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Tamar Braxton’s ‘Calling All Lovers’ Omitted From Grammy Nominations


By way of first week sales garnered by her 2013 release ‘Love & War’ and her reign on Reality TV, Tamar Braxton holds an enviable position in R&B.

So, there’s no doubt that her fans had high hopes for her latest set ‘Calling All Lovers‘, which-despite failing to fly commercially- was well-received by her core base.

This month, said hopes have been dashed to flames.


Surprising news below…


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Toya Wright Suggests Tamar Braxton Was Behind TV Blacklisting


The socialite and Reality TV star Antonia Wright has suggested that her old friend Tamar Braxton was behind her “blacklisting” from the FOX TV series ‘The Real.’


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Tamar Braxton Confirms New Album / Addresses Alleged Beef With Monica & Toya Wright


After a rocky mid-2016, the latter half of the year sees Grammy-nominated R&B beauty Tamar Braxton with much to smile about.

For, not only is she preparing for the fall 2017 kickoff of her very own talk show (read more on that here), but she also confirms a new album – the follow-up to 2015’s critically acclaimed ‘Calling All Lovers’ – is due “soon.”   But, before fans get a taste of anything new from the ‘Love & War’ singer, she is waging war against “the blogs” for producing less-than-flattering stories about her personal life – including news on an alleged domestic violence dispute with husband Vincent Herbert, alleged ongoing beef with former talk show home ‘The Real,’ and more.

Also taking a minute to address rumors that she is feuding with fellow R&B singer Monica and longtime friend Toya Wright for their appearances on ‘The Real,’ tuck in to read her lengthy statement:


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Tamar Braxton Sets September 2017 Launch For Solo Talkshow

Star Attempts To Brush Off Axe From ‘The Real’


Having run through seven record deals before hitting it big, Tamar Braxton is renown for her perseverance.

It’s a trait she’s holding onto firmly following her dramatic departure from ‘The Real’ earlier this summer.

As reported, in the immediate aftermath of her axing from the FOX talker, the 39-year-old signed a production deal with Steve Harvey to front her own talkshow.

Now she’s opening up about the series.

Hear what she had to say below…


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Tamar Braxton 911 Call Released: Claims Husband Bit Her


Here at That Grape Juice, we’re not fond of wallowing in hearsay. As such, when the rumor mill begun churning out tales of an altercation between Tamar Braxton and husband Vince Herbert, we sought to wait for factual details.

Well, the matter has become all sorts of official. Because the 911 tape has surfaced.

Head below where the full story and audio await…


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#ICYMI: Tamar Braxton Shuts Down Divorce Rumors With Facebook Video


Shortly after the public was ready to move on from the hoop-la surrounding her ousting at FOX talker ‘The Real,’ the rumor mill began buzzing around new news concerning ‘Love & War’ wailer Tamar Braxton.

Her beloved #Tamartians may know very well the embattled Braxton has been slammed with reports that she and husband/record executive Vincent Herbert were headed to splitsville due to her alleged extramarital affairs.

Taytay – seemingly never one to bite her tongue about anything – has been surprisingly mum to the story (which began gaining traction earlier this week).  However, that ended this weekend.

If you missed it, tuck in below to see how the Grammy-nominated singer silenced the naysayers on social media this weekend:


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Did You Miss It? The Ladies of ‘The Real’ Break Silence On Tamar’s Exit

the real thatgrapejuice tamar exit extratv

Tamar Braxton‘s unexpected exit from hit FOX talker ‘The Real’ set in motion some real chatter (that continues to this day) from fans and critics alike.

But, despite taking to their respective social media accounts to shed some light on the situation, the surviving panelists – Jeannie, Tamera, Adrienne, and Lonnie – have said the least regarding their former co-host’s departure.

Until now.

Taking to ExtraTV, the ladies of ‘The Real’ got real with resident host Mario Lopez for their first sit-down interview since Tay-Tay’s ousting.  Tuck in below to hear what they said if you missed it:


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