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Lil Kim Reflects On Career / Opens Up On Label Complications & Female Rappers

Lil Kim That Grape Juice Entertainment 2014 Lil Kim Reflects On Career / Opens Up On Label Complications & Female Rappers

As the forthcoming arrival of her first child sees her pen a new chapter in her life’s story, Lil Kim takes a journey to the past this month, doing so alongside ‘Billboard.’

For, as to celebrate the positive impact she made on pushing Rap music to the forefront of Pop culture in her prime, the publication caught up with the icon to reflect on her career, assessing her classic albums with the benefit of hindsight and the current line-up of female rappers.

Wise words from the ‘Espacio’ siren below…


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New Song: Lil Kim – ‘Haterz’

Screen Shot 2014 02 18 at 19.59.27 New Song: Lil Kim   Haterz

Consider yourself a fan of Lil Kim, but detest Rap Queen Nicki Minaj?

You do? Well, today might be the day for you to reconsider your stance on the ‘Bought the Bar‘Barb‘, seeing as Kim seems to have developed quite the admiration for the star’s signature flow.

Confused? Join the club. For, in a brand new number named ‘Haterz‘, the Queen Bee takes a leaf (or two) from Minaj, and delivers a verse that goes a long way to expose the latter’s ironic influence on her Hip Hop sister.

Ready to give it a spin?

Press play for the Nicki- inspired release below!


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Lil Kim’s Baby Father Steps Forward; Reveals Details About Pregnancy

lil kim pregnant 2014 Lil Kims Baby Father Steps Forward; Reveals Details About Pregnancy

Pint sized femcee Lil Kim shocked the world this week when she revealed that she is expecting her first child.

The 39-year-old Rap icon has had fans on the edge of their seats for new music, however the recent delays to her promised mixtape were put into context when her impending motherhood was announced.

What has had the masses still puzzled, though, is details on the father of the child.

For, despite Kim’s uber public profile, her romantic life has remained relatively private in recent years – save for her stormy relationship with producer Scott Storch.

That is until now.

The dad of the ‘Whoa’ rapper’s bundle of joy emerged from the shadows today for phone interview with the Rickey Smiley Show. Beyond confirming his identity, the man of the moment also shared details on the baby’s sex and arrival window.

Check out the interview below…


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Lil Kim On New Baby And Fresh Music: ‘I’m Even More Of A Beast’

lil kim that grape juice she is diva 2013 Lil Kim On New Baby And Fresh Music: Im Even More Of A Beast

Fan of Rap empress Lil Kim? If so, you’ll be pleased to learn that she has no intentions of letting her pregnancy disrupt her ‘comeback’ this year.

How this was revealed? During an interview with US magazine, who the performer caught up with shortly after announcing her good news at New York Fashion Week.

Her words below…


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Lil Kim: ‘I’m Pregnant’

lil kim pregnant 2014 that grape juice Lil Kim: Im Pregnant

While more recent months have seen her shy away from the spotlight, Hip Hop veteran Lil Kim might be forgiven for putting her career on hold this year…now that she has confirmed that she is with child.

Yes, after arriving at ‘The Blonds‘ New York Fashion Week show in NYC yesterday evening, the entertainer surprised her unsuspecting ‘audience’ with a baby bump, flaunting it as onlookers clamoured to a catch a pic of the ‘Not Tonight’ beauty.

Confirmation below…


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Lil Kim Slapped With $150,000 Lawsuit Following ‘Zombie’ Theft

lil kim that grape juice she is diva tgj 12 Lil Kim Slapped With $150,000 Lawsuit Following Zombie Theft

With 2014’s arrival rendering her ‘forthcoming‘ ‘Hardcore 2K13′ EP irrelevant, Lil Kim finds herself career met with more despair this year, now that she has been slapped with a fresh lawsuit.

For last year, before the release of her latest release ‘Dead Girl Walking’, the former chart-regular released a promotional image fans had believed was an image of herself sporting ‘Zombie’ make-up.

Alas, her efforts to pull the wool over the world’s eyes came to no avail when Canadian artist  Samantha Ravndahl revealed that the snap was not of Lil Kim at all, but was rather stolen by the Rapper after she uploaded it to Yishan Wong‘s ‘Reddit.

Now, after urging the MC to cut all ties with the image, Ravndahl has now filed a lawsuit demanding a minimum of $150,000.

Full story below…


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Lil Kim Branded Thief After Using New Production….Without Producer’s Permission

lil kim she is diva that grape juice 2013 looks like money Lil Kim Branded Thief After Using New Production....Without Producers Permission

When steered by the likes of Diddy, her career blossomed into what would become a short lived but fruitful run atop the Pop scene.

Alas, by way of numerous stunts pulled since being forced to take control of her own ship, Lil Kim has proved that she isn’t the sharpest tool in the box when it comes to business.

In short, she and her current camp are as incompetent as they come.

For, a fortnight after coming under fire for stealing an image posted online and attempting to pass it off as her own, the ever evolving MC has been branded a thief once again this evening.


An unbelievable story below…


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