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Watch: TLC – ‘Creep’ Video (Unreleased Alternate Version)

tlc creep video alternate Watch: TLC   Creep Video (Unreleased Alternate Version)

As one of biggest selling girl groups of all-time, TLC achieved such status with a flavoursome mix of classic songs and epic videos – with one of their most noted being 1994’s ‘Creep’.

Lifted from the trio’s mega-selling sophomore set ‘CrazySexyCool’, the track and its accompanying video is widely hailed for cranking the “Girl Power” movement into overdrive. For, with its risqué lyrics and unapologetic delivery, the release presented a super sound foundation for the ‘independent women” “running the music world” today, the Beyonce’s, the Rihanna’s, and the countless other progressive female figures in-between.

Yet, despite the song’s global success, very few know that another video was not shot for it. Directed by Lionel C. Martin, the original ‘Creep’ clip was left on the cutting-room floor for reasons unknown. What is certain, though, is that fans can now watch it after Martin unearthed it from his vault.

So, without further adieu, watch T-Boz, Left Eye, and Chilli like you’ve (literally) never seen them before below…


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Lil Mama To Play Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes In TLC Biopic

lil mama left eye tlc Lil Mama To Play Lisa Left Eye Lopes In TLC Biopic

Is redemption on the horizon for Lil Mama?

By our estimates, it very well could be. For moments ago, it was confirmed that the pint-sized femcee has been cast as the late Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes in VH1’s hotly anticipated TLC biopic.

Details below…


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Fixing the Femcee Formula: Finding Success As A Rapstress

untitled Fixing the Femcee Formula:  Finding Success As A Rapstress

“Sell outs”.

Ask hip hop’s reigning highnesses – Lil’ Kim, Missy Elliott, and Nicki Minaj – and they can attest to being titled such at some point in their illustrious careers (the latter more than her rap predecessors).

Indeed, in the heavily male-dominated genre of rap, trying to “hang with the boys” has either constituted hypermasculinization or explicitly detailing bedroom antics.  Either way, rap’s estrogenic entities have had to take the extreme route often to little notoriety…


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VH1 Start Production On TLC Biopic

tlc vh1 movie e1353972931752 VH1 Start Production On TLC Biopic

For the fortunate set who grew up during TLC‘s reign, it’s common-knowledge that the trio brought the drama both on and off the stage.

Naturally, then, a biopic centred on the lives of Tionne ‘T Boz’ Watkins, the late Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez, and Rozonda ‘Chilli’ Thomas, has been talked about for more than a decade.

Yet as the 10th year since Lopes’ passing draws to a close, fans will be elated to learn that the made-for-TV-movie has finally gone in to production – with the iconic group’s surviving members serving as “consultants and executive producers”.

Peep the press release below…


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Stooshe Unveil ‘Waterfalls’ Video / TLC Make Cameo

stooshe waterfalls thatgrapejuice e1349618742970 Stooshe Unveil Waterfalls Video / TLC Make Cameo

In an era where sampling is all the rage, there are few better compliments than a song’s original artist endorsing its remakers.

Such was the fortune of R&B trio Stooshe, who saw the surviving members of TLC -T-Boz and Chilli-feature in their freshly released video for ‘Waterfalls’.

The retooled version of the 1995 classic serves as the latest cut to be lifted from the British belle’s self-titled debut  which arrives via Warner/Atlantic on November 12th.

stooshe waterfalls tlc thatgrapejuice e1349618779717 Stooshe Unveil Waterfalls Video / TLC Make Cameo

Peep the video for ‘Waterfalls’ below…


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Remembering Left Eye…10 Years On

left eye Remembering Left Eye...10 Years On

Today marks the tenth anniversary of Lisa ‘Left Eye Lopes’ passing on to eternity.

And while many a kind word are often cooked up for the departed, the latter couldn’t hold truer for the TLC stalwart. For, her impact -both within the confines of the Grammy winning group and beyond- are ever-enduring.

Indeed, Lopes’ sass, spark, and unparalleled talent earned her legitimate legend status by the time of her death, aged just 30 at the hands of a freak car accident in the Honduras.

And while her physical demise remains one of music’s most shocking tragedies, what lives on and lives loud is her stellar body of work. A body which has enabled many a female group and femcee to be somebody. Hence, for that and so much more, Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes, That Grape Juice salutes you.

Check out some of our favourite Lisa moments below…


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From The Vault: Lil Kim, Left Eye, Angie Martinez, Da Brat & Missy Elliott – ‘Ladies Night’

This week’s classic From The Vault video is Lil’ Kim et al’s 1997 remake of ‘Ladies Night’. Lifted from the movie soundtrack to  ‘Nothing to Lose’, the Missy Elliott produced cut and its accompanying video remain etched history as one of the most potent displays of female Hip-Hop unity we’ve seen to date. What’s more, their take on the already classic number packed such a punch that it still goes hard to date. Ladies, we salute you..

Your thoughts?

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