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TGJ Update: ‘The Greatest Song Of The Decade Is’….Extended!

christina aguilera that grape juice2 TGJ Update: The Greatest Song Of The Decade Is....Extended!

Last month, we asked you to name a number of songs you felt were worthy of being named one of ‘the greatest songs of the last decade’.

From the list you provided, we put together a tally featuring the cuts that were named the most to create TGJ’s ‘The Greatest Song of the Decade Is…’ poll.

Now, with over 160,000 votes cast, the overwhelming response has seen us given no choice but to extend the poll for another month- giving you more time to take your favourite cut to the top!!

That’s right…up until September 23rd 2013, you can continue to vote for the songs listed here!

Weigh in below!

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TGJ Update: The Greatest Song Of The Decade Is…

celine dion whitney houston mariah carey that grape juice TGJ Update: The Greatest Song Of The Decade Is...

As your votes continue to pour in, TGJ will be providing regular updates filling you in on how our search for ‘The Great Song of the Decade’ is faring!

Set to close on August 23rd, the last three days have seen over 5,000 new votes submitted- bringing its combined number to 74,480.

Epic right?

Now, find out how your favourite act is doing via the stats waiting for you below!


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Vote: The Greatest Song Of The Last Decade Is…

rihanna that grape juice8 Vote: The Greatest Song Of The Last Decade Is...

Last month, we asked you to name a song released between the year 2000 and now- using the impact you feel made it on Pop culture (and not its sales) as the basis for your decision.

Now, after collecting answers posted in TGJ’s ever ‘eventful’ comment sections and answers submitted to us via Twitter and Facebook, we’ve compiled a list made up of the Top 20 most named songs.

Sure to surprise some, the poll you’ll see below is now ready to accept votes and will close one month from now (August 23rd), before the winning song is announced.

Ready to play?

Get voting below!


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TGJ Update: ‘The Greatest Song Of The Decade Is’…

 TGJ Update: The Greatest Song Of The Decade Is...

Two years after 81,762 crowned Britney Spears That Grape Juice’s ‘Queen of Pop‘, two days ago saw us ask you to vote for the song you feel is ‘The Greatest Song of the Decade‘.

Compiled using song submissions sent in through the TGJ comment section and our various social media accounts, votes for the list available have now reached a total of 44,893….in 48 hours.

So, as to keep you updated with what’s been going on the poll, we’ve pulled stats from the current scores and have them waiting for you below!


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MTV Launch ‘MTV Hottest’ Ahead Of 30th Annual ‘VMAs’

lady gaga that grape juice1 MTV Launch MTV Hottest Ahead Of 30th Annual VMAs

Before the likes of Rihanna, One Direction and Iggy Azalea are to celebrated at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, the network has launched an exciting new project- which sees them hunt for this summer’s ‘Hottest’ artist.

The best part about it? They want you to decide who it is!

Indeed, weeks before the VMAs kick off at NYC’s Barclays Center on August 25th, today saw them launch the competition, revealing that they are to announce its winner on August 31st on MTV itself.

Want to get involved?

Well, all you have to do to ensure your favourite act wins is to tweet #MTVHottest followed by their name!

It’s that simple.

Peep our example below and get tweeting!


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Exclusive: Octavia Spencer Talks ‘Fruitvale Station’ With That Grape Juice

fruitvale thatgrapejuice e1373904177513 Exclusive: Octavia Spencer Talks Fruitvale Station With That Grape Juice

With social tensions sky-high in light of a certain verdict, the spotlight is shining especially bright on new movie ‘Fruitvale Station’.

The emotional narrative relays the true-life story of Oscar Grant, a young Black man who was killed by BART police officer in Oakland, California.

Upon premiering at the Sundance Film Festival, the feature-length film has been showered with praise for its potent storytelling, incredible cast, and their career-best performances.

That Grape Juice’s Patrick sat down with Octavia Spencer (who plays Grant’s mother Wanda) and Michael B. Jordan (Grant) to discuss the story and why it’s so important that it’s told.

Click here to watch our interview with the cast of

‘Fruitvale Station’

fruitvale thatgrapejuice p e1373904264184 Exclusive: Octavia Spencer Talks Fruitvale Station With That Grape Juice

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Trayvon Martin: Hollywood Responds To ‘Not Guilty’ Judgement

trayvon martin that grape juice Trayvon Martin: Hollywood Responds To Not Guilty Judgement

Much to the dismay of his tightly knit family, last night saw a jury of six women find George Zimmerman ‘not guilty’ for the second degree murder and manslaughter of their son Trayvon Martin.

Now, in response to the startling decision not to find him guilty of what appeared to be an obvious crime, celebrities have taken to Jack Dorsey‘s social media platform Twitter to share their thoughts on the tragic matter.

Some of their comments below….


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