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Watch: Lady GaGa Covers Ella Fitzgerald’s ‘I’ve Got A Crush On You’

lady gaga ella fitzgerald that grape juice 11 600x237 Watch: Lady GaGa Covers Ella Fitzgeralds Ive Got A Crush On You

With EDM on its way out of Pop’s compound, critics set their sights on Lady GaGa to see just how much her new album will embrace a genre she helped to reignite in the US back in 2008.

Now, six years later, the singer seems to be hinting at the direction she may take next with her forthcoming ‘Cheek to Cheek‘ effort and her recent tribute to Ella Fitzgerald, performing her Gershwin-penned ‘I’ve Got a Crush on You.’

Would it be a reach to expect a Jazz-inspired project from the star?

You tell us below…


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Report: Lady GaGa Spills New Details On New Sound / Admits To Leaking Music?

lady gaga that grape juice artpop 2013 4 600x386 Report: Lady GaGa Spills New Details On New Sound / Admits To Leaking Music?

Did ‘Love Game’ vocalist Lady GaGa admit to leaking her own music under an alias?

Well, should a story told by a fan who met the star this week is anything to go by…she did.

Details via ‘GaGa Daily‘ below…


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Sneak Peek: Lady GaGa’s Scrapped ‘Do What U Want’ Video

lady gaga do what u want video Sneak Peek: Lady GaGas Scrapped Do What U Want Video

It was the sure-fire smash that never was. The scrapping of Lady GaGa‘s‘Do What U Want’ video remains one of the most devastating injustices to happen to Pop in recent memory. A fact, yes fact, made worse by the silence that greeted questions surrounding its whereabouts.

The speculation ended today, however, thanks to TMZ.

For, not only have the outlet provided the reason for the visual’s axing, they’ve unzipped a sneak peek at it too.

rkelly do what u want Sneak Peek: Lady GaGas Scrapped Do What U Want Video

The clip and the explanation await below…


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Barks & Bytes: Do Azealia Banks’ Social Media Beefs Help Or Hurt Her?

azealia banks TGJ Barks & Bytes:  Do Azealia Banks Social Media Beefs Help Or Hurt Her?

Oh, Azealia Banks.  Hair is certainly the nicest thing the ‘Yung Rapunxel’ has let down since her eye-popping debut onto the rap scene.

In addition to letting down fans with innumerable pushbacks of her debut album ‘Broke With Expensive Taste,’ the fiery femcee has (not so gently) let down any Twitter user who’d dare cross her path.

Oft-attributed with dispensing unforgiving and, at times, well crafted shade, the ‘ATM Jam’ maestra has taken to Twitter on many occasion to light into many-a-well known pop culture figure from Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton to Pharrell Williams and now T.I.

Love her or hate her, one thing you cannot deny is Banks’ ability to cash in on and court public attention.  With discussions of her host of eccentric yet lukewarm-received singles/videos at a minimum, news that incites ridicule from nemeses, haters, and spectators alike, Banks – the cultural figure at large – still remains a talking point.

So, it begs the question:  is Azealia Banks winning?


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Report: Lady Gaga’s ‘Judas’ Plagiarism Suit Thrown Out

Lady Gaga Judas Video One Eye Report:  Lady Gagas Judas Plagiarism Suit Thrown Out

Many-a-non-Lady Gaga fan found news of the singer being slapped with a plagiarism suit unsurprising, but that didn’t stop her beloved Little Monsters from rejoicing today when reports surfaced that their Grammy-winning leader saw the lingering lawsuit officially dismissed by a judge.

Originally reported here in 2011, the claim - brought on by Chicagoan musician Rebecca Francescatti - alleges that Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ hit ‘Judas’ lived up to its betrayal-based storyline when it ripped off her 1999 track ‘Juda.’

The courts, much like most who have heard the two tunes, disagree with Francescatti’s assessment.  As ever, we turn to you – That Grape Juice faithful- to ask:  did the judge rule unfairly?

Hear both songs again below and weigh in:


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Lady GaGa Surprises Fans At The ‘Frank Sinatra School of the Arts’ / Hidden Camera Catches Performance

lady gaga that grape juice GUY 9 Lady GaGa Surprises Fans At The Frank Sinatra School of the Arts / Hidden Camera Catches Performance

While chart positions and single sales see some entertainers hailed “legends” and “icons”, fans of ‘Brown Eyes‘ singer Lady GaGa will agree that it’s her talent and tenacity that earned her any moniker she’s scored since her debut in 2008.

That being said, one can’t deny that 2011 marked the start of a confusing period for the entertainer, kicked off by the release of the poorly received ‘Born This Way‘, whose success in its first few weeks of release may be attributed to the success of its predecessor ‘The Fame Monster’…and not its own material.

Fortunately, while a commercial dip would mark a disaster for her closest rivals, GaGa now stands just a few right moves away from reclaiming the support of the general public, some of whom had the pleasure of meeting the star when she made a surprise appearance at the ‘Frank Sinatra School of the Arts’ hours ago.

However, it would the ‘Pokerface‘ singer wasn’t the only one with a trick up her sleeve. For, unbeknownst to her, one of the school’s students snuck into its auditorium and secretly filmed the singer during what appears to be a rehearsal with her pianist.

What they captured?


Check it out below…


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Lady GaGa Signs New Management Deal With ‘Live Nation’

lady gaga artpop that grape juice 2014 9 Lady GaGa Signs New Management Deal With Live Nation

As her former manager Troy Carter steers Miguel‘s career to higher ground, Lady GaGa has walked into the open arms of ‘Live Nation’, with whom she has now signed with a lucrative new management deal with.

Good news below…


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Beyonce & Lady Gaga Top Forbes’ Annual ‘Most Powerful Women’ List

beyonce lady gaga forbes thatgrapejuice Beyonce & Lady Gaga Top Forbes Annual Most Powerful Women List

‘Telephone’ twosome Beyonce & Lady Gaga continue their tight grip on the music industry by finding placement yet again on Forbes’ annual list of ‘The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women.’ Coming in as two of few ladies in entertainment to make the list, the girl power poll comes as an ode to the 100 women who “rule the world”.  And, if this list of ladies are any indication, girls really do run the world.

While top earners/acts like Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Rihanna, and Katy Perry were visibly absent, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Shakira joined the ranks with political figures Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton to media mogul Oprah Winfrey and more.  See where they all landed:


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