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Did You Miss It? T-Boz Reflects On ‘Rihanna Beef’ & Cyberbullies

'Waterfalls' Singer Recounts Hateful Messages Sent By Rihanna Fans

Tione T Boz Watkins rihanna thatgrapejuice Did You Miss It?  T Boz Reflects On Rihanna Beef & Cyberbullies

Despite having over 20 years of hits to their name, millions of albums sold, and even recently wrapping up a successful leg of their comeback tour, TLC‘s recent public appearances have only seen them bombarded with questions about pop princess Rihanna.

After being slammed by the ‘Where Have You Been’ bleater on Twitter for an assumed diss, the singers – namely lead songstress T-Boz – have been fending off attack from Ri’s faithful #Navy.

No stranger to cyberbullying after Beyonce‘s #Beyhive and Nicki Minaj‘s #Barbz both lent the ‘Unpretty’ performer an abundance of not-so-well-wishes, T-Boz recently took to TheDailyHelpLine to weigh in on the topic of bullies and a host of other hot topics and current events.

Check in at the 1 minute mark to see her thoughts on Ri and that “incident”…


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Watch: TLC’s T-Boz Tackles Reporter Over Rihanna “Beef”

tboz rihanna 600x345 Watch: TLCs T Boz Tackles Reporter Over Rihanna Beef

The flames from TLC and Rihanna‘s supposed “beef” seem to have quelled following the group’s insistence that their “comments” about the singer’s routine nudity were taken and used out of context.

However, it appears the media aren’t prepared  to stick a fork in the meaty matter just yet.

For, TMZ keenly grilled TLC’s T Boz about the issue recently. Clearly angling for a certain response, did T Boz serve it or swerve it?

See for yourself below…


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Ouch! TLC Slams Rihanna / Singer Claps Back On Twitter

rihanna that grape juice 2014 45 600x724 Ouch! TLC Slams Rihanna / Singer Claps Back On Twitter

They may share a friend and mentor in Epic boss LA Reid, but it would seem there’s no love lost between ‘Red Lipstick’ star Rihanna and ‘I’m Good At Being Bad’ icons TLC, who engaged in a war of words (and snaps) minutes ago.

Why Rihanna took aim at the ‘Creep’ sisters?

Find out below…


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Weigh In: Billboard Unveils ‘Top 40 Girl Group Songs Of All Time’ / Are You Surprised?

TLC, Destiny's Child, The Supremes, and more battle for the top spot...

destinys child e1357984897934 Weigh In: Billboard Unveils Top 40 Girl Group Songs Of All Time / Are You Surprised?

It’s “Girl Groups” week over at our friends at Billboard!

After winning over readers with their celebration of the “biggest girl groups of all time” in February, the “Music Bible” is launching a week-long homage to diva syndicates of past and present.

Always a favorite talking point here at That Grape Juice HQ, we’ve decided to join in the honoring of “girl power” by getting your input on the first of the week’s tributes – ‘top 40 girl group songs of all time’.

Based solely on chart performance on the Hot 100 (and adjusted to weigh changes in music such as digital downloads, streaming, etc.), the likes of Destiny’s Child, SWV, Spice Girls, and more duke it out for top ranking.  As expected, fan favorites like TLC and The Supremes dominate the tally with multiple entries, but there are many surprises along the way.

See the R&B dominated list below and tell us:  are you surprised?


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TGJ Replay: TLC’s ‘Fanmail’

tlc fanmail cov TGJ Replay:  TLCs Fanmail

After a lengthy break on the bench, ‘TGJ Replay’ is back!

Designed much like our ‘Retro Rewind’ and ‘From the Vault’ features, ‘Replay’ is That Grape Juice‘s newest retrospective segment – a written quest, if you will, to re-spin the gems and jams of yesterday.

Unlike its ‘Rewind’ and ‘Vault’ predecessors, ‘Replay’ looks to dust off and showcase entire albums (and eras) from a library of pop and Urban pop music hits.  As today marks the 44th birthday of TLC’s lead singer T-BOZ, our latest ‘Replay’ will revisits the group’s 1999 comeback ‘Fanmail.


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Report: Pebbles Sues For $40 Million Over TLC Movie

pebble tlc thatgrapejuice Report: Pebbles Sues For $40 Million Over TLC Movie

The hype may have calmed following the premiere of TLC‘s biopic last year, yet for former manager Pebbles the dramatics have only just begun.

According to new reports, the 49-year-old remains unimpressed with how she was depicted in the VH1 movie and is looking to be compensated.

Full story below…


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Watch: TLC Rock VH1’s ‘Super Bowl Blitz’ With Stellar Performances

TLC she is diva that grape juice tgj 1 Watch: TLC Rock VH1s Super Bowl Blitz With Stellar Performances

Brought to the world by VH1’s Tom Calderone, the ‘Super Bowl Blitz’ was launched to celebrate this year’s Super Bowl 2014 with six concerts on the six nights leading up to the big game!

Hours ago, the force that is TLC took to Manhattan’s Beacon Theatre as part of the festivities, and delivered a live show that’ll have you glued to your screen from start to finish.

Why we can’t wait for news on a world tour from the ladies?

Press play below…


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