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Madonna Hits Studio With Nas / Licks Rapper’s Face

madonna nas thatgrapejuice 600x600 Madonna Hits Studio With Nas / Licks Rappers Face

Despite having clocked up three decades in the music business, Madonna‘s ability to shock and awe hasn’t diminished.

Material Madge is hard at work on her 13th studio album and it was today revealed that she’s added Nas to the unexpected mix of names she’s hit the studio with.

The iconic rapper shared the above shot of himself in the lab with the Pop queen (who posed licking his face) – yet steered clear of dishing of what the duo have been cooking up.

Beyond similar themed pics with the likes of Alicia Keys and the project’s primary producer Diplo, recording of the LP has largely been shroud in secrecy.

Its predecessor ‘MDNA’ may have been dire, but what we’re seeing and hearing of this project has us amped.

Your thoughts?

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Lady GaGa Responds To “Madonna Has No Soul” Remark

lady gaga that grape juice 2014 8900 Lady GaGa Responds To Madonna Has No Soul Remark

Despite helping to introduce the likes of M.I.A, Nicki Minaj and Natalia Kills to new audiences, ‘Material Girl‘ Madonna has been accused of not doing enough to help younger artists…by ‘Fashion‘ designer Lady GaGa.

How this relates to the suggestion that the ‘Papa Don’t Preach‘ performer is soulless?

Find out below…


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Collaboration? Nicki Minaj & Madonna Catch Up In New York

nicki minaj madonna thatgrapejuice 600x600 Collaboration? Nicki Minaj & Madonna Catch Up In New York

Having wrapped up a collaboration with one queen, is Nicki Minaj readying a duet with another?

The diva shared a snap of herself posing it up with Pop royal Madonna early today with the caption:

My trip to New York isn’t the same unless I bump into the Queen. #BitchItsMadonna

Of course, it’s anyone’s guess what the stars were up to. But with both cooking up new albums, ‘The Pink Print’ for Minaj and ‘Unapologetic Bitch’ for Madge (tentative title), a collaboration wouldn’t go amiss – if…it’s better than their previous efforts ‘Give Me All Your Love’ and ‘I Don’t Give A’. Two mediocre tunes from the dreadful ‘MDNA’.

Your thoughts?

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Madonna Teases Alicia Keys Collaboration

madonna alicia keys 2014 1thatgrapejuice 600x352 Madonna Teases Alicia Keys Collaboration

As unlikely pairings go, Madonna and Alicia Keys are two names few would tie together. However, it appears the chart-toppers may have worked on a track for Madge’s new album.

Details below…


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Madonna Collaborates With Another Major Voice On New Album?

madonna that grape juice 2014 90 600x352 Madonna Collaborates With Another Major Voice On New Album?

Love ‘Material Girl’ Madonna?

Got time for a guessing game?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Yes, as details surrounding her new LP begin to leak through sources far and wide,today has brought with a report hinting at a major collaboration between the icon and one of the world’s most recognisable voices.

Where you come into it? Before you find out who the owner of said voice is below, we’d like you to guess who it might be.

Hint: She was born and raised in California and is currently fluent in 10 different languages.

Find out who our mystery lady is below!


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Madonna To Release Lady GaGa Diss Track…’Two Steps Behind Me’

lady gaga that grape juice 2014 9001 600x722 Madonna To Release Lady GaGa Diss Track...Two Steps Behind Me

You’re a copycat, Where is my royalty? You’re a pretty girl, I’ll give you that. But stealing my recipe, it’s an ugly look.


Unfortunately for the ‘Starstruck’ Lady GaGa, Pop icon Madonna is showing no signs of letting go of their long running feud this year, reigniting their supposed beef with a diss track that will appear on her brand new album.

Want details on Madge’s controversial new cut?

Read below…


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Justin Timberlake Causes ‘N Word’ Controversy After Tweet To Madonna

fyb 600x644 Justin Timberlake Causes N Word Controversy After Tweet To Madonna

Justin Timberlake. Madonna. N Word. Confused? Read on…


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