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Omarion’s ‘Ollusion': Will You Be Buying?

Omarion   Ollusion 780080 Omarions Ollusion: Will You Be Buying?

Today sees the release of Omarion‘s third studio album ‘Ollusion’. The record is preceded by singles ‘I Get It In’, ‘Hoodie’ and his new hit ‘Speedin’ (I know some of you are rolling your eyes at the juxtoposition of Omarion and ‘hit’ lol, but the song is very deserving IMO). In any case, the former B2k singer is releasing the LP on his own imprint StarWorld Entertainment, which has distribution via EMI Records

That Grape Juice wants to know….

Will you be buying Omarion’s ‘Ollusion’?

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New Video: Omarion – ‘Speedin’

With Omarion‘s new LP ‘Ollusion’ set to hit stores tomorrow, it’s perhaps no surprise that the former B2K star picked today to debut the video for his latest single ‘Speedin’. Though rather glossy the clip is pretty much standard-fare. However, the song is good enough to warrant much chart success IMO – and certainly the most deserving of his recent material. Whether or not it does in actuality perform well will be interesting to see.

What do you think of the song / video?

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New Song: Omarion – ‘Sweet Hangover’

omarion New Song: Omarion   Sweet Hangover

New material from Omarion surfaced today. The heavily auto-tuned track, entitled ‘Sweet Hangover’, was produced by, you guessed it, T-Pain. Omarion’s ‘Ollusion’ LP hits stores on January 12th.

With the melody in the chorus and the cliche that has become the use of auto-tune, this song sounds remarkably similar to T-Pain’s ‘Buy You A Drink’. Though it is quite catchy and radio-friendly, I must admit that I am disappointed that Omarion did not provide the “fresh” sound that he promised with this album. Having listened to the entire LP, this track actually serves as one of its best songs. As an artist who is yet to establish himself as a major sales force on the charts, with the exception of ‘Ice Box’, it seems that Omarion has once again dropped the ball.

Hit or Miss?

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New Song: Omarion – ‘Speedin”

omarion1 New Song: Omarion   Speedin

As Omarion gears up for the release of 3rd studio album, ‘Ollusion’ (due January 12th),  the record’s next official single ‘Speedin” premiered. Unsurprisingly, with Omari resting the annoying talk-singing  of his last few singles on the bench, ‘Speedin” easily serves as his best single in a LONG while. The mid-tempo ballad, which was produced by 253, sees the 25 year old turn in an emotionally-charged and mature sounding vocal, which really compliment the song’s lyrics (the notion of racing to the side of the one you love). A great track and an even better single choice.

After having had a few choice words about Omari’s recent material, the former B2K star undeniably has a winner on his hands with this one. Here’s hoping it’s chart performance reflects its quality.

Hit or Miss?

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Entertainers Perform On ‘106 & Party New Year’s Eve Show’

Last evening, BET aired it’s annual ‘106 & Party New Year’s Eve Show’. The event rang in the 2010 with an extensive list of some of the brightest young stars in Hip-Hop and R&B. Peep the performances below and after the jump:

{Content Removed As Requested}

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Preview: Omarion’s ‘Ollusion’

omarion ollusion Preview: Omarions Ollusion

You can now preview Omarion‘s brand new LP ‘Ollusion’ over at Amazon. We’ll reserve judgement until hearing the record in its entirety.

Click here to preview ‘Ollusion’

Hit(s) or Miss(es)?

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New Video: Omarion – ‘Hoodie’

The video for Omarion’s latest single ‘Hoodie’ premièred a few moments ago. Said to be dedicated to the King of Pop Michael Jackson, the clip isn’t bad at all. We oft have much to say about Omarion, but there’s no denying he’s a ridiculously talented dancer – a fact really driven home even more so in this video. Also worth a mention is how much I’m liking the overall visual of the video; the gritty, cinematic-like feel he evidently was going for, really works.

That said, I can’t say the song or the way Omarion’s been ‘singing’ as of late (talk-rapping with an awkward vocoder effect) really move me in anyway. It’s as if there’s this wealth of potential with Omari, yet he never quite gets it right.

In any case, his new LP ‘Ollusion’ hits stores January 12th 2010.

What do you think of the song/video?

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