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Hot Topic: Is Male R&B Making A Come Back?

SAMMIE Hot Topic: Is Male R&B Making A Come Back?

Their female counterparts may be holding it down on an Urban front, but recent months have seen R&B’s leading lads succeed in pushing the genre to broader heights.

Sure, while the likes of Tyrese and Brian Mcknight never truly ‘went away’, the fraternity friendly lyrics of Frank Ocean, Miguel and The Weeknd has seen them win over audiences who perhaps don’t even consider themselves R&B fans, in ways their predecessors couldn’t.

Now, with sales from Kendrick Lamar, Drake and Ocean keeping the field afloat- and the forthcoming arrivals of Elijah Blake, Luke James and  B. Smyth fast approaching, we ask….

Is Male R&B Finally Making A Come Back?

…and if so, who stands as your favorite act?


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Happy Easter From That Grape Juice!

Happy Easter Happy Easter From That Grape Juice!

Myself (Sam), and all of us here at That Grape Juice wish you all a very Happy Easter!

Here’s hoping you enjoy the day with your loved ones, eat as much chocolate as you can, but above all, remember and celebrate the true cause for today.

Happy Easter!

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Weigh In: Will R&B Ever Have Its Own ’21′?


‘Our Version Of Events‘. ‘21′. ‘Babel‘.

For today’s consumer, the albums above are no doubt three of the decade’s highest selling releases- and in ‘21‘s case- one of the highest selling releases of all time.

However, while the last decade saw a number of R&B projects reach similar heights in a fashion just as spectacular, the last few years have seen the genre fall prey to a number of commercial bombs- despite efforts made by the fan favorites Frank Ocean and reigning Queen, Mary J. Blige.

Failing to produce projects that ever feel the warm embrace of Gold status, 2013 will see the genre birth a number of acts all hoping to exceed where many of their more recent predecessors failed. Two of those being Def Jam‘s Elijah Blake and Compound‘s very own B Smyth.

Unfortunately, with recent sales figures giving labels no real incentive to prioritise the genre, the pressure is on for more established acts like Beyonce and Usher to bring in new numbers akin to the prior bests, and the likes boasted by Alanis Morissette‘s ‘Jagged Little Pill’ (16x Platinum) and Celine Dion‘s ‘Let’s Talk About Love’ (10x Platinum).

Of course, while these albums were released in a world free of illegal downloads and tougher ‘industry laws’, numbers generated by Adele, Emeli Sande and Coldplay do go a long way in proving that ‘mega selling’ LPs are far from over.

More below…


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Vote: Who’s Your Favorite Youtube Star?

5666071828 fff5f95a5a copy Vote:  Whos Your Favorite Youtube Star?

That Grape Juice Wants You…Tube!

The past 6 years have seen online media outlet Youtube evolve from an amateur’s esplanade into a premium source of entertainment through its users’ original content.

Indeed, despite much competition on the “celebrity video front”, Youtube’s top personalities have still managed to gain and maintain faithful followers who tune in weekly for their say and play on many-a-hot topic.

So, in an effort to put a spotlight on some of the net’s brightest, That Grape Juice wants you…to vote and tell us who’s Youtube’s top talent!

In a battle royale of sorts, TGJ has collected 21 of the video giant’s favorite players to duke it out for the title.  Based on a tally of your votes, the top 5 of the crew will join us for an exclusive interview!  So what are you waiting for?

Find out who made the cut below:


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Chart Check: The Pop Girls Edition

 Chart Check: The Pop Girls Edition

With their loyal fan bases and infectious numbers, Pop’s leading ladies are no doubt the glue that keeps the industry’s finances in place.

From Beyonce to Lana, Ciara to GaGa, numbers generated by these femme fatales stay at the center of arguments for and against their causes. Only right then, that we dedicate to today’s Chart Check to these leading ladies- showcasing the heights of their commercial prowess.

Check it out below…


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Watch: Brian McKnight Belts ‘Star Spangled Banner’ For ‘NFL Pro Bowl’

70084545cdd444332139d5b36bacc652 Watch: Brian McKnight Belts Star Spangled Banner For NFL Pro Bowl

R&B veteran Brian Mcknight may not have had the best year in 2012, but if his stunning performance at the 2013 NFL Pro Bowl is anything to go by, his 2013 is set to be much better.

Indeed, in a time where recent performances of the historic number have been landing atop many-a-headline, the ‘How Your P*ssy Works’ hitmaker worked over the crowd of anxious football fans in Honolulu with a soaring performance of the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ – bringing to light his oft-praised vocal stylings.

While we anxiously await the forthcoming ‘Super Bowl’ rendition from Miss Alicia Keys, we know that if her showing comes close to this one, we’re in for a treat:


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New Song: Kenya Moore – ‘Gone With the Wind Fabulous’

f55521898e0366aaa383dc2d6e08e21c New Song:  Kenya Moore   Gone With the Wind Fabulous

After setting the net ablaze with her catch phrase ‘I’m gone with the wind fabulous’, ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ newcomer Kenya Moore is hoping to have similar effect on the Itunes charts.

For, as reported here, after being blessed by the vocal performances of fellow Atlanta housewives Kim Zolciak‘s ‘Don’t Be Tardy For the Party’ and Sheree Whitfield‘s ‘Who Gon Check Me Boo’, someone somewhere advised the former Miss USA to follow suit and turn her famous quote into a tune.

The product of such advisement is what you will hear below, unveiled via a live performance after tonight’s episode of ‘Housewives’:


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