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Hot Shots: Mariah Carey Celebrates Easter With Family

mariah easter 1 Hot Shots: Mariah Carey Celebrates Easter With Family

Mariah Carey is currently putting the finishing touches to her 14th studio album, however today saw the diva take a brief break to soak up the Easter festivities.

The 44-year-old ‘Your Mine (Eternal)’ belter took to Instagram moments ago, where she posted snaps of herself, husband Nick Cannon, and their 24-month-old twins Monroe and Moroccan.

Peep more family fun time at the Carey-Cannon’s below…


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Watch: ‘The Fabulous Life Of…Mariah Carey’

mariah carey youre mine that grape juice 2014 81 Watch: The Fabulous Life Of...Mariah Carey

Fans may yet to learn the name of her new album, but that hasn’t stopped Mariah Carey continuing on in her efforts to push the project, due out May 6th.

So, before its material gives fans access to her mind, VH1 makes its way to her pockets with the launch of ‘The Fabulous Life of Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon’, now available to watch in full…below!


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That Grape Juice Teams Up With Nokia; Debuts Official TGJ MixRadio Playlist

nokia tgj That Grape Juice Teams Up With Nokia; Debuts Official TGJ MixRadio Playlist

As our dedicated readers know, we love us some Urban Pop here at That Grape Juice!

Therefore, we’re elated to announce that we’ve teamed up with our good friends over at Nokia MixRadio to launch the official That Grape Juice playlist.

The exclusive mix, which is free to stream AND download now on all Nokia Windows phones, features songs from your favourite TGJ artists. Yes, everyone from Beyonce, to Lady GaGa, Ciara, Kelly Rowland, and even Rihanna; we’ve got you covered!

tgj nokia mixradio 4 600x520 That Grape Juice Teams Up With Nokia; Debuts Official TGJ MixRadio Playlist

About Nokia MixRadio

Nokia MixRadio is your own personal radio station. It takes you straight to the music with a  ‘Play Me’ button, which delivers a personalized station that is unique to every user.

The app allows you to create an experience unique to YOU using the simple ‘thumbs up’, ‘thumbs down’ and artist ‘favourite’ features. Free of adverts, sign ups or subscriptions, mixes can be saved for offline listening during times without signal such as underground travel.

Sounds great, right?  Well, click here (and here) to find out more about Nokia MixRadio!


So what are you waiting for?!

Click here to listen to That Grape Juice’s official Nokia MixRadio Playlist!

tgj nokia mixradio 2 600x600 That Grape Juice Teams Up With Nokia; Debuts Official TGJ MixRadio Playlist tgj nokia mixradio 3 600x800 That Grape Juice Teams Up With Nokia; Debuts Official TGJ MixRadio Playlisttgj nokia mixradio 6 600x800 That Grape Juice Teams Up With Nokia; Debuts Official TGJ MixRadio Playlisttgj nokia mixradio 5 600x800 That Grape Juice Teams Up With Nokia; Debuts Official TGJ MixRadio Playlist

Your thoughts?

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Mariah Carey Talks New Album, “Dem Babies”, & More With ‘ET Canada’

mariah carey et canada Mariah Carey Talks New Album, Dem Babies, & More With ET Canada

May 6th marks the spot for Mariah Carey.

The premium diva is set to release her 14th studio album next month and in the absence of a hit is taking to the promo trail early.

Carey, who celebrated her 44th birthday last month, sat down with ET Canada recently – dishing garishly on the project and its four-year recording process. The singer also revealed that her 3-year-old twins (who she affectionately dubs “Dem Babies”) feature on a song titled ‘Supernatural’.

Mariah and her album in her words after the jump…


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Mariah Carey Fan Pens Open Letter To Management: “Get Your **** Together”

mariah carey that grape juice she is diva 10 Mariah Carey Fan Pens Open Letter To Management: Get Your **** Together

“Nothing left to prove.”

Unfortunately, the above stands a myth pushed by fans of many a seasoned act when forced to explain a hiccup in said star’s career.

