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The Best You Never Heard: Kelly Rowland, Jazmine Sullivan, Olivia, & Kelis

best u never 10 The Best You Never Heard: Kelly Rowland, Jazmine Sullivan, Olivia, & Kelis

This week’s  Best You Never Heard features little known gems by Kelly Rowland, Jazmine Sullivan, Oliva and Kelis.


Kelly Rowland – ‘The Show (ft. Tank)’

As many will recall, Kelly Rowland’s 2007 effort ‘Ms. Kelly’ was marred by shocking management, bad single choices, and poor promotion. Still, the Gold certified LP delivered many a gem – including the Tank-assisted ‘The Show’.

Perhaps the raciest of Rowland’s oft underrated efforts, ‘The Show’ features the Destiny’s Child star and the R&B crooner trading verses about the much treaded on ‘deed’. However, unlike countless other sensual cuts, the song employs clever metaphors and similes in staging the ‘act’ – instilling an aura of ‘tact’ and ‘class’ in an otherwise risqué subject matter. Vocally, Tank’s butter-smooth baritone and Rowland’s soprano are a matched made in R&B heaven. {SAM}



Jazmine Sullivan – ‘Excuse Me’

In a time when R&B has been sidelined by consumers in favour of generic Pop hits, Jazmine Sullivan continues to satisfy the supporters of true artistry. ‘Excuse Me’ was included on the singer/songwriter’s critically acclaimed ‘Love Me Back’ LP, and serves as one of the record’s most compelling tracks.

Co-written and produced by Missy Elliott and Cainon Lamb, the song not only displays Sullivan’s technical skill but her ability to interpret the meaning of the lyrics, creating a truly believable performance.

‘Excuse Me’ demonstrates the exact reason why Sullivan’s talent is desperately needed in today’s music industry. Most acts are unable to carry a tune without the assistance of heavy production and auto-tune; hence a vocalist of her stature deserves our appreciation. {TRENT}



Olivia – ‘Cherry Pop’

A victim of constant push-backs and label-politics, R&B songstress Olivia’s career has been quite the non-starter. Formerly a member of G-Unit, the singer’s sophomore effort ‘Behind Closed Doors’ (2005) indeed never saw the light of day. However morsels of material from the LP have since found their way onto the internet; with one of the most solid being the Missy Elliott produced ‘Cherry Pop’.

Boasting much in the way of Retro appeal, Elliott’s production on the racy cut gives a contemporary nod to 70’s Funk; with Oliva’s Old Skool vocal rasp further lacing it with both modern and Throwback sensibilities. Great track! {SAM}



Kelis – ’22nd Century’

Regardless of its poor commercial performance, Kelis’ ‘Flesh Tone’ included a collection of brilliant Dance recordings. Of course, the standout song of the 9-track lineup was definitely ‘22nd Century’.

Laced with incredible the production provided by Boys Noize, the record truly has a unqiue futuristic appeal, allowing the distinct tone of Kelis’ voice to shine.

‘Flesh Tone’ is undoubtedly one of the most underrated albums released in the last year. However, judging by the current trend in music which is leaning toward more Dance-oriented material, Kelis may have simply been one step ahead of her peers – in the 22ndcentury to be precise.{TRENT}



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New Song: Olivia ‘Cherry Pop’

9e48dafb4a756aac08dc4d9fc4286779 New Song: Olivia Cherry PopFollowing her departure from the G-Unit, Olivia is slated to release her serially delayed album ‘Behind Closed Doors’ independently. This new Missy-Elliott produced track, ‘Cherry Pop’, is reportedly the first single from the set. I found myself liking this one upon first listen; it has an old-skool funk vibe to it. Missy did her thing on the production side of things and Olivia rides the beat nicely. I’m starting to think it was 50’s loss letting Oliva go, because her post-G-Unit material sounds great.

Hit or Miss?
{Link Removed As Requested}
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New Songs: R. Kelly, Chris Brown & Olivia

60c0412c7c3e0faac4a7c3d41ac7f074 New Songs: R. Kelly, Chris Brown & Olivia

R. Kelly – Same Girl (ft. Usher)
This track is apparently taken from R. Kelly’s upcoming ‘Double Up’ album (due May 29th). ‘Same Girl’ – which features Usher- is a great mid-tempo track, with an engaging storyline (kinda like a male version of ‘The Boy Is Mine’). The song has reignited my interest in the new album.


LISTEN: Same Girl (ft. Usher) {UPADTED LINK}


Chris Brown – Wall to Wall

The Swizz Beats-produced ‘Wall to Wall’ is slated to be the first single from Chris Brown’s 2nd album ‘Exclusive’. It’s a decent club track but at the same time its kinda generic- any other standard R&B artist could have dropped this one. I’m sure it’ll be a hit for him, though.


Olivia – Missing You
After her departure from G-Unit, I didn’t think we’d be hearing much from Olivia any time soon. However she has, apparently, started her own label and is heading into the studio with Darkchild, Ne-Yo and Missy Elliott. This new track ‘Missing You’ has a very different vibe to anything I’ve heard from Olivia before and I’m liking it alot. The track has a real ‘grown R&B’ feel to it and her voice is well-suited to this kind of music.


LISTEN: Missing You
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50 Cent Confirms Oliva’s Split From G Unit

oliviaand50jpg 50 Cent Confirms Olivas Split From G Unit Some of you may have already heard the rumours about Olivia being kicked out of the G Unit; and supposedly suing them for sexual harassment. Well, 50 Cent has shed some light on the situation. During an interview this week on New York radio station, Hot 97, 50 confirmed that Olivia is no longer with G Unit. The G Unit leader rubbished rumours of sexual harassment and stated that her departure was due to ‘creative differences’ over her never released album (yeah right).
I’m waiting to hear Olivia’s side of the story because everything about 50 Cent/G Unit is BOGUS. Ain’t but one of them had any success…that one being 50 Cent himself. It’s kinda bad for her; one flop album (pre-G Unit) and now this. Though she was pretty much the standard R&B chick, I wanted to see what they were gonna do with her. Looks like it’s over for her.
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