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Red Nose Day Hits The US Tonight / Get Involved! #RedNose

John Legend and Sam Smith

Rose Nose Day is heading to US shores!

A phenomenon in the UK for over two decades, tonight will see the fundraising extravaganza land in America on NBC.

Some may be wondering: “What is Red Nose Day?”

Well, the three-hour telecast – which airs live from New York City – unites major names from the worlds of music, movies, comedy and more to help raise money to end poverty Stateside and beyond.

Want to get involved in the fun-filled campaign? No worries, Walgreens is making it super easy to do so. To support Red Nose Day make your donation at any Walgreens store… contributions will be donated to the Red Nose Day Fund* (whose mission it is to lift young folk out of poverty).

The good times need not stop there. Because by taking pics of oneself wearing the nose and sharing on Twitter and/or Instagram using the hashtag #RedNose, folk automatically enter themselves into a competition which could see them win a trip to attend the all-star telecast on May 21st.

We’ll be watching the US debut of Red Nose TONIGHT at 8pm ET on NBC. Be sure to tune in too! Let’s “turn up” for a worthy cause!

For more on the Red Nose Day show, visit And for further details on the broader cause, check out

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Freshly Squeezed: Introducing… Tiara Thomas


In the crowded R&B climate, it’s often tricky trying to make waves in the game of music. However, for newcomer Tiara Thomas it’s been a winning feat.

Signed to Interscope by way of Rico Love‘s Division 1 imprint, the starlet has captured the attention of many a critic thanks to her sweet, but street appeal and material that’s very much soaked in the realities of everyday life and love.

Having previewed the 25-year-old’s upcoming album over the Summer, we can more than vouch for the fact that she’s gearing up to blaze the charts with songs that are bringing heat of dangerous degrees.

Though the as yet untitled LP is due next year, the Indiana native has given folk a taste of what to expect with lead single ‘One Night’ – which you can check out below, along with an introductory interview. In the months ahead, look out for another track christened ‘On Ten’. It’s aptly titled, because it’s a winner.

For now, peep the action after the jump…


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Competition: Win A Trip To Bermuda Courtesy Of BACARDI & That Grape Juice

TGJ’s Travel Diary To ‘Made In America’ & How You Can Win Trip Of A Lifetime



This may read altogether quite differently from your typical That Grape Juice post. However, we’re excited to have teamed up with BACARDI to give you a behind the scenes look at our journey to the 2014 Made In America Festival in the City of Angels, Los Angeles.

As we type, it’s August 29th 2014 and we’re sitting in London, Heathrow en route to LA for the festivities.

Long time TGJ readers will know we love our ladies – so we’re amped to see Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora do their thing – especially given buzz for their current hit ‘Black Widow’. What’s more, as many times as we’ve “seen” Kanye West in the flesh, we’ve yet to “see” him perform live. A fact which makes the titillation that much…titillating! Then, of course, there’s Kendrick Lamar – who’s headlining the first day of the extravaganza. We’ve been sworn to relative secrecy, but we’re hearing that his hotly anticipated new album (due later this year) is packing heat of dizzying degrees. So, we’re keen to see whether he rocks LA Grand Park with new material. After all, in recent times he’s developed quite the penchant of sorts for hitting folk with the “new-new” when they least expect it (see: ‘Control’ verse).

Anyway, phones away. We’re up, up and away. See you in LA!

TGJ Was Here

As the opening of this feature highlighted, when we set sail on our trip to LA, the “plan” was to share our experience in a regimented format. Think “Day One, Day Two, Day Three”.

However, as TGJ’s Patrick and I arrived at the entrance gates for the Made In America Festival, it quickly became apparent that “structure” wouldn’t form the basis of was to be quite an experience.

For, beyond the huge signs that WELCOME/d us (literally, yet warmly), we peeped a spectacle that was rich in variety. Indeed, from fashion, to race, to gender, to the various accents overheard, the crowd Made In America commanded bled dynamic diversity; a fact that will have founder Jay Z brushing his shoulders off with a wink and a smile. But, we’ll get to that shortly.

Where To Go, What To Do?

