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Winner’s List: 2013 People’s Choice Awards

192eab5f2e69ee8b477553c903077a7d Winners List:  2013 Peoples Choice Awards

Tonight, the 2013 People’s Choice Awards took the honor of being first to kick off the 2013 awards season. The ceremony, held at Los Angeles’ Nokia Theater, saw TGJ favorites Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Beyonce, Usher, Chris Brown, and more all vying for the show’s top honors.

And, though quite the tight race, one of the aforementioned shocked all with a whopping four wins!

Find out the ‘People’s Choices’ for categories in movies, television, and music below…you may be shocked:


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Read: Ke$ha Clarifies Comment That She Was “Forced” To Sing “Die Young”

7cc9a5116a4ab9af00a9bf172f299351 Read:  Ke$ha Clarifies Comment That She Was Forced To Sing Die Young


The story of ‘Blow’ beauty Ke$ha‘s latest hit ‘Die Young’ being yanked from radio has certainly been blown to new proportions over the last few days.  As the story of its initial dismissal from radio (in response to the Sandy Hook tragedy) cooled, the singer reignited interest in it as she took to Twitter claiming she was “forced” to sing its negative lyrics.

Then, her mom also took to the same medium to corroborate her story.  Despite a swift retraction, fans were later confused when videos surfaced of Ke$ha bragging about the song – one that sees her as the primary contributor to its lyrics.

Now, with hopes of leaving the incident in the past, the ‘Tik Tok’ trier took to her official website today to lift a letter clarifying what she meant when she used the word “forced”…


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‘Die Young’: Ke$ha’s Mother Sparks ‘Illuminati’ Controversy

KESHA VIBE MAGAZINE Die Young: Ke$has Mother Sparks Illuminati Controversy

Yesterday, ‘Warrior’ singer Ke$ha received the news that her latest single ‘Die Young‘ had been pulled from some US radio outlets, as not to offend any affected by last week’s Sandy Hook elementary school massacre.

However, in what saw the upsetting story rear another ugly head, the star sparked confusion when she tweeted that she agreed with the decision to pull the song, and that she had been forced to sing the song’s lyrics against her will.

Deleting that tweet minutes after posting it, she then found herself quizzed on what she had meant by the remark, which many believed had been aimed at long time collaborator Dr.Luke.

Now, her mother has gotten in on the action- retweeting a number of disturbing messages sent in to her by her fans.

Details below…


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Ke$ha Responds To Radio Pull Of Her Hit ‘Die Young’

11e0ee7394b951b3f6415ebd248ed99a Ke$ha Responds To Radio Pull Of Her Hit Die Young

‘Tik Tok’ hitmaker Ke$ha wasted very little time responding to reports her hit song ‘Die Young’ was yanked from radio air due to insensitivity to the recent Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy of Newton, Connecticut.

As stories of the song’s removal from radio ran atop headlines, Ke$ha ran to Twitter to offer an explanation of the song’s origin that may have incited a new set of headlines of its own:


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Ke$ha: US Radio Drops ‘Die Young’ Following Sandy Hook Shootings

817ec558eb732b75fb738a5920efb1a2 Ke$ha: US Radio Drops Die Young Following Sandy Hook Shootings

For many, the horrific murders of school teachers and their infant students in Connecticut last week marked one of this generation’s greatest tragedies.

Now, in a responsible bid to honor those who lost their lives, US radio outlets have made a controversial move by ‘pulling’ Ke$ha‘s upbeat dance single ‘Die Young‘ from their playlists.

Not sure why?

Their reasons below…


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Britney Spears Named 2012′s Highest Paid Female Musician

be8ff10fafd7d5854aba32cf20788960 Britney Spears Named 2012s Highest Paid Female Musician

She has done it again with hardly any reason to say oops! For, yet again, 2012 has proven ‘Toxic’ tinwoman Britney Spears seems to have the magic potion when it comes into raking in the big bucks.

With an estimated $58 million in earnings over the past year (due to album sales, tours, ‘X Factor US’, etc), Spears has new reason to ‘Scream & Shout’ as reports have surfaced indicating the stiff songstress beat out stiff competition to be named 2012′s highest paid female musician.

 Find out what top divas she beat to the top below:


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Watch: Melanie Amaro & Ke$ha Hit ‘X Factor US’ Stage

5e29b261fc47ad759d039f2184cea050 Watch:  Melanie Amaro & Ke$ha Hit X Factor US Stage

As reported here, Melanie Amaro, winner of X Factor USA Season 1, took to her musical alma mater to unveil her long-awaited debut single ‘Long Distance’.  Lifted from her ‘Epic’ debut ‘Truly‘, Amaro truly showed fans why she was voted the show’s inaugural winner.

Also hitting the stage was autotune queen Ke$ha who lent a live rendition of ‘C’Mon’, the successor to hit ‘Die Young’ from her sophomore album ‘Warrior’.  See the ladies at work below:


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