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X Factor USA Renewed For A Third Season

d8813d649f1c3b80cf9d94da111d107b X Factor USA Renewed For A Third Season

Will it be third time lucky for ‘The X Factor USA’?

Creator of the franchise Simon Cowell has revealed that the FOX show will be back for a third season next year, despite so-so ratings and being trounced by rival The Voice week-in-week-out. Taking to Twitter, the media mogul and judge on the show wrote:




While FOX may be committed to the show, the network will no doubt be doing so with concrete confirmation that American Idol is their star-player in the reality-singing arena. The Cowell produced show has been averaging 9 million viewers week, far below the 20 million the Mr Nasty predicted upson its launch. What this spells for The X Factor and its budget next year will be uber interesting to see.

For if not awarded the same production budget, will they even bother trying to entice the likes of Britney Spears back for another spell on the judging panel? Then there’s the question of whether Spears’ will even sign again. After all, from a branding perspective, as much as the show hasn’t “hurt” her career, it hasn’t done wonders for it either. What’s more, it does her no favours being on a show that is losing the ratings battle to shows starring diva rivals such as Christina Aguilera.

Needless to say, it’ll be interesting to see how things play out.

Peep one our favourite performances from this series, courtesy of Diamond White below…

Will you be watching season three of the X Factor USA?

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