KeKe Palmer Takes Fresh Aim At Trey Songz On ‘The View’

Published: Tuesday 31st Jan 2017 by David

Keke Palmer‘s legal feud with Trey Songz has reached ‘The View’.

It all kicked off when the star allegedly placed her in one of his music videos without her permission.

Now, after Songz sought to deny this was the case, he has learned that his problem with Palmer has been given a fresh pair of public legs thanks to a series of interviews she’s given to discuss it.

Her latest stop?

The aforementioned ‘View’.

Watch below…

I wasn’t in the right mind. I had been drinking and eating and it wasn’t a professional environment. It was not a place where I was like I’m in the right mind to decide if this works with my brand, if I like the artist, I don’t know nothing about the artist that’s also in the song.

I feel as a female often I’m put in situations where sometimes males will use their masculinity, their sexuality to taunt you.

Trey countered with…

Your thoughts?

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  1. IKNOWTHETRUTH January 31, 2017


    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler January 31, 2017

      He should have respected her enough to stop when she told him too. Point , blank, period.

      • Paulo January 31, 2017

        right but why would he do that when he got fools that would rather reach for the Gods to defend him? smh @ the first commenter.

      • IKNOWTHETRUTH January 31, 2017


      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler January 31, 2017

        She did decide to leave. As a matter of fact, she tried to hide in the closet until her uber arrived. The bottom black ass line is, Trey shouldn’t have done it without her consent. Not cool!

    • BAE January 31, 2017

      She is doing extra lately ..

      • SMH January 31, 2017

        So she should just keep quiet and let the pervert continue doing his mess?

  2. Jay January 31, 2017

    Why does she keep doing interviews about this?

    • Melanie January 31, 2017

      She wants to destroy trey brand she knows he caters to women so it’s like if I keep humiliating him and slandering him talking about this issue on tv and stuff women will stop messing with him which is not cool and because she has a book out it’s the only way people wanna pay attention to her but I feel bad for trey he already has the Detriot case he has to worry about and now keke giving him more problems

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler January 31, 2017

        Detroit case ? What happened in Detroit?

      • SMH January 31, 2017

        Lmao SHE wants to destroy Trey’s brand? How about the little R Kelly wannabe pervert act like a man and stop destroying his own brand? This isn’t his first time in this kind of mess.

  3. Rihboy January 31, 2017

    I grew to love her! Akeelah !

  4. Jason January 31, 2017

    Eating is code for weed, right?! She keeps saying eating in all these interviews?! I mean, unless she got the “itis”, when does food change your state of mind?! 😂😂

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler January 31, 2017

      She said that she had been drinking. Either way, it doesn’t f****** matter

  5. IG: @mixedboy January 31, 2017

    Lord this is just so desperate She wasn’t in her right mind because she was drinking and eating? Or was she just HIGH AS A KITE!??

  6. leveinard January 31, 2017

    Who is this dangerously pathetic woman?

    • SMH January 31, 2017

      And what about the dangerously pathetic little boy that shot the video?

      • JustCoastWitHa February 1, 2017


    • Jamie January 31, 2017

      When is your clinic visit to test those dangerously pathetic t-cells?

  7. Ronnie January 31, 2017

    I really like Keke I really do, she is a very positive influence. But I find it weird this situation is more so attached to promoting her book. She’s going on Wendy Williams tomorrow so you can imagine the same thing will be discussed there as well.

  8. SMH January 31, 2017

    Typical, Blame and trash the woman, not a word to the pervert who filmed the video without permission. Typical. The same mentality that elected a misogynist as president.

  9. Lake Erie January 31, 2017

    Lmaoooo Keke ain’t coming to play. You ain’t got to Keke, but gone head and wing this sh!t then.. lol.

  10. Lake Erie January 31, 2017

    As for you Trey, lol smh. “No means NO”

  11. Lesha January 31, 2017

    He stuck it in crazy

  12. Jay Alford January 31, 2017

    Trey really is in the wrong. She told him he didn’t want to be in the video, so why he thought it was okay to plug her in there without her permission is beyond me, that’s why she’s going off. She’s not bugging at all. He used her image against her will. How is she the one bugging?

  13. January 31, 2017

    i respect what she is saying but….

  14. Jason January 31, 2017

    For the record, I don’t like Trey! He’s been making the same song for 8 years. 🙄 No absolutely means no, but this story is a bit strange.

  15. GURLLL January 31, 2017

    Someone mentioned she was promoting her book on the last book. It’s kinda obvious. Not saying she’s wrong because punks like Trey Songz deserve to be exposed. Always hated his macho attitude!

  16. kee January 31, 2017

    she is super annoying

  17. Shakira Stan February 1, 2017


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