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DJ Mustard Teases “Dope” New Rihanna Record

rihanna that grape juice liu magazine 2014 19 DJ Mustard Teases Dope New Rihanna Record

Should her new album hit stores in quarter four, Def Jam star Rihanna will find  herself facing competition from the likes of Usher, Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea..and if industry murmurings are to be believed, Adele.

So, it shouldn’t be too hard to understand why failure isn’t an option for the chanteuse, set to sales from this album compared to those generated by Beyonce‘s latest studio effort.

Does Rihanna have what it takes to pull in ‘Beyonce’ like numbers? We’ll let you answer that one below, right after you peep producer DJ Mustard teasing his recent work with the singer, which he has billed “dope.”

Check it out below…


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D.L. Hughley On Rihanna’s “Free Palestine” Tweet: “She Did It On Purpose”

rihannabazaararabia that grape juice D.L. Hughley On Rihannas Free Palestine Tweet: She Did It On Purpose

Last week, ‘Stay’ star Rihanna ruffled political feathers when she chimed in on the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Indeed, as recent fighting between the pair claimed more lives, the singer weighed in on the matter by tweeting ‘Free Palestine.’

Then, after being slammed by spectators who questioned how much she knew on the subject she was now weighing in on, the singer deleted the tweet, replaced it with another encouraging peace and looked on as a “source close to her” claimed “she didn’t even realise it was a tweet until she started hearing from her fans.”

Now watch as actor D.L Hughley shares his thoughts on Riri‘s supposed political stance.

Why he thinks she published the tweet on purpose?

Watch below…


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Did You Miss It? T-Boz Reflects On ‘Rihanna Beef’ & Cyberbullies

'Waterfalls' Singer Recounts Hateful Messages Sent By Rihanna Fans

Tione T Boz Watkins rihanna thatgrapejuice Did You Miss It?  T Boz Reflects On Rihanna Beef & Cyberbullies

Despite having over 20 years of hits to their name, millions of albums sold, and even recently wrapping up a successful leg of their comeback tour, TLC‘s recent public appearances have only seen them bombarded with questions about pop princess Rihanna.

After being slammed by the ‘Where Have You Been’ bleater on Twitter for an assumed diss, the singers – namely lead songstress T-Boz – have been fending off attack from Ri’s faithful #Navy.

No stranger to cyberbullying after Beyonce‘s #Beyhive and Nicki Minaj‘s #Barbz both lent the ‘Unpretty’ performer an abundance of not-so-well-wishes, T-Boz recently took to TheDailyHelpLine to weigh in on the topic of bullies and a host of other hot topics and current events.

Check in at the 1 minute mark to see her thoughts on Ri and that “incident”…


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Karreuche Tran On Rihanna: “I’m Fighting A Battle With Her”

karrueche tran that grape juice rihanna 600x346 Karreuche Tran On Rihanna: Im Fighting A Battle With Her

Man is the least of mi problem.

Unfortunately, the sentiment above isn’t shared by socialite Karrueche Tran, who has revealed that the love triangle between she Chris Brown and Pop singer Rihanna is taking a cruel toll on her life.

Detailing her problem on BET talk show ‘Just KeKe’, her comments will mark the first time she has addressed her long running feud with the performer publicly, coming five years after Brown assaulted the ‘Take a Bow’ beauty in an incident which has marred his career ever since.

K’s words below…


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Hot Shot: Rihanna Rebels In Rio At World Cup Final

rihanna world cup 600x843 Hot Shot: Rihanna Rebels In Rio At World Cup Final

With Beyonce dominating her own lane and now Rihanna‘s too (see: racy antics), one would think the latter would be spend the mass of her time working on her…everything.

No such luck. After all, this is Rihanna.

The vocally-challenged model was spotted at Brazil’s Maracana Stadium tonight celebrating Germany’s win against Argentina in the World Cup final – seemingly without a care in the world.

For her sake, we hope her Rio break is brief and a return to the studio is nigh. Granted, it’s clear she doesn’t have much of a hand in the making of her McMusic, the microwaving of her new album is taking awfully long. Then again, after the obliteration that was December 13th 2013, we’re not surprised at all.

Your thoughts?

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Chart Check: Iggy Azalea’s ‘Fancy’ On Track To Set New Hot 100 Record

iggy azalea that grape juice1 Chart Check:  Iggy Azaleas Fancy On Track To Set New Hot 100 Record

If you’re Iggy Azalea you are probably losing count of the ways you’ve been winning since the turn of the year.

As if already holding the record as the first female artist in history to see her first two charting singles hold the #1 and #2 spot wasn’t enough, now the Aussie rapstress can rejoice at news that her megahit single ‘Fancy’ is on track to become the longest running #1 single by a female artist this decade. Joining the ranks of Rihanna, Adele, and more, the rate at which the Charli XCX-assisted hit is selling could see it dethrone the ‘We Found Love’ hitmaker as the decade’s Hot 100 leading lady.

Via Billboard:

10 weeks, “We Found Love,” Rihanna featuring Calvin Harris, 2011-12
9 weeks, “Royals,” Lorde, 2013
9 weeks, “Call Me Maybe,” Carly Rae Jepsen, 2012
9 weeks, “TiK ToK,” Ke$ha, 2010
7 weeks, “Fancy,” Iggy Azalea featuring Charli XCX, 2014
7 weeks, “Rolling in the Deep,” Adele, 2011

But, as Iggy cruises toward even more singles’ chart success, plenty competition lays in wait to dethrone her.  See this week’s top 10 below:


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‘The Stream Scene’: Beyonce & Ciara Makes Gains On ‘VEVO’

Ciara Beyonce that grape juice 2014 14 600x254 The Stream Scene: Beyonce & Ciara Makes Gains On VEVO

They’re the Southern belles with millions of dollars to their names and an army of loyal fans at their beck and call.

We’re talking about Ciara and Beyonce of course, both of whom have made significant gains on ‘VEVO’ recently, months after the release of their respective self-titled studio albums.

In the mood for a new edition of ‘The Stream Scene‘? Find out who made this week’s ‘Click Clique’ below…


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