Gabrielle Union Lands Own BET Sitcom

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Turning 40 often spells the end for many a talented actress (see: age bias). However, Gabrielle Union is proving that, as she nears the big 4-0, she will not be held down. For, after scoring a lead role in Tyler Perry’s latest hit ‘Good Deeds’, Union has reportedly signed on as the top billing in a new BET sitcom.

According to Deadline, the actress has joined forces with husband and wife production duo Mara Brock Akil and Salim Akil (who produce The Game) to star  as the top bill in Single Black Female.

Details below…

The show chronicles the work and family life of a Black woman (Union), who serves as the host of a popular Atlanta talk show host – akin to Ellen

‘Single Black Female’ is the latest offering from the Akil’s, who inked a mega-bucks deal with BET in May last year; a deal which’ll see them create a series of scripted shows for the network.

Kudos to Gabby for landing the role, as well as BET/the Akil’s for catering to a demographic that the mainstream networks left high and dry, after abruptly axing Girlfriends, One On One, and the like.

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