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Are You Buying? Maxwell’s ‘blackSUMMERS’night’

Crooner's Long-Awaited New Album Drops Today


Nearly seven years have separated fans of singer/songwriter Maxwell from new material from the Grammy winner, but that long wait drew to a close today thanks to the release of his latest project ‘blackSUMMERS’night.’

The second installment of a trilogy of albums of the same name (with different emphases), ‘SUMMERS’ has big footsteps to follow given its predecessor’s whopping 316,000 units sold first week.  And, while the new project’s lead single – ‘Lake By the Ocean’ – has made quite the splash on charts (currently buoyed at #1 on R&B charts) – there is an admitted absence of buzz around this installment compared to its platinum-selling forerunner.

Add to this a change in musical landscape (see:  shift in consumption, trap music, etc.) in conjunction with Drake‘s ongoing domination of streaming (an outlet Max’s overall SPS figure will probably benefit least from), it’s pretty clear the ‘Pretty Wings’ singer has an uphill battle before him.

But, if there’s anything his fanbase is proven, is that they’re patient and loyal…


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Maxwell Says Part 3 of ‘BlackSummersNight’ Trilogy Is Already Nearly Finished

Singer Promises Less Than 6-Year Wait For Next Album Ahead of Part 2's Release

maxwell thatgrapejuice are you buying


We may be only a day away from the highly anticipated release of Maxwell‘s newest album, ‘blackSUMMERS’night,’ but the next few hours seem like nothing after a nearly 7 year wait.

Indeed, 2009 was the last time we got a full body of work from the Grammy winning crooner who recently revealed the wait was due to having to sift through over 300 songs to narrow down ‘SUMMERS’ – the second installment in a trilogy of similarly themed albums – to its present 12-song tracklist.

With only hours separating them from part 2 of the trio of opuses, some fans have already begun anticipating its follow-up [blacksummers’NIGHT] with fear there may be another 6-7 year wait before they can get their hands on it.  However, a recent chat with our friends at ‘EW’ should ease those fears as the singer not only revealed why he took such a lengthy break, but also that part 3 is already nearly completed!

Details on what you should expect from it await below:


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New Song: Maxwell – ‘Fingers Crossed’

maxwell thatgrapejuice fingers crossed

If you’re still not sold on ‘blackSUMMERS’night,’ the July 1-due new album from Grammy winning crooner Maxwell, ‘Fingers Crossed’ just may do the trick for you.

Following the release of the album’s lead single ‘Lake By the Ocean,’ ‘Fingers’ joins ‘Gods,’ ‘1990x,’ and ‘All the Ways Love Can Feel’ as yet another taste of what Max is serving up via his first project in nearly 7 years.

“They can tell you anything to change your mind / There’s no mystery, and you’re not blind / Fingers crossed, you’ll make the choice, to make you mine,” he coos over the lush instrumentation.

Hear it in full below:


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New Song: Maxwell – ‘All the Ways Love Can Feel’

Singer Drops Lyric Video Following Rousing BET Awards Performance

maxwell new single all love thatgrapejuice

Not even 24 hours after making quite the splash at the 2016 BET Awards with a performance of his latest hit ‘Lake By the Ocean,’ another gem from Maxwell‘s newest album, ‘blackSUMMERS’night,’ has surfaced.

Titled ‘All the Ways Love Can Feel,’ the disco-doused track was unveiled via a lyric video uploaded to the singer’s official VEVO page and sees him show off his oft-praised falsetto over an R&B mid-tempo (reminiscent of the work found on his debut album, ‘Urban Hang Suite,’ which celebrated it 20th anniversary this year).

Following the ‘Night’s other critically acclaimed releases, ‘Gods’ and ‘1990x,’ tuck in below to hear ‘All the Ways Love Can Feel’ and let us know if Max is on his way to another hit:

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New Song: Maxwell – ‘Gods’

maxwell thatgrapejuice new song Gods

As if your summer isn’t already hot enough, Maxwell is ready to bring even more when he drops his long-awaited ‘blackSUMMERSnight’ album (his first in 6 years).

Coming as the second part of the album trilogy, the album – kicked off by the critically acclaimed ‘Lake By the Ocean’ – is already winning over fans via its impressive preorder stats.  Now, to shift those sales upward, the Grammy winner crooner drops a new song ‘Gods.’

Giving his listeners yet another reason to catch him live as he continues his ‘SUMMERS’ tour , tuck in below for your first listen:


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Maxwell Compares Beyonce To Michael Jackson: ‘Her Work Ethic Is Unmatched’

maxwell prince michael jackson thatgrapejuice beyonce

Fans of crooner Maxwell are undoubtedly marking the days off their calendar as we get closer to the release of ‘blackSUMMERSnight’ – his first album in 6 years.

Kicked off by the #1 AC hit ‘Lake By the Ocean,’ Max is making quite the splash on the promo scene as he gears up for its parent album’s release and a headlining gig at this year’s ‘Essence Festival.’

Recently taking to our friends at 106KMEL, the Grammy winning crooner gave fans a lengthy dish on his new album as well as some insight on his forthcoming tribute to idol Prince at this year’s BET Awards.  When quizzed on his thoughts on Beyonce, however, M gave quite the interesting response when he raved on his love for her – even asserting her work ethic is on an ‘MJ type level. ‘

Hear all of this and more below:


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Behind The Scenes: Maxwell – ‘Lake By The Ocean’


All roads lead to July 1st for soulful singer Maxwell.

The Columbia Records crooner will unleash new album ‘black SUMMERS’ night’ on said date after a seven year hiatus from the charts.

Buzz is booming too.

Lead single ‘Lake By The Ocean’ has created all the right raves at Urban A/C radio. New number ‘1990x’ has also been received well.

Now, ahead of this Sunday’s performance at the BET Awards, the star has invited the masses behind the scenes of the ‘Lake’ video [which was directed by Philip Andelman].

Check it out below…


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