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Nicki Minaj’s Mother Unwraps Gospel Single… ‘God’s Been Good’

nicki minaj she is diva that grape juice she is diva 3 Nicki Minajs Mother Unwraps Gospel Single... Gods Been Good

As Nicki Minaj continues to craft her third LP ‘The Pink Print’, her mother Carol Maraj whips up a release of her very own this year, doing so in Gospel’s ever welcome lane.

Named ‘God’s Been Good‘, Maraj’s launch single was teased on her official ‘SoundCloud‘ page yesterday evening, when a 32 second snippet was unleashed to tease the mid-tempo effort.

Press play for your first listen below!


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Watch: The Business…On Nicki Minaj’s Comeback

With Nicki Minaj latest effort ‘Lookin’ Ass N*gga’ now available to purchase on iTunes, there’s no doubt the anticipation for femcee third studio album has never been hotter. A fact no doubt ignited by the headline-grabbing jam.

Now, That Grape Juice‘s very own Patrick weighs in on the Hip-Hop release in the latest instalment of ‘The Business’, assessing whether Onika is onto a hit or miss.

As ever, be sure to watch and sound off below…

Your thoughts?

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The Spill: Shanell, Romeo Santos & Nicki Minaj, Ledisi, Estelle, Raheem Devaughn

Ledisi 06132011 The Spill:  Shanell, Romeo Santos & Nicki Minaj, Ledisi, Estelle, Raheem Devaughn

Ever keen on keeping the masses abreast of fresh and/or often underrated talent, That Grape Juice presents ‘The Spill’ – a renewed look at not-so-new, yet active, acts.

Much like its ‘Freshly Squeezed’ sister segment, this revived assay aims to put the magnifying glass on talents who may not appeal to the buying public on a broad scale yet are still serving material that could easily spin side-by-side with some of today’s top hits.

Covering a kaleidoscope of genres, ‘The Spill’ is set to feature some names you probably know and love as well as some you’ll (soon) be glad to know.  Click below to find out the spill on Shanell, Romeo Santos & Nicki Minaj, Ledisi, Estelle, and Raheem Devaughn



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‘Lookin’ A**’: Nicki Minaj Welcomes 17.6 Million New ‘VEVO’ Streams / Outperforms Mariah Carey’s ‘You’re Mine’

nicki minaj she is diva that grape juice teen vogue Lookin A**: Nicki Minaj Welcomes 17.6 Million New VEVO Streams / Outperforms Mariah Careys Youre Mine


Has Hip-Hop found a new smash hit in Nicki Minaj‘s ‘Lookin Ass‘?

Let her naysayers tell it, the answer to that question is no. Alas, they’d soon find their voices blotted out by the 17.6 million streams the cut garnered on VEVO in the last week, going on to outperform Mariah Carey‘s latest release ‘You’re Mine’…launched on the very same day!


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New Song: Lil Kim – ‘Haterz’

Screen Shot 2014 02 18 at 19.59.27 New Song: Lil Kim   Haterz

Consider yourself a fan of Lil Kim, but detest Rap Queen Nicki Minaj?

You do? Well, today might be the day for you to reconsider your stance on the ‘Bought the Bar‘Barb‘, seeing as Kim seems to have developed quite the admiration for the star’s signature flow.

Confused? Join the club. For, in a brand new number named ‘Haterz‘, the Queen Bee takes a leaf (or two) from Minaj, and delivers a verse that goes a long way to expose the latter’s ironic influence on her Hip Hop sister.

Ready to give it a spin?

Press play for the Nicki- inspired release below!


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Nicki Minaj Talks Roman Zolanski’s ‘Death’, New Album And ‘New’ Management?

nicki minaj she is diva that grape juice 2012 1 Nicki Minaj Talks Roman Zolanskis Death, New Album And New Management?

Has Nicki Minaj cut ties with manager Manny Halley?

Well, if a remark shared by the ‘I Ain’t Thru’ contributor during a recent interview with DJ Drama is anything to go by, she has.

For, during the pair’s 40 minute long conversation, the entertainer surprised any familiar with her management team when she referred to Hip Hop Since 1978‘s Gee Roberson as her manager.

This, set to cause quite the confusion for her fans, who have long known Halley to have held the coveted title, managing both she and ‘Woman to Woman‘ belle Keyshia Cole.

Hit the twenty minute mark below…


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New Song: Trey Songz – ‘Lookin’ A** N****s (Nicki Minaj Response)’

trey 123 New Song: Trey Songz   Lookin A** N****s (Nicki Minaj Response)

Trey Songz is barking back!

Indeed, while Nicki Minaj‘s budding hit ‘Lookin’ Ass’ only took aim at the ‘less fortunate’ members of the male race, it seems many have taken the cut as a slight to all men.

One of these, being ‘Trigga’ purveyor Trey Songz.

So, perhaps in a bid to boost his ‘male market share’, the performer has taken it upon himself to represent any who may have offended by Minaj’s lyrics and launched a response at the star.

The end result? ‘Look At Y’all.’

Listen below…


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Nicki Minaj On New Album: “You’ll Never Know When It’s Coming…Until It Comes”

nicki minaj 2014 tgj Nicki Minaj On New Album: Youll Never Know When Its Coming...Until It Comes

Nicki Minaj sent the net into a frantic frenzy last night when she dropped new song and video ‘Lookin Ass N*gga’ like an atomic bomb.

With both the track and its accompanying cover causing controversy in earnest, the Young Money maven phoned in to The Angie Martinez Show on HOT 97 to discuss her return to the scene.

Honing in on the fever-pitch anticipation for Minaj’s new album ‘The Pink Print’, Martinez also quizzed the rapper on when fans can expect to hear the project.

Check out the femcee’s stealth-friendly answer below…


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