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Mariah Carey Returns To The Studio With Diane Warren

Diva Prepping Big Ballad Comeback?


Is Mariah Carey readying a big ballad for her comeback album?

Time will tell, however it that may be the case after it was revealed the premium diva hit the lab with legendary songwriter Diane Warren.

Details below…


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Top 5…Reasons Why Rihanna Is The “Mariah Carey” of Her Generation

rihanna mariah carey tgj

Fact:  Love her or hate her, Rihanna is the pop star to reckon with in 2015.

Despite her latest, yet-titled project being greeted with a few slumps, bumps, and hiccups, there is no amount of failure (at this point) that can undermine the historic amassment of accolades that line her resume from chart triumphs, digital download domination, and more.

While, in a number of ways, her contemporaries pose no equal, historically there is only one other person whose career narrative vies successful comparison – Mariah Carey.

Check in below for this week’s Top 5 as we count down the reasons why Rihanna is unquestionably this generation’s ‘Mariah Carey.’


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New Song: Mariah Carey – ‘Why You Mad? (Infinity Remix) (ft. Justin Bieber, French Montana, & T.I )

Mimi Missteps With Muddled Collaboration


As reported earlier this week, Mariah Carey is still trying to revive recent single ‘Infinity’ and has called on Justin Bieber, French Montana, and T.I. to help administer some much needed CPR.

No word yet on what Mimi plans to do with the track, but what is certain is that it’s now arrived via TMZ.

Titled ‘Why You Mad? (Infinity Remix)’, the revised version of the track features verses from all of the aforementioned and new vocals from Mariah too. The production has received an update via Eric Hudson as well.

Take a listen below…


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Mariah Carey Joins ‘Empire’

Diva Is Newest Name To Sign On To FOX Hit's 2nd Season


FOX hit ‘Empire’ may be beefing up to 18 episodes for its second season, but we’re beginning to wonder how it’ll accommodate the growing list of stars on its cast.

Mariah Carey is the latest name confirmed to appear on the music drama’s sophomore run.

Details below…


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Mariah Carey Receives Star On ‘Hollywood Walk of Fame’

Thousands Attend Diva's Big Day - Including Her Twins


It finally happened.

Mariah Carey was honored moments ago with the 2,556th star on the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Thousands of fans were on hand for the ceremony, which saw the likes of L.A Reid, Lee Daniels, Brett Ratner, and BET exec Stephen Hill offer rousing speeches in support of the diva.

Also present were Mimi’s adorable four year old twins Monroe and Moroccan, who posed with their glamorous mother.

Check out more from the event, including a full video of the presentation, after the jump…


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Why? Mariah Carey Teases ‘Infinity’ Remix


We love us some Mariah Carey here at That Grape Juice, but oh does she confuse us at times.

Factually speaking, the diva is enjoying success on the Las Vegas strip with her current Colosseum residency. However, the song released to promote it, ‘Infinity,’ came and went like a thief in the night – failing to steal a high spot on the Billboard Hot 100 in the process.

And yet still, the 45-year-old is attempting to resuscitate with a remix.

Taking to Instagram this AM, Mimi shared clips of herself in the studio with French Montana and DJ SUSS One cooking up a revised version of the lukewarmly received cut.

Check it out below…


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Mariah Carey Inks New Deal Ahead Of European Tour


‘Mine Again’ performer Mariah Carey has signed a brand new deal that’s set to change the the trajectory of her career this year.

Details below…


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