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Watch: Nene Leakes Makes ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Debut / Feuds With Wendy Williams ?

nene leakes that grape juice she is diva 10 1 Watch: Nene Leakes Makes Dancing With The Stars Debut / Feuds With Wendy Williams ?

Missed Nene Leakes soul-soaked ‘Dancing with the Stars’ debut?

Well, one can be sure talk-show host Wendy Williams did, after she narrowly avoided a war of words with the ‘Real Housewife’, after she said she didn’t believe she’d win the Dance contest.

Upon learning that she had joined the show, Williams told viewers of ‘The Wendy Williams Show’:

“I wish you well, but you aren’t going to win.”

In response, Nene told

“Wendy was not going to win because she had two left feet. I know she might want to put me in the same box that she’s in, but I’m not. I don’t have two left feet.”

This, in reference to Wendy’s time as a contestant on the series‘ back in 2011. Her response to Leakes’ scathing answer…

“NeNe did a great job.  “A lot of websites are saying that, ‘Wendy Williams slams NeNe Leakes telling her she won’t win…’ Well, if you’re a regular Wendy watcher, I told them all they won’t win…NeNe’s not gonna win, but neither is Billy Dee Williams.”

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