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Bow Wow Celebrates Omarion’s Break-Up With Baby Mama


In today’s social media age, Instagram has become the new text message for some folk.

Case in point Bow Wow.

The rapper took to his page to offer a very public hi-5 to longtime partner…in rhyme Omarion.

This morning, B2K‘s former nucleus announced his split from Apryl – the mother of his two young children.

Find out what his ‘Girlfriend’ collaborator Bow had to say below…


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Weigh In: 2016 Grammy Nominations’ Snubs & Surprises

grammy snub janet jackson 2016 thatgrapejuice

It’s that time of year again!

Indeed, the air is still buzzing as yesterday brought with it the highly anticipated 2016 Grammy nominations unveiled, per usual, via an announcement special weeks before the actual showing.  But, what also comes with the ‘per usual’ announcement are the jaw-dropping surprises, snubs, and all out “shut-outs” that accompany the annual spectacle.

Always a heated debate-starter, the coveted tally saw the likes of Janet Jackson, Jill Scott, Rihanna, Madonna, and more all go without mention.

For Bieber, whose manager made headlines for his rant regarding his 2013 Grammy shutout, his long-awaited nod came this year as, otherwise, it would’ve been a fourth-go-round despite consistently clocking some of the year’s biggest hits.  Like the ‘What Do You Mean’ maestro, Scott has been very vocal about shut-outs in the past.  And, while Omarion‘s rant is the main protest making headlines, we’re sure many more are to come.

In the meantime, tuck in below for our list of other surprises and snubs:


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Omarion Rants About Grammy Snub

Singer Calls Song "One Of The Greatest R&B Collaborations Ever"


Each year the Grammy nominations generate ample debate.

This year’s tally is no different. And while we’ll be weighing up the surprises, snubs, and all else in between shortly, Omarion is wasting no time venting about his omission.

Full story below…


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Omarion Spills On Gay ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ Cast-Mate / Says Homosexuality Is “Popular Right Now”


Oh Omarion.

The R&B singer has been on the receiving end of a social media lashing today.

Why, you may wonder?

Well, his comments about fellow ‘Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood’ cast-mate Milan weren’t perhaps as politically correct as intended.

Full story below…


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Watch: Chris Brown Performs ‘Post To Be’ Live At ‘Vestival’


The ‘Vestival’ event was graced by Chris Brown‘s presence hours ago, treating its attendees to a performance of the hit song ‘Post To Be.’

Brown was joined by the jam’s lead act Omarion who rocked the event’s stage as he continues to shoot scenes for the forthcoming season of VH1’s ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.’

How they fared?

Watch below…


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Chart Check: Wiz Khalifa Continues Control of Hot 100 As Rihanna Notches New Top 20

rihanna-wiz khalifa-thatgrapejuice

2014 proved that girls really did run the world as the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 consistently listed more female tenants than their male counterparts for most of the year.  2015 is looking to show otherwise with this week bringing the first time since June 2013 that no female singer was listed in the Billboard’s Hot 100 top 5.

After an impressive 14 week tenure at the #1 spot, last week shared news that Bruno Mars’ monster hit ‘Uptown Funk’ moved downtown to #2 – dethroned by Wiz Khalifa‘s newest hit ‘See You Again.’  A fitting title as this week’s refreshing of the tally sees him again holding tight to the #1 spot, a career highlight unknown to the rapper since his monster 2010 hit ‘Black and Yellow.’

Leading an all-male top 5, Khalifa may not want to get too comfortable in his #1 position as recent gains from the likes of The Weeknd, Jason Derulo, and Rihanna may prove themselves viable threats.


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Drama: Raz B Blasts Omarion & Chris Stokes

Raz B is once again breaking his silence.

The former B2K member has become increasingly vocal in recent years about the alleged abuse he and the other members of the Platinum outfit received at the hands of ex manager Chris Stokes.

Today saw the trajectory continue. For, even as at writing, the singer – who now resides in China – is popping all the way off on Stokes and his former bandmate.

The catalyst for this latest episode? Who knows. What is certain is that his words await after the jump…


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