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New Video: T-Pain – ‘Love Suicide’

tpain that grape juice 2014 New Video: T Pain   Love Suicide

As his ‘Go Girl’ pal Ciara sharpens her creative knives for her new studio album, T-Pain unwraps a brand new video for the world today, shot to support his new single ‘Love Suicide.’

Featuring Severe Ruff, the video touches down before the release of his fifth studio album, ‘Stoicville: The Phoenix’, featuring production by DJ Mustard and lyrics penned by B.o.B!

Press play to check it out below…


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T-Pain: ‘Rappers Won’t Work With Frank Ocean Because He’s Gay’

 frank ocean that grape juice she is diva that grape juice tv T Pain: Rappers Wont Work With Frank Ocean Because Hes Gay


Has Frank Ocean been blacklisted by ‘Black’ music?

If an opinion T-Pain is anything to go by, the answer- rather unfortunately- is yes. Indeed, in a recent interview with DJ Vlad, the ‘Go Girl’ rapper has revealed that numerous Hip Hop staples have decided to cut all ties with Ocean…because of his supposed sexual orientation.

Details below…


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Watch: T-Pain Performs ‘Up Down’ Live On ‘Arsenio’

t pain that grape juice she is diva that grape juice tv Watch: T Pain Performs Up Down Live On Arsenio


Seemingly more eager than ever to stage a come-back  is T-Pain, the ‘Low’ hit-maker hoping to reclaim his seat at ‘Urban’s high table this year.

So, with comparisons with new father-to-be Future keeping his name hot on the lips of fans and critics alike, the Southern lyricist showcased the best of his live prowess last night when he arrived at ‘The Arsenio Hall Show’ we guarantee you’ll enjoy.


Auto-tuneless awesomeness below…


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T-Pain Explains Influence On Kanye West: ‘I Felt Unappreciated’

kanye west she is diva that grape juice she is diva 1 T Pain Explains Influence On Kanye West: I Felt Unappreciated


‘Bartender’ performer T-Pain has reveals that he feels hurt & ‘unappreciated’ by the world’s refusal to acknowledge his influence on rapper Kanye West’s critically claimed ‘8o8s and Heartbreak.’

Why the ‘Low’ lyricist believes he deserves credit for the project’s impact on Pop culture?

Find out below…


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New Song: T- Pain – ‘850 (T-Mix)’

t pain that grape juice tgj 1 New Song: T  Pain   850 (T Mix)

With a come-back in mind and intense competition to beat, T-Pain storms the net with a brand new number today…’850.’

Remixing Rico Love’s ‘They Don’t Know‘, Pain represents his his hometown of Tallahassee, urging any who dislike him to think twice before taking the same stance on the city, no doubt hoping the cut will see him reclaim the fan base that once kept him atop Hip Hop’s food chain.

Tuck in below…


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T-Pain Explains Turkey Fuelled Future ‘Feud’

future ciara that grape juice she is diva that grape juice tv T Pain Explains Turkey Fuelled Future Feud

Are Turkeys to blame for T-Pain‘s alleged feud with Rap superstar Future?

Yes…and no. Confused? Well join the club, for in a new interview given to DJ Vlad by the ‘Go Girl’ Rapper, Pain has explained how the root of the pair’s alleged feud lies in events that took place at a Turkey drive he launched in Atlanta, Georgia.

Indeed, after many critics pointed out similarities in the pair’s vocal stylings, a series of tweets and alleged award show/collaboration snubs have seen a auto-tuned wedge driven between the pair.

Press play for T’s side of the story below…


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New Video: T-Pain – ‘She Said’

20131220 142400 New Video:  T Pain   She Said

Autotune-assailant T-Pain returns with new music via a new video for “She Said” – the latest from his new album ‘Stoicville: The Phoenix’ (set for 2014).

The risqué video see Teddy P sit in the director’s chair to enjoy what seems to be the talents of a scholar.  A surprise ending, however, shows that those talents may be directed elsewhere.

Tuck in below to see Pain’s failed attempt at creativity via the visual below:


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