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R. Kelly Readies New EDM-Based Album

Album Would Mark 5th Release For R&B Singer In Less Than 2 Years

He may have worked nearly 30 years to earn his rightful title as “The King of R&B,” but now it seems R. Kelly – much like R&B successors Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, and Usher – is looking to extend his reign into other musical territories.  After confirming that he would be releasing 3 albums in 2014 (click here if you missed that), Kelly has now announced that he’s hard at work on a new project…a House album.

Taking to ‘Chicago’s Chosen Few DJ’s picnic recently, the ‘Step in the Name of Love’ singer dropped the news that you’ll be stepping to a different beat of his…and soon.


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R.Kelly On Daughter’s Gender Reassignment: “Don’t Say My Daughter Is Becoming My Son”


“Don’t say my daughter is becoming my son.”

R&B icon R.Kelly had that to say to Chicago‘s WCGI-FM recently, doing so when asked to address his daughter’s announcement that she was to go under the knife to become the boy she revealed she was born to be.

Why the Grammy-winning legend is now under fresh fire?

Find out below…


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Controversial: Aaliyah Biopic To Explore Singer’s “Relationship” With “Predatory” R.Kelly


After announcing that they were to tell the story of R&B singer Aaliyah through a biopic, ‘Lifetime’ have announced that the movie will take the bold step to explore the singer’s “relationship” with mentor R.Kelly.

Responsible for penning her interestingly titled ‘Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number’, Kelly’s recent duet with Pop star Lady GaGa saw him face fresh criticism over his dealings with the then teenager, labelled a predator for his alleged targeting and subsequent sexual abuse of African-American teenage girls.

Full story below…


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R. Kelly Readies Three New Albums For 2014 Release

R&B Royal Set To Unveil ‘Greatest Hits’, ‘Black Panties’ Follow-Up, & More Before Year’s End

The year may nearly be half over, but it looks like R&B vet R. Kelly is just getting started.

Still very much in promo mode for his acclaimed 12th studio album ‘Black Panties’ (2013) via a Tamar Braxton-assisted North American tour, Kellz is still putting in studio work to ensure his 2014 is as fruitful as ever.  Now unveiling news of a greatest hits album filled with over 20 years of hits and exclusive remixes, the project will lead the ‘Half On A Baby’ hitmaker into the latter half of 2014 where he is set to release two more albums.

If you are in need of an R. Kelly fix, we’re certain the remainder of the year will have you on the verge of overdose.

See it all below:


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Joe Slams R.Kelly: “He Tried To Sabotage My Career”


Did ‘Jealous Ones Still Envy‘ singer R.Kelly attempt to sabotage Joe‘s career?

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is…yes, if a recent interview given by the latter is anything to go by.

For, in going a long way to shed light on the hit maker’s supposedly unscrupulous personality, the ‘Table for Two‘ talent has claimed that Kelly made numerous attempts to have him shoved out of the R&B game…all to no avail.

Why he failed?

Watch below…


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R.Kelly Readies Mary J.Blige Duets Project And ‘White Panties’ LP


December 10th 2013 may have marked the release for R.Kelly‘s new LP ‘Black Panties’, but that hasn’t stopped the R&B tsar from announcing the release of two new albums this week!

Want details?

We’ve got you covered below…


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Cover Star: L.E.D. & G. Curtis Cover Lady Gaga’s ‘Do What U Want’

This week’s That Grape Juice Cover Star is L.E.D. and partner in crime G. Curtis, Jr. Watch as the Youtube duo do a cover of Lady Gaga‘s ‘Do What U Want’:

Excuse us while we regain our composure.

This, my friends, is how you do a cover.  What separates covers from karaoke is the singer’s ability to inject his or her personality into the tune without taking away from the original.  Unquestionably, such feat was accomplished by L.E.D. & co.

With jazzy vocals reminiscent of British beauty Duffy, this leading songstress is one we will definitely have our eye on in the future.

For more on L.E.D., visit her Youtube Page.


Want to be featured on That Grape Juice’s ‘Cover Star’? Drop an email to [email protected].


Your thoughts?

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