With sales garnered in the past oft used to defend mistakes made in the present, recent years has seen one too many veterans make the mistake of believing this, only to see their legacies tarnished by ego-fuelled eras launched by albums that fail to hold a light to the very material they believe saw them have…“nothing to prove.”

Now, after watching the likes of Michael Jackson and Madonna reach fresh career heights well into their 40s, fans of fellow icon Mariah Carey find themselves questioning the strategy employed by her management to push her brand new album.

A strategy, that they believe has seen them fail to secure the support of the general public in time for the album’s May 6th release date.

Now peep one open letter penned by a member of her ‘Lambily’, urging her camp to “get their sh*t together”, and accusing them of exploiting the ‘Make it Happen‘ maestra.


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Jermaine Dupri Weighs In On Katy Perry…For Mariah Carey

katy perry that grape juice she is diva 4 Jermaine Dupri Weighs In On Katy Perry...For Mariah Carey


Thanks to the music industry’s fickle nature, ‘seasoned’ acts oft find their positions in today’s world questioned at the first sight of a younger, hotter and seemingly more exciting alternative.

In 2006, much to the horror of both she and then partner Jermaine Dupri, the campaign for Janet Jackson‘s ’20 Y.O’ found itself dominated by a then 25 year old Beyonce, as the media questioned Jackson’s ability to compete with the stage-blazing chart topper.

Indeed, by way of the comparisons, the album’s trend-kissing material and 2004′s ‘Super Bowl’ fiasco, ‘20′ cowered in the face of ‘B’, selling 297,000 units in first week…two weeks after the latter moved 541,000 copies in the very same market.

Then, Dupri sought out to remind the world that the ladies ‘weren’t on the same plane‘, and now- eight years later- history repeats itself.

Whose legacy Jermaine has been forced to defend this time? Mariah Carey‘s.

Hit the 29 minute mark to find out why below…


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Still? Mariah Carey Continues Work On Album Due “Next Month”

Will Diva's New LP Arrive In Time?

mariah album 2014 Still? Mariah Carey Continues Work On Album Due Next Month

Mariah Carey‘s new album may no longer be called ‘The Art Of Letting Go’, yet doing just that seems to be proving a difficult task for the diva.

For, despite being due on May 6th (a date we remain skeptical of), the LP is still being worked on – as revealed by Mimi herself on Instagram moments ago and over the course of this week.

The shot above was posted today with the caption “Prepping tracks for mixing”, while other snaps shared included a studio session with rapper Fabolous.


Granted we’re all for Mimi’s hustle, which appears to see her still recording tracks in search of a hit, it begs the question of whether the album will actually see the light of day next month. Deadlines are real and, for ‘major” releases such as this, are meant to be a significant amount of time before the project hits stores.

In any case, we remain amped to see what Mimi’s been cooking up. As evidenced by her ‘Emancipation’ era, “new” Mariah seems to deliver her best when the odds are stacked against her. That said, that aforementioned album came out nine years ago. Will it be a case of history repeating itself for the better or is Ms. Carey’s time as a contemporary chart-topper a wrap? Hopefully, it’s the former. Still, time will tell.

Take a listen to ‘You’re Mine (Eternal)’ below. It could do with the streams.


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Chart Check: Mariah Carey’s ‘Memoirs’ Meets ‘Gold’ / Lady GaGa’s ‘G.U.Y’ Hits ‘Hot 100′

mariah carey youre mine that grape juice 2014 8 Chart Check: Mariah Careys Memoirs Meets Gold / Lady GaGas G.U.Y Hits Hot 100

Despite its lead single ‘You’re Mine’ lacking the snap, crackle and pop Mariah singles usually serve in abundance, May 6th will bring with it the launch of its supporting album!

So, as many hope the general public will show it the support its four first singles were never afforded, her fans have some some way to support its predecessor in the last year, forcing it to a Gold tinted milestone.

Want to know how?

A fresh ‘Chart Check’ awaits you below…


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