For this year’s festivities, L.A Grand Park was set up like a fun-fair of sorts. The stages, which each provided the thrill of a roller-coaster ride, were stationed within respectable distance of one another. A setup that made bouncing from one to the other an easy and strangely enjoyable feat.made-in-america

And bounce folk did. Almost like ping-pongs. The whole process was rendered even more fun in light of the stylised names each stage had been christened. Indeed, there was a juvenile enjoyment to be sourced from racing to the Marylyn stage…then to the James Dean stage…to the Dylan stage.

Beyond this, one of the many characteristics of Made In America that warmed us most was how engrossed attendees were in all that was going on. A point particularly notable given the sonic differences of the acts assembled to form this year’s bill. Indeed, it became routine to see folk rocking out to a Rap act to run over to fist-pump to an EDM DJ on the next stage. Kumbaya sounding, perhaps, but it really reminded us how powerful music is an agent to unite us as people – something we since learned creator Jay Z set out to achieve with the festival. It’s particularly noteworthy, because as a figure whose triumphs has transcended beyond the Hip-Hop arena, it’s almost as if – with Made In America – the mogul has cultivated a spectacle that mirrors the diversity of his own success narrative.

The Music

Given the super-stacked bill, we had a clear idea of whom we wanted to see. After all, for as much alternative talent we were able to soak in, we were keen to vibe out to TGJ music!

And vibe we did.

Say what folk will, but Iggy Azalea delivered a commendable set for a freshmen performer. ‘Fancy’ naturally got the crowd “turnt up”, but given that the anthem was smartly placed at the end of her set, it essentially forced the thousands in attendance to pay attention what else she served up. And what exactly did she “serve up”? Sass, braggadocio, and a headline-grabbing kiss with Rita Ora.

Conversely, Kendrick Lamar had his hometown crowd in the palm of his hand. The Compton native journeyed through his growing, yet potent discography with engaging ease. Yet, more notably, he did so with the clear understanding of how to entertain a crowd. And while the set was received exceptionally, the deafening roars of applause for ‘Poetic Justice’ and his ‘Control’ verse easily relayed what folk enjoyed most.

Closing the action-packed extravaganza was the incomparable Kanye West. And that’s by no means a description riddled with rhetoric. There, quite literally, isn’t a performer like controversial Kanye.

For, while late by almost an hour (naturally), the superstar wordsmith delivered a dynamite set; one that was highly stylised and sewed together concepts that rarely feature in Hip-Hop showings. Visuals of the ethereal pervaded the performance, which also boasted luminous lighting. Juxtaposed against the dark Los Angeles sky, it made for a stunning climax.

And though not the last song performed, something about Yeezy’s ‘Good Life’ showing – at that place and that time – resonated with us. As we stood there, we begun to think about how “good” Kanye’s show was, how “good” the entire weekend was, and how “good” it felt to be there amidst fellow music lovers. The song playing wasn’t just the soundtrack to a rapper’s ‘Good Life’…it was the soundtrack to ours too!

Wait, there’s something in it for you too!


Enjoyed reading about our LA experience? Well, you could be heading out on one of your own!

We’re giving YOU our readers the chance to win a trip of a lifetime to Bermuda courtesy of BACARDI! As ardent lovers of music That Grape Juice and BACARDI have paired up to give you the chance to attend a once in a lifetime musical experience. In honor of the year of their creation (1862), BACARDI are sending 1862 guests to the Bermuda Triangle for a 3-day/cross-genre music spectacle featuring Kendrick Lamar, Calvin Harris, and Ellie Goulding.

Want to enter the sweepstakes? We thought as much! Enter below…

Click here to ENTER!

Click here to ENTER!

Click here to ENTER!

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TGJ Teams With BACARDI / Our Jet Set Journey & How You Can Win Yours!


A multitude of festivals pervade the Summer months. However, few have the magnetic pull of the Made In America Festival.

And it’s with good reason too.

Since launching in 2012, the likes of Beyonce, Jay Z, and D’Angelo have rocked the two-day extravaganza – which was exactly that this year. For, major names such as Hip-Hop titan Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell and Kanye West were tapped to play the event that took place over the August 30th – 31st weekend in both Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

As such, we were Made in America bound. Especially, as some of our favorites and yours – including Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora – also featured on the bill. What’s more, with Lamar’s stage show – in particular – being super renown for its must-see factor, we were most certainly going to be rocking out at LA Grand Park. Kendrick Lamar will also be headlining the BACARDI Triangle event, another must see coming up this Halloween.

