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T.I. Denies Iggy Azalea Ghostwriter Claims

  iggy that grape juice 2014 45 600x398 T.I. Denies Iggy Azalea Ghostwriter Claims

Though little can be done to throw her single-selling abilities into disrepute, there’s been some effort to poke serious holes into Iggy Azalea‘s credibility as artist by those unimpressed by what she brings to Pop’s table.

Not helped by misinformed journalists hoping to present her as Hip Hop’s fastest rising star, Azalea has found herself tasked with facing the following three criticisms since her debut in 2011.

The first, being her adoption of an Ebonic-kissed Southern American accent despite hailing from New South Wales.

The second, being that industry connections-and not her own crossover appeal- is to thank for her meteoric rise on Top 40 and Rhythmic radio.

The last? That she employs ghostwriters to pen her material for her.

Now, despite being named as one of the writers on her smash hit single ‘Fancy’, her mentor T.I. has slammed the last of the three, revealing that the Rapper “has her own ideas.”

More below…


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Azealia Banks On T.I: “Your Kids Live Cheque To Cheque Because You Can’t Stay Out Of Jail”

azealia banks that grape juice 401 Azealia Banks On T.I: Your Kids Live Cheque To Cheque Because You Cant Stay Out Of Jail

Seemingly unafraid of his threat to “end” her should she continue, Azealia Banks has taken fresh aim at the rapper T.I’s family today, slamming his parenting skills following their war of words yesterday.

This time, after learning that the rapper had threatened to “chew your neck off your throat” if she continued to weigh in on his loved ones, she questioned his credentials as a responsible father…citing his well publicised run-ins with the law as her grounds for doing so?

Does engaging in alleged criminal activity make one a bad parent?

Azealia’s answer below…


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Barks & Bytes: Do Azealia Banks’ Social Media Beefs Help Or Hurt Her?

azealia banks TGJ Barks & Bytes:  Do Azealia Banks Social Media Beefs Help Or Hurt Her?

Oh, Azealia Banks.  Hair is certainly the nicest thing the ‘Yung Rapunxel’ has let down since her eye-popping debut onto the rap scene.

In addition to letting down fans with innumerable pushbacks of her debut album ‘Broke With Expensive Taste,’ the fiery femcee has (not so gently) let down any Twitter user who’d dare cross her path.

Oft-attributed with dispensing unforgiving and, at times, well crafted shade, the ‘ATM Jam’ maestra has taken to Twitter on many occasion to light into many-a-well known pop culture figure from Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton to Pharrell Williams and now T.I.

Love her or hate her, one thing you cannot deny is Banks’ ability to cash in on and court public attention.  With discussions of her host of eccentric yet lukewarm-received singles/videos at a minimum, news that incites ridicule from nemeses, haters, and spectators alike, Banks – the cultural figure at large – still remains a talking point.

So, it begs the question:  is Azealia Banks winning?


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New Video: T.I – ‘No Mediocre (Ft Iggy Azalea)’

iggy azalea fancy that grape juice 18jpg New Video: T.I   No Mediocre (Ft Iggy Azalea)

Iggy Azalea lends a helping hand to her ‘Grand Hustle’ pal T.I today, joining the star in releasing the video for their brand new single ‘No Mediocre.

Should their fans have it their way, the enviable success of Azalea’s #1 single ‘Fancy’ should go some way to help ‘Mediocre’ enjoy a healthy chart run, and support the rapper’s September release ‘Paperwork’, on which the song appears.

So, will the Director X- directed clip be enough to support the single?

You tell us below!


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Azealia Banks Lays Into Tiny & T.I Following Death Threat

azealia banks that grape juice 451 Azealia Banks Lays Into Tiny & T.I Following Death Threat

After threatening to “end” the star following remarks she made on his wife Tiny Harris, rapper T.I now finds himself on the receiving end of heat blown his way by Azealia Banks!

Indeed, set to mark a move he’ll no doubt regret, his promise to kill the rapper saw her launch a fresh Twitter assault on both he and the aforementioned Tiny, laying into their supposed illiteracy and the MCs long-running history with the law.

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T.I Tells Azealia Banks: “I Will End You”

azealia banks that grape juice jalouse 2 T.I Tells Azealia Banks: I Will End You

‘Blurred Lines‘ rapper T.I. has threatened to “end” ‘Fantasea‘ lyricist Azealia Banks today, doing so in response to remarks she made on his wife’s physical appearance.

What went down?

Full story below…


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New Song: T.I. – ‘No Mediocre (Ft Iggy Azalea)’

iggy azalea revolve that grape juice 2014 130 600x762 New Song: T.I.   No Mediocre (Ft Iggy Azalea)

T.I. and Iggy Azalea reunite to rock fans with ‘No Mediocre’ today, lifted from the ‘Soldier‘s 9th studio album ‘Paperwork.’

With DJ Mustard on a production and a feisty Iggy adding her ‘Grand Hustle‘-approved bars to the mix, the number makes for an interesting listen, dropping by a month after the pair shot its official video in Brazil.

Bid adieu to the basic below…


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Watch: T.I. Gets Into ‘Burger’ Brawl With…Floyd Mayweather Jnr

TI THAT GRAPE JUICE 2014 9 Watch: T.I. Gets Into Burger Brawl With...Floyd Mayweather Jnr

‘Paper’ pusher T.I. and professional boxer Floyd Mayweather Jnr have found themselves at the centre of fresh controversy this morning, after footage of a brawl between the pair surfaced online minutes ago.

Taking place inside Las Vegas’ Strip’s ‘Fatburger‘, the physical altercation reportedly took place when the rapper attempted to box the boxer, prompting their respective bodyguards to jump in an attempt to separate them…but to no avail.

A violent scene below…


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