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Rihanna Opens Up On Racism Within The Entertainment Industry


Following Azealia Banks‘ headline-making remarks on the matter it seems racism is no longer a no-go area for today’s Pop star.

Once considered a taboo topic for record labels hoping to keep their artists as PC as possible the subject is now one many artists are now expected to address as stories of police brutality against minorities continues to dominate the news cycle.

Now, ‘Man Down‘ chanteuse Rihanna is baring all on her race-related experiences within the supposedly post-racial entertainment industry.

What she said will surprise many.

Find out why below…


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Rihanna Covers NYT Style Magazine / Named One Of “The Greats”


With new album ‘ANTI’ finally announced, the Rihanna promo machine has cranked into overdrive. And it seems the reaching has too.

The New York Times Style Magazine is the model’s latest cover and brings with it an interesting assertion.

The publication christens the 27-year old as one of “the greats.”

Of course the term is open to interpretation, but we’re left wondering what exactly she is great at? Certainly not singing. Or dancing. Or much else.

But, ay, confusion pretty much defines Rihanna’s career, so there’s nothing new there.

Peep more pics below…


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All You Need To Know About Rihanna’s ‘ANTI’ Album Cover

Artist Behind Cover Bares All On Singer's Latest Creation


Rihanna‘s new album is finally on the way!

Fortunately, fans will not have to wait until its release date to learn the story behind its headline-making album cover.

Find out what its creator had to say about the artwork below…


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Confirmed: Beyonce & Rihanna Team Up For Legal Showdown

Singers Join Forces To Take Down 'ElevenParis'


First they teamed up to support Jay Z‘s ‘TIDAL’ streaming venture.

Now, the supposed sworn enemies Beyonce & Rihanna have reunited once more.

What for?

Details below..


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Backlash: Rihanna Slammed For “Borrowing” Album Cover Concept

Drama Already Brewing Amidst 'Anti' Announcement


Early this morning Rihanna revealed the title and cover of her long-awaited new album, ‘Anti.’

Yet, in the absence of more details, many were left wondering what exactly the model meant by the name.

Well, if the latest critique levelled her way has any validity, she may as well have titled the the set “anti…originality.”

See what we mean below…


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Rihanna Announces New Album Name / Reveals Cover


It’s finally time!

After a delay of over two  years, Rihanna has officially announced her long-awaited new album.

Details below…


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Jay Z Remarks On Rihanna’s Album Delay & Label Move

Roc Nation Mogul Speaks Up On Longtime Protégé


Jay Z is in quite the position.

On the one hand, he’s married to one of the industry’s most prolific stars, while on the other he’s helped create the career of her rival.

Of course, the latter refers to Rihanna – whose success (or current lack-thereof) has been the subject of much debate this year.

The campaign for her eighth studio album has been muddied and marred by under-performing singles and endless delays.

Still, in attempting to help his prized project keep up appearances, the Roc Nation mogul has offered his insight to the latest goings on in her career.

Speaking in the starlet’s latest Vanity Fair feature, Jigga muses on the her new record label, Westbury Road (which Roc will distribute), as well as Rih’s recent acquisition of her past and future master recordings. He also offers his stance on the incessant push-backs of ‘R8.’

His words below…


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