports confirm worry that the industry is nearing its darkest days yet.

Predictably, physical CD sales have continued their slump as news has it that the CD album format is down 20.5 percent so far this year (31.9 million units sold from the 40.1 million units scanned in the first quarter of 2013).  But, the once flourishing alternative (i.e. digital sales from outlets like iTunes and are also reflecting swift and downward movement.  So much so, that its decline is nearly matching the rate of physical CD sale decline for the first time in history.

While the industry nears a state of panic, relief has come via popular streaming outlets like Pandora and Spotify as they boast increases in activity and revenue…


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Jermaine Dupri Weighs In On Katy Perry…For Mariah Carey

katy perry that grape juice she is diva 4 Jermaine Dupri Weighs In On Katy Perry...For Mariah Carey


Thanks to the music industry’s fickle nature, ‘seasoned’ acts oft find their positions in today’s world questioned at the first sight of a younger, hotter and seemingly more exciting alternative.

In 2006, much to the horror of both she and then partner Jermaine Dupri, the campaign for Janet Jackson‘s ’20 Y.O’ found itself dominated by a then 25 year old Beyonce, as the media questioned Jackson’s ability to compete with the stage-blazing chart topper.

Indeed, by way of the comparisons, the album’s trend-kissing material and 2004’s ‘Super Bowl’ fiasco, ‘20′ cowered in the face of ‘B’, selling 297,000 units in first week…two weeks after the latter moved 541,000 copies in the very same market.

Then, Dupri sought out to remind the world that the ladies ‘weren’t on the same plane‘, and now- eight years later- history repeats itself.

Whose legacy Jermaine has been forced to defend this time? Mariah Carey‘s.

Hit the 29 minute mark to find out why below…


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