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Mya Beams Bold For ‘BE Magazine’

mya be magazine 2014 thatgrapejuice Mya Beams Bold For BE Magazine

Cop a gander of Mya!

The R&B maven strikes the fiercest of poses front of BE Magazine‘s March/April 2014.

Currently hard at work work on new material, That Grape Juice caught up with the singer recently who dished about her hiatus and comeback.

Speaking on whether she’d sign with a major label again, the Grammy winner told us:

“It’s always important that I create music independently first, so that it represents who I really am. With many forces involved that don’t quite know who you are as an artist it can get a little tricky and interference can possibly affect the integrity or quality of the project. But at the end of the day, I’d love to be married to the right partnership whether that’s a label, whether that’s a brand, whether that’s an investor.”

We’re amped for Ms. Mya’s return…are you?

Your thoughts?

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Exclusive: Mya Dishes On Global Comeback

mya thatgrapejuice Exclusive: Mya Dishes On Global Comeback

16 years after she first stormed the charts with her self-titled debut, R&B maestra Mya returned to the spotlight this month with a brand new EP cut and crafted for the lovers.

Aptly christened ‘With Love’, the singer bills the set (which she has deemed a prelude to her global chart return) as a treat for the army of loyal fans who have stuck with her over the years.

Ever eager to ask the questions you really want answers to, That Grape Juice caught up with the ‘My Love Is Like…’ belter for a candid chat.

Having experienced the bright and dark sides of the “industry”, the 34-year-old was both equipped and ready to offer fascinating insight into the past, present, and future of her layered career.

Check out our exclusive interview with Mya below…

Interviewer: Sam

Transcribed by: Josh Wexler


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TGJ Replay: Mya’s ‘Moodring’

d6954ec475a10248ef871a010690822d TGJ Replay:  Myas Moodring

Much like our ‘Retro Rewind’ and ‘From the Vault’ segments, readers of That Grape Juice know what avid music lovers we are – especially of hits past.  So in a quest to re-spin the gems and jams of yesterday we introduced a new retrospective segment – ‘TGJ Replay’.

Unlike its ‘Rewind’ and ‘Vault’ predecessors, ‘Replay’ looks to dust off and showcase albums (and eras) from a library of pop music hits.  Up next?  R&B triple threat Mya‘s critically acclaimed tertiary album ‘Moodring’

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New Video: Mya – ‘Mr. Incredible’

45755291e4a6ae5f798054b4d88a7da3 New Video: Mya   Mr. Incredible

Mya turns up the heat for her new video, ‘Mr.Incredible‘, pulled from her latest album, ‘K.I.S.S‘.

A little disappointing as far as creativity goes, the video will undoubtedly come as a winner for the singer’s male audience, for reasons that will explain themselves once you watch it.

We can’t say we love it, but check it out below and let us know what you think….


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New Video: Mya – ‘Take Him Out (ft. Spice)’

6135f04bb7a2723585590b68eb06bd48 New Video: Mya   Take Him Out (ft. Spice)

‘Movin’ On’ maestra Mya is looking to make moves back onto U.S. charts with her latest, island-tinged venture ‘Take Him Out’.

Lifted from her year-old effort K.I.S.S, the track and its parent album have made waves on Australian and Japanese shores, but is this visual what Miss Mya needs to make a splash on this side of the pond?

Featuring the rap vocals of dancehall diva Spice, take a peek below at Rassa-directed clip to see what the ‘Case of the Ex’ belle has been cooking up:


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New Video: Mya – ‘Take Him Out (Ft Spice)’

MYA SHE IS DIVA New Video: Mya   Take Him Out (Ft Spice)


Released last year, the above album by Pop Princess Mya remains relatively unheard of by entertainment spectators, despite its surprisingly impressive delivery.

Now get into the video for her latest single ‘Take Him Out’, featuring Caribbean MC Spice, waiting for your very first look below…


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Mya Shines On ‘SunRise’

45755291e4a6ae5f798054b4d88a7da3 Mya Shines On SunRise
R&B singer shows off her ‘Ex’ Factor

 ‘My Love Is Like Whoa’ maestra Mya moved Australian audiences when she took to ‘Sunrise’ to deliver a medley of hits. Featuring her hit smash ‘Case of the Ex’, ‘Lady Marmalade’, and more, the R&B diva hit Australian shores in support of her most recent effort ‘K.I.S.S.‘.

And as ever, if anyone questioned if Miss Harrison still has “it”, she serves in abundance. See what we mean below:


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Mya To Launch Ghanaian Clothing Line

Mya Mya To Launch Ghanaian Clothing Line

After conquering many a chart at the turn of the millennium, Mya‘s career has-in more ways than one- struggled to live up to expectations, on a critical and commercial front.

However, in a bid to push her brand outside of music, she has reportedly  inked a deal with a West African fashion house to design for the 2013 Spring/Summer campaign, one year after the release of her LP ‘K.I.S.S’.

Details below…


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