So, be sure to keep it all the way locked on That Grape Juice for our exclusive Made In America travel diary – which will chronicle our trip from our London HQ to the City Of Angels, LA! A departure from your “regularly scheduled programming” here? Perhaps. However, it’ll sure make for a great read.

And that’s not all. We’re giving YOU our readers the chance to win a trip of a lifetime to Bermuda courtesy of BACARDI! As ardent lovers of music, That Grape Juice and BACARDI have paired up to give you the chance to attend a once in a lifetime musical experience. In honor of the year of their creation (1862), BACARDI are sending 1862 guests to the Bermuda Triangle for a 3-day/cross-genre music spectacle featuring Kendrick Lamar, among others. And with the TDE rapper gearing up to unleash new single ‘i’ on the masses, as well as a new album, it’s a given that he’ll be bringing the fire to the already scorching bill (which also includes Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding).

Want to enter the sweepstakes? We thought as much!

Click here to ENTER!

Click here to ENTER!

Click here to ENTER!

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That Grape Juice Hits Fusion Festival Birmingham With BOSE!

tfj fusion main

With summer in full swing, so too is festival season! And, while a multitude events clam up the calendar, the Fusion Festival has quickly established itself as the spectacle oozing the most “must-see” value.

With good reason, too.

Since launching, many a major name have rocked the two-day extravaganza – which was exactly that this year. For, major names such as Jessie J and Pitbull were tapped to play to event which took place August 30th – 31st in Birmingham, England.

 To celebrate the festival’s return, That Grape Juice journeyed to to the English city to soak up the festivities and jam to new and established talent (Ella Henderson is vocally everything!). We also teamed up with Bose UK, whose new Yozilla headphones are easily the best we’ve used yet, to help pick the winner for their exciting Bose Selfie Competition.

fusion festival tgj 1
{Headphones modelled by That Grape Juice’s Jamell}

As anyone who follows TGJ on Twiiter, Instagram, and Facebook will note, the contest simply asked that entrants submit a fierce selfie of themselves to be in with a chance of nabbing the Yozilla headphones that we can’t get enough of.

Of the thousands of entrants, many were TGJ readers and we had a blast sifting through all the “super turnt up” snaps – a fact which made whittling down the entries to a list of seven winners dizzingly difficult.

Alas, with help from other notable tastemakers, the winners were picked. Peep the pic below…


All in all, a great weekend of great music!

Disclaimer: Compensation was provided by Bose via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Bose.

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That Grape Juice Shop Welcomes New Items


As many of our loyal readers will know, That Grape Juice now have a new SHOP! Boasting an array of TGJ inspired T-Shirts and more, you can now snap up our tongue-in-cheek items via Zazzle.

Check out select designs below, several of which were created by the amazing Dum Doodles

With many items already selling fast, CLICK HERE to visit the shop. 15% off (for a limited time only) when you use the code: LOVE4OURMOMS




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Competition: Win Tickets To Party With Idris Elba In London!


Tis the season of giving!

That Grape Juice have teamed up with Stylish Nights to give ONE lucky reader the chance to win a pair of VIP tickets to party with Hollywood superstar Idris Elba on December 27th.

The actor, who is receiving ample acclaim for his performance as world icon, Nelson Mandela in new movie ‘Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom’, is jetting back into London for an exclusive appearance at Stylish Nights.

Hosting the event and making his only appearance on home soil before the close of 2013, Elba will be DJing under his DJ pseudonym, 7Wallace and make a personal appearance at Covent Garden’s premium hot spot SWAY with a party across four rooms.

Want to join in the fun? Simply answer the following question correctly…

Which Of The Following Did Idris Elba NOT Star In…

a) Thor

b) The Butler

c) Obsessed

Submit your answer, along with your full name, age, address, and telephone number to the email address below. Please be sure to title entry ‘Idris – TGJ’ :

[email protected]

All entries must be received by 11.59pm PST on Wednesday 25th December 2013.

Good luck!


Click here for more details on the event and/or to purchase tickets!

