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Hot Shots: More From Rihanna’s ‘Elle’ Magazine Spread

rihanna elle magazine that grape juice 111 Hot Shots: More From Rihannas Elle Magazine Spread

The seasoned chart topper that is Rihanna can be found in ‘Elle’ magazine next month, striking many a pose for the publication’s December 2014 edition!

Why? Her new album of course, set to feature pieces penned by the writers behind her earlier hits, Ester Dean being one of them.

Will her latest shoot be enough to whip up excitement for the release?

See for yourself below…


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Rihanna Covers Elle’s December Issue Ahead Of New Album

rihanna elle thatgrapejuice 600x815 Rihanna Covers Elles December Issue Ahead Of New Album

And it begins.

If there was any doubt about the imminent release of Rihanna‘s eighth studio album, it was dispelled moments ago when the star’s new Elle magazine cover was unveiled.

As has become routine with the melodic model, a new campaign is often paired with an onslaught of magazine covers, a collage of candy coloured wigs, and wild Instagram antics – the latter of which has already begun.

The looming nature of the project, delayed by almost a year, does leave us wondering how Ms. Fenty plans to roll it out. Surely, she can’t be planning a Beyonce-styled ambush? Granted, she has a vast fan-base and is smartly using her creative block to heighten anticipation, she doesn’t possess a universal enough audience to risk such a release. Perhaps for a single, but an album…not so much. After all, each of her LP’s have the uncanny ability to just stop selling around the 1 million mark.

Will she reverse her fortunes this go round? The answer appears to be approaching sooner rather than later.

Your thoughts?

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Rihanna To Perform New Single On X Factor UK?

rihanna that grape juice 2014 vogue brazil 600x562 Rihanna To Perform New Single On X Factor UK?

“I’ve been gone for too long now it’s time to bring it back.”

Whether one loves her loathes her, it’s safe to Rihanna and her ever-reliable ear for hits have been missed.

So, it should come as little surprise that her fans find themselves whipped into a frenzy by news spilled by British journalist James Ingham.

Why her UK Navy may have cause to rejoice today?

Find out below…


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Rihanna Returns To Instagram Ahead Of New Album

rihanna instagram thatgrapejuice Rihanna Returns To Instagram Ahead Of New Album

Given Rihanna‘s talent deficiencies, the model has consistently crutched on a multitude of platforms to maintain relevancy.

One of the most notable has been Instagram.

Whether posing in the streets after a night of partying or throwing jibes at her chart rivals, RiRi has managed to use the ‘gram as her most powerful press tool. Indeed, her antics on the social media site seem almost designed to be headline grabbing — and it works.

As such, many were confused when the star abruptly blocked her profile from the public early this year. We weren’t, though.

From where we stand, it was a masterclass in press manipulation. For, when there’s nothing to promote, why be in folks faces? Lay low and reserve it until when needed.

And it appears that’s exactly what the diva has done.

This evening she reactivated her profile, much to the delight of her 12 million followers. The timing of the “return” and the inevitable articles it’ll spurn (such as the one you’re reading) has many speculating about whether it hints at the imminent release of Rih’s much delayed 8th album? Time will tell.

In the meanwhile, check out the 26-year-old’s first pics back below…


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Hot Shot: Rihanna Hangs With Ashanti On Halloween

rihanna ashanti thatgrapjuice 600x600 Hot Shot: Rihanna Hangs With Ashanti On Halloween

Well isn’t this interesting.

As reported, a whose who of Hollywood was out in full force last night to celebrate Halloween. And with a multitude of different events taking place in parallel, it was a given that stars would run into one another.

Such was the case for Rihanna and Ashanti, who posed it up together at a party.

Intriguingly, besides a ensemble song for ‘Stand Up To Cancer’ back in 2008, the ladies paths have never crossed before. Unique given the similarities their careers have.

Indeed, Ashanti rose to prominence on Def Jam as part of a collective – Murder Inc / Rihanna is currently signed to the same label by way of Roc Nation. What’s more, Rih is routinely touted as a “rival” to the better-selling Beyonce, who once upon a time was the main chart-thorn in the side of Ashanti’s dominance. Clearly, much has changed since then – although Bey’s “step ahead, level above” status continues plague both ladies. Nonetheless, we digress…

Is it us or could both stars benefit from what the other has? Ashanti from Ms. Fenty’s ability to stay commercially relevant and Rihanna from Ashanti’s vocal strides? They should mingle more…

Your thoughts?

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A Hollywood Halloween 2014: Who Had the Best Costume?

rihanna halloween 2 thatgrapejuice 600x600 A Hollywood Halloween 2014: Who Had the Best Costume?

Their careers may already call for them to play dress-up in many-a-front, but the years have proven that Hollywood’s fascination with Halloween draws no shortage of eye-grabbing outfits.

Indeed, Halloween 2014 has come and gone, but we’re pretty sure some of the night’s costumes will be the chatter of many for days to come.

Check in below to see the likes of Beyonce, Rihanna, Diddy, Chris Brown, Gwen Stefani, Miguel, and many more to tell us who wins your vote for best costume:


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Rihanna Hints At “Innovative” New Album / Teases Release Date?

6eed07aafc130485cfba0ae8a8f5e455 Rihanna Hints At Innovative New Album / Teases Release Date?

‘Home‘ star Rihanna has hinted that her brand new album is a “super awesome” and “innovative” body of work this week, doing so with the “favouriting” of a tweet sent to her by the producer Glass John.

Exciting details below…


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