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Former Pussycat Dolls Member Teases Reunion

 Former Pussycat Dolls Member Teases Reunion

For all of four years, the Pussycat Dolls dominated the Pop music landscape. Yet, with alarming swiftness, the ladies went their separate aways in 2010 amidst rumors of in-fighting and favouritism.

Fast forward to today, and like most disbanded groups, each member has gone on to experience varying levels of success in their solo ventures – the most notable being lead singer Nicole Scherzinger.

However, with the X Factor UK judge still trying to find her footing as a solo artist, it’s surprising (or perhaps not) that talk of a PCD reunion has surfaced – courtesy of former member Carmit Bachar (not pictured above).

During a recent interview with Maximo TV, the fiery redhead – who left the group prior to the release of sophomore album ‘Doll Domination’ – revealed that discussions are underway for a number of reunion themed projects.

Flip the hood to hear what she had to say…


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Nicole Scherzinger: “I Sang 95% Of Pussycat Doll Songs”

nicole scherzinger pussycat dolls e1349435210727 Nicole Scherzinger: I Sang 95% Of Pussycat Doll Songs

In a week where tea is pouring faster than Rihanna releases albums, Nicole Scherzinger is next up next.

The former Pussycat Doll is set to feature on the next episode of VH1′s  series ‘Behind The Music’, and in deviating from her usual brand of “PC” Scherzinger is laying it all out on the table. Most notably, her frankness on her time in the Platinum selling group.

Indeed, many would have paid to be a fly on the wall during PCD’s tenure; one which saw six people performing, yet only one  (Scherzinger) singing. It’s a setup which dismayed many who saw ample potential in fellow member Melody Thornton.

Now, after a lengthy silence, the X Factor UK judge is breaking her silence. Peep a preview of ‘Behind The Music: Nicole Scherzinger’ below…


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New Video: Melody Thornton – ‘Bulletproof’

Melody New Video: Melody Thornton   Bulletproof

Say hey to ‘Bulletproof‘, the latest piece by Melody Thornton.

Covering the song originally recorded by La Roux, today saw Thornton release her video for the jam alongside fellow belter Bobby Newberry, in aid of her debut mix tape ‘POYBL‘.

Peep the video by way of our friends at Rap Up below…


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Melody Thornton Performs ‘Sweet Vendetta’ On The Splash

Melody Thornton took front, stage, centre on That Grape Juice’s The Splash recently, where she performed a rousing set in support of her debut mixtape ‘P.O.Y.B.L’.

Check out the former Pussycat Doll get her solo on in this exclusive performance of ‘Sweet Vendetta’. And…

Click here to watch the full set!

Your thoughts?


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New Video: Melody Thornton- ‘Someone To Believe’

Melody New Video: Melody Thornton  Someone To Believe

Get intimate with ‘Someone To Believe‘, the latest visual piece by Melody Thornton.

Pulled from her new mix tape ‘POYBL’, the video takes a trip down memory lane revisiting the star’s most poignant moments, from her days as a budding song bird to her days as a Pussycat Doll.

Watch below…


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Must See: Melody Thornton Bares Breasts All At ‘Elle’ Gala

{Image Removed As Requested}

After a successful stint in the Pussycat Dolls, Melody Thornton is striking out solo.

It’s a path, it seems, has the talented singer keen to make a lasting impression.

Case, point, her choice of ensemble at the 3rd Annual ELLE Women in Music gala in Los Angeles last night.

Sporting a see-through, flesh-coloured dress (which bared her breasts), Thornton turned many a head.

Peep more pics below…



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New Video: Melody Thornton – ‘Smoking Gun’

melody thornton smoking gun New Video: Melody Thornton   Smoking Gun

Melody Thornton continues along the promo trail for her critically acclaimed mixtape, P.O.Y.B.L, today serving up the video for the haunting ‘Smoking Gun’.

Check out  the former Pussycat Dolls singer in action after the jump…


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Must See: Melody Thornton Rocks ‘The Splash’!

melody thornton 67 Must See: Melody Thornton Rocks The Splash!

Vocal powerhouse blew the roof off  That Grape Juice’s The Splash! Check out her show-stopping set!

Click here to watch Melody Thornton’s Splash session!


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