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Madonna Addresses Fall At 2015 Brit Awards / Covers March Issue of ‘Rolling Stone’


Tonight’s ‘Brit Awards 2015′ saw Queen of Pop Madonna took a royal tumble on stage as she opened the performance of her latest chart-topper ‘Living For Love.’ Violently yanked to the ground by an apparently enthusiastic dancer, the songstress – in true diva fashion – was able to get through the rest of the performance without a hitch.

For what little bruising her joints may have suffered, we can’t say for sure her ego can boast the same.  As social media is still ablaze after the incident – mostly lending cheers of support, the icon took to Twitter to weigh in herself.

This, just shortly after news that the stage rolling singer is the face of March’s ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine.

See it all below:


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Madonna Takes A Tumble During ‘BRIT Awards’ Performance


As Lady GaGa makes her way back up to higher ground…Madonna slips and falls to it…literally.

Indeed, during her performance at tonight’s ‘BRIT Awards‘, the ‘Material Girl’ tripped, slipped and fell during a presentation of her new single  ‘Living For Love.

The star can be seen hitting the ground in the picture above, dragged backwards when a dancer attempted to remove a cape from the outfit beneath it.

Watch below…


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Madonna Addresses “Boring” Lady GaGa Feud


Madonna is igniting the promotional trail in support of her new album ‘Rebel Heart’, due globally on March 10th.

Her latest stop? Rolling Stone magazine.

Quotes from the Pop queen’s interview feature have begun to surface and one in particular has set tongues a’wagging.

The 56-year-old reflects on her “feud” with Lady GaGa, which became headline news after she famously deemed the ‘Bad Romance’ singer “reductive” in 2012.

Her words below…


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Madonna Makes Billboard History Again As “Living For Love” Is Lifted To #1

madonna-thatgrapejuice-chart history

The Hot 100 may not be living for Madonna‘s latest single “Living For Love,” but as her recent ascension to #1 on the Dance charts indicates, the clubs are eating it up.

No stranger to this particular perch, the Queen of Pop currently reigns as the chart’s champion with a whopping 44 leading titles to her name.  The feat not only extends her lead afront pop diva runner-ups Janet Jackson, Rihanna, and Beyonce, but also lands in her Billboard history books for an even greater achievement.

See what we mean below:


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Madonna’s New Single Revealed / Video Details


With the promo machine running full steam for Madonna‘s new album ‘Rebel Heart’, the Pop queen is already looking beyond current single single ‘Living For Love’.

For, this week not only was it confirmed which single will succeed the dance-floor anthem, details about its accompanying video were revealed too.

Full story below…


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How Being Too Socially Conscious Too Soon Caused Lady Gaga’s Demise


Lady Gaga has always stood as a present day pop anomaly.

As an artist, Gaga – born Stefani Germanotta – has carefully skated on commercial relevance by offering an EDM-wrapped package similar to the radio’s top offerings, yet qualitatively different in its decoration with undeniable vocal talent and stage presence oft-lost on her pop competitors.  These qualities, much like her ever-changing image, saw her inaugural years court as much positivity for her eccentricity as it did negativity for claims of being gimmicky.

Yet, for as meteoric as her rise to pop dominance was, her slide down the slope of commercial relevance has seemingly met similar acceleration.  Indeed, the years that followed her blockbuster ‘Born This Way’ album don’t see her every “hairdo and don’t,” on-stage antic, nor music release greeted with the same level of intense media coverage they once received.  While the cause of this shift has seen many-a-finger pointed toward the allure of “her gimmick fading,” others even argue that her inconsistent choice of sound (i.e. departure from “black music”) is to blame.

I, on the other hand, will argue that neither are the primary perpetrator, but instead wish to place a lens on Gaga’s aggressive social agenda which, in turn, caused the drift of her faithful buying audience.  Full analysis below:


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Weigh In: Should Madonna Sue BBC Radio 1 For Age Discrimination?


Let’s face it:  Madonna‘s ‘Living For Love’ is slowly, but surely, dying on pop charts.

The ‘Lucky Star’ singer, who’s notched five consecutive #1 albums since the turn of the century and a top ten single preceding four of those releases, may be seeing her luck run out as the tune has yet found footing inside the Billboard Hot 100.  This, despite a revolutionary rollout for the its official music video release and a much-talked about Grammy performance.

Then, as if it wasn’t already clinging to life, ‘Living for Love’ was dealt a crushing blow when reports surfaced indicating BBC Radio 1 blacklisted the tune for lacking “audience relevance” and “musical merit.”  Let us tell it, that’s just sugarcoat for “she’s too old and out of touch.”

Be that as it may, could the unceremonious exclusion be grounds for legal action?  Some stars seem to think yes. Tuck in below to hear their assessment and tell us if you agree:


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