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T.I. To Enter The Adult Entertainment Industry


By way of his Grand Hustle music group T.I. did his part to entertain the world with Iggy Azalea.

Now, he seeks to entertainment the gentleman of Atlanta by way of his very own strip club.

Details on his vivacious venture below…


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T.I. Inks Deal With Roc Nation / Teams With TIDAL

Rapper Departs Columbia After Brief Stint


Once a formidable force on the charts, recent years have seen T.I. cool musically yet heat up on the reality TV circuit with this family.

However, in a bid to re-ascend to the top, the rapper has paired up with fellow Hip-Hop titan Jay Z in a big way.

Full story below…


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Iggy Azalea Claps Back At T.I.


Well that didn’t take long.

True to her trademark, Iggy Azalea is once again using social media to address another soap opera soaked drama.

This time its former mentor T.I. at the receiving end of the Australian’s sting.

Find out below…


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T.I. Reveals That He Has Cut Ties With Iggy Azalea


He had hoped she would be the Nicki Minaj to Lil Wayne.

Alas, the rapper T.I. has now confessed that is no longer on speaking terms with his protege’ Iggy Azalea after the public’s response to her racially-charged antics began to “slow him down.”

Bad news below…


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New Song: Mariah Carey – ‘Why You Mad? (Infinity Remix) (ft. Justin Bieber, French Montana, & T.I )

Mimi Missteps With Muddled Collaboration


As reported earlier this week, Mariah Carey is still trying to revive recent single ‘Infinity’ and has called on Justin Bieber, French Montana, and T.I. to help administer some much needed CPR.

No word yet on what Mimi plans to do with the track, but what is certain is that it’s now arrived via TMZ.

Titled ‘Why You Mad? (Infinity Remix)’, the revised version of the track features verses from all of the aforementioned and new vocals from Mariah too. The production has received an update via Eric Hudson as well.

Take a listen below…


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T.I. Slams Ciara For Bringing Russell Wilson Around Son

Rapper Says If He Were Future He’d “Go The F*ck Off”


When hitting the promo rounds for new album ‘DS2,’ rapper Future used the opportunity to voice his displeasure with former fiance Ciara for allowing new boyfriend  Russell Wilson  around their 1-year-old son Future Zahir.

It’s little surprise, then, that the topic has once again become a hot talking point after fresh snaps of the singer, baby Future, and NFL player hit the net over the weekend.

With the world talking, T.I. has chimed in with his take on the matter.

His words below…


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‘Blurred Lines’ Updates: Judge Reduces Pharrell Williams/Robin Thicke Verdict By $2 Million


‘Get Her Back’ beau Robin Thicke seems to take two steps back for every step he takes forward regarding the highly publicized case surrounding his career-defining hit ‘Blurred Lines.’

As fans know, he – alongside ‘Lines’ co-stars Pharrell Williams, T.I., and their label Universal Music – were sued by the family of late Motown legend Marvin Gaye for the song’s similarity to his 1977 hit ‘Got To Give It Up.’ The result?  A whopping $7.4 million dollar decision in favor of the family.

In response to the unfavorable verdict, Williams was hung out to dry as Thicke, Universal Music, and T.I. tried to downplay their involvement in the song’s creation – despite all receiving royalties.  Much to the singer and his label’s dismay, only T.I. was able to successfully escape the copyright infringement claim…initially.

The week week brought with it fresh updates surrounding the case that will give the song’s producer, ‘Happy’ hitmaker Williams, a new reason to smile.  T.I. and Universal Music, on the other hand, probably won’t be.

Details below:


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