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Joe: "R. Kelly Tried To Sabotage My Career"

joe Joe: "R. Kelly Tried To Sabotage My Career"R&B crooner Joe, seemingly, out of nowhere has taken aim at R. Kelly, blaming the singer for trying to ruin his career. Check out the report via Contact Music below:

R&B singer JOE has accused R. KELLY of pressuring radio DJs not to play his records – in a bid to scupper his growing stardom.

The Stutter singer released six albums with Jive Records over an 11 year period, but left the label earlier this year (08) after the company pushed back the release of his 2007 LP, Ain’t Nothin Like Me, several times.

And the Grammy-winning star believes his rival labelmate Kelly was to blame, insisting he would call Jive bosses and radio stations and urge them not to promote the singer too strongly.

Joe says, “R. Kelly was very instrumental in making a lot of decisions when it came to my records being played on the radio.

“He would make a call to the radio station or to the label and say, ‘Hey, this Joe record is too hot right now. Y’all (sic) need to pull that back.’ And they would oblige. It’s incredible that now I get the opportunity to, I don’t know, maybe pay (R. Kelly) back in some sort of side bar kind of thing.”

And Joe, who left Jive to release his forthcoming LP New Man through Kedar Entertainment Group, insists he is still a prevalent musician despite R. Kelly’s alleged intervention.

He says, “I’m still very relevant in the game. But yeah, he did try to make some decisions when it came down to my records being on fire, and climbing up the charts and on the radio stations. He felt like they should pull back because he felt he was more important. And with their loyalty to him, they obliged.”

Though I do support Joe, it does kinda seem like he’s a little bitter about being…well…not all that relevant in the contemporary music scene and is taking aim at R. Kelly because of it. I mean, I find it a little odd that he’s only coming out of the woodwork now. Anyway…

Your thoughts?

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Confirmed: Usher Re-Hires Mother

ushermom Confirmed: Usher Re Hires Mother In a statement to the press, Usher’s record label have confirmed that the Grammy winner has re-hired his mother Jonetta Patton as his manager. Check out the report via Billboard:

In a short statement issued by LaFace/Zomba, it was announced that the artist “has dissolved his management arrangement with Benny Medina and has re-engaged Jonnetta Patton as his manager.”

Usher split his mother as his manager in May 2007. He then hired Medina, who was integral in the launch of the artist’s recent album, “Here I Stand.” In 10 weeks, it has sold 948,000 units in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan. It’s the No. 8 best-selling album of 2008 so far.

However, it hasn’t come close to matching the gaudy numbers of its predecessor, 2004′s “Confessions,” which sold 3.77 million copies in its first 10 weeks and is at 9.6 million to date.

Let the ‘I told you so’s’ ensue lol. For real, this is definitely a good look for Usher IMO; maybe not for the ‘Here I Stand’ LP (which IMO was dead on arrival), but for his long-term prospects.

Your thoughts?

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Khia – ‘Be Your Lady’ Video

The video for Khia’s latest single ‘Be Your Lady’ hit the net recently. Yes, it’s as bad as you thought it’d be. Windows Movie Maker bad…SMH…

Edit: I just watched it again…LMAO…A mess.

Anyway, Khia’s ‘Nasti Musik’ LP is out now – its release was pushed up to avoid ‘internet downloading’..LOL…I’m almost in tears.

What do you think of the video?

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Usher Lines Up 3rd Single

usherpromo3 Usher Lines Up 3rd Single R&B star Usher is lining up ‘His Mistakes’ as the third single to be lifted from his most recent album ‘Here I Stand’. The song will be serviced to radio on August 18th.
Err is it me or does this seem like an ‘iffy’ choice? I mean Usher is in desperate need of a hit at the moment, considering ‘Moving Mountains’ has pretty much stalled on both sides of the Atlantic. IMO ‘Trading Places’ would have been the much better option. Perhaps putting out a better album, in general, would have helped matters?…Just a thought

Your thoughts?
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ThisDay Music Festival Pics

7 ThisDay Music Festival Pics
A bevy of stars including Usher, Rihanna, Jay-Z and more hit Nigeria’s 3rd annual ThisDay Musical Festival this weekend. Check out pics from the event:
4 ThisDay Music Festival Pics 3 ThisDay Music Festival Pics 2 ThisDay Music Festival Pics
1 ThisDay Music Festival Pics 5 ThisDay Music Festival Pics
Supermodels Naomi Campbell and Tyson Beckford were also in attendance.
8 ThisDay Music Festival Pics

What do you think of the pics?

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New Song: Nelly – ‘Long Night (ft. Usher)’

dc66b95505cf703fdb6eef3e9cab01bc New Song: Nelly   Long Night (ft. Usher)Nelly’s forthcoming LP ‘Brass Knuckles’ is set to feature a number of collaborations, including cuts with girlfriend Ashanti, T.I, Chuck D, Ciara, Fergie as well as a host of others. The St. Louis rapper also teams with Usher on ‘Long Night’, which was produced by the latter’s brother JLack. Uninspired and lacking on most fronts, the mid-tempo track kinda left a salty taste in mouth. With Nelly’s last few singles not exactly setting the charts alight, a lot is riding is on the success of this album. For his sake, here’s hoping the record boasts better tracks.

Hit or Miss?

{Link Removed As Requested}

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Usher & Son Cover Essence

usher+son Usher & Son Cover Essence R&B star Usher appears on the cover of the August issue of Essence magazine along with his 8 month old son, with wife Tameka, Usher Raymond IV. It’s the first glance the world will have had of the infant who born back in November last year. Nice shot.

What do you think of the pic?
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Usher To Re-Hire Mother?

ushermom Usher To Re Hire Mother? After the salty reception Usher’s latest LP ‘Here I Stand’ received up its release, the NY Daily News are reporting that the Grammy winner is considering re-hiring his mother Jonetta Patton, who he unceremoniously fired in May last year:

Usher is said to have been disappointed that it (“Here I Stand”) sold 433,000 in its first week, compared with his last CD, 2004’s “Confessions,” which had sales of 1.1 million in its first seven days. “Usher was livid!,” claims an insider. “He threatened to fire everyone.”

“People have been telling Usher to listen to his mother,” says a source. “Nobody knows how to sell him better than she does. Usher can be stubborn. But he may be ready.”Some claim Usher pink-slipped his mom because she failed to show proper deference to his stylist-turned-girlfriend-turned-wife, Tameka Foster. But now that Foster has given her a grandson, the two ladies are said to be getting along better. Usher, for one, denies he fired his mom. Rather, he tells Vibe, “[I paid her] the ultimate compliment – to retire her to be a full-time grandmother.”

Patton has actually been busy running her own record label and managing other artists, including Usher’s brother, Jlack. But sources say that if Usher cries momma, she’s there for him.

Is it safe to say that in between the tirades against his own fans, firing his mom and putting out a sub-par (IMO) album, that Usher has kinda lost his way? Here’s hoping things get back on track ASAP; bringing his Mom back into the fold in, some capacity, would be a start.

Your thoughts?
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