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Exclusive: That Grape Juice TV Interviews Cast Of ‘The Best Man Holiday’ (#BestManHoliday)

In an industry that sees movies released week in and week out, it takes a special story to not only resonate with an audience, but to last the test of time.

For many, Urban classic ‘The Best Man’ has achieved this in earnest. Released 14 years ago, the rom-com went on to become one of the most successful Black films of all time.

Needless to say, That Grape Juice TV were elated to sit down with the entire cast of the the hotly anticipated sequel – ‘The Best Man Holiday’. 

And by “entire”, we mean entire (Nia Long, Morris Chestnut, Terrence Howard Taye Diggs, Harold Perrineau, Regina Hall, Sanaa Lathan, Melissa De Sousa, and Monica Calhoun).

The latest instalment (which hits theaters November 15th) sees the college friends reunite over the Christmas holidays after 15 years apart. As audiences will learn, the crew quickly discover just how easy it is for long-forgotten rivalries and romances to be ignited.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy our fun-filled chat with Black Hollywood royalty! Patrick B hosts.

‘The Best Man Holiday’ begins playing in US theaters on November 15th!


Your thoughts?

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Sponsored: Choose The New Face Of Hawaiian Tropic!

Last month saw our sisters over at She Is Diva give their readers the chance to become the “New Face” of Hawaiian Tropic.

Fast forward to today and after thousands of entries, the mass have been whittled down to just five finalists.

Renown for housing some of the net’s most vocal visitors, That Grape Juice readers can make their voices heard in a slightly different way – by choosing the “New Face” of Hawaiian Tropic.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to  to vote for the finalist for feel best reps the modern Hawaiian Tropic woman.

The lady with the most votes will be unveiled as the New Face of Hawaiian Tropic on July 31, 2013. Throughout the contest, That Grape Juice readers can also enter to win weekly prizes including designer sunglasses, beach towels and Hawaiian Tropic products.

For more information about Hawaiian Tropic brand sun care products, please visit

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Sponsored: ‘Being Mary Jane’ Airs Tonight! Learn Secret Style Tips Ahead Of Premiere!

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Sponsored: #ImHavingTheirBaby Premieres Tonight!

Music is our mainstay here at That Grape Juice, but we love us some TV too! Random, we know, but one of our favorite shows on the box right now is Oxygen’s I’m Having Their Baby and it premieres TONIGHT, 6/12 at 10/9c.

Unlike some of the “messier” shows that center on similar subject matter, this series tackles the topic of adoption with a degree of realism that makes for an even more compelling watch.

With many of our other must-see shows on hiatus (see: The Face and America’s Got Talent), the season 2 premiere of I’m Having Their Baby this evening has us all sorts of amped!

To celebrate the show’s return to the small screen, we want you to watch with us and let us know what you think of the premiere on Twitter OR Facebook. Because we’re in a giving mood; we have a $50.00 gift card to present to one lucky winner!

Check out the Season 2 trailer here:

With that said, be sure to tune into the season 2 premiere of I’m Having Their Baby tonight at 10/9c!

You can catch up on everything I’m Having Their Baby right here:

  • Oxygen I’m Having Their Baby Showpage
  • Oxygen I’m Having Their Baby Facebook
  • Oxygen I’m Having Their Baby Twitter

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Sponsored: Stream Ne-Yo’s London Concert Live!

Following in the steps of Trey Songz, R&B superstar Ne-Yo will utilize new social networking website Airfi to invite YOU to one of the best seats in the house at the London 02 Arena.

Tomorrow, Friday March 15th 2013, the singer-songwriter will perform his catalogue of hits during his last performance of his UK tour and EVERYONE at That Grape Juice is invited. Courtesy of Airfi, you can experience the culmination of nationwide trek with this up close and personal sold-out show, streamed LIVE via any Wi-Fi device, including mobile phones- Text ‘NEYO’ 68899 in the UK and 96527 in the US.

For only £2, you will have access to performances by Ne-Yo as well as his protégé and breakout star Conor Maynard, and opening act Tulisa. After the concert, you are also invited to the after party at Indigo2.

To join the 12,000 screaming fans, head over to and register for free, or if you are an existing member, simply log in. After logging in, click on the Ne-yo banner at the top of the page to pay via WorldPay. The fun starts at 7PM GMT/2PM EST.


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