Mariah Carey Readies Tell-All TV Drama About Her Life

Published: Thursday 5th Jan 2017 by David

Mariah Carey is to follow in the footsteps of Nicki Minaj and create a TV series about her life before fame.

Full story below…

The star’s manager Stella Bulochnikov shared:

We have a secret project. We do have a scripted drama that we are developing that has not been announced about Mariah’s life that’s going to be incredibly poignant.

Stella broke the news as Carey seeks to silence the storm generated by her botched New Year’s Eve performance and the less than stellar ratings pulled in by her Reality TV series ‘Mariah’s World.’

It appears that work on the biopic is yet to begin but will see Carey join a long list of artists who are preparing to take their stories to the small screen.

Leading the efforts to bring Madonna’s journey to life is Carey’s ex-fiancee’ James Packer after Nicki Minaj and ABC are said to have completed work on her aforementioned TV project.

There’s more.

Mariah’s fans will know that she has committed to delivering three more original movies to ‘Lifetime’ and that 2017 is expected to offer them fresh material from the ‘My All’ icon.

Alas, these fans also know that her era will be launched without the expertise of world class creative director Anthony Burrell who was fired from her camp this week.


A “source” close to Carey gave ‘Entertainment Tonight‘ the following information:

Burrell moved Carey’s backup singers off the stage for the live performance in Times Square, putting them at the base of the risers in order to make more room for the dancers.

The source further explained to ET that Burrell’s decision to move the backup dancers offstage “left Mariah without any support,” as backup singers can be a source of support and help an artist pick up cues if their inner earpieces don’t work and they can’t hear the music.


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  1. LISA LEVINE January 5, 2017

    Mariah, stop the bull and release Faded, and get your fans back, if you Can sing THANK GOD I FOUND YOU piano version or that bridge in Vision of Love on “LIVE” tv and silence your critics who say you can’t sing. Honey, your voice is annointed just like Whitney’s and you need to make it happen. GO ON LIVE TV, AND SING. No one cares about your personal life anymore your 47 years old, but the music lives on forever, its the music and the lyrics and the voice the public loves, not your weave or extended b******

    • JustSaying January 5, 2017

      She’s proven many times she can’t sing stop making excuses. It is not going to make it happen. She has lost it and busted big time.

      R I P

      • Cue the violins January 5, 2017


      • So Long Overrated Diva January 5, 2017

        When she realized the vocal track was missing, she could have easily said things like, “Hello New York, I love you, Happy New Year!” Sung a few words, gotten the audience to clap with her while singing a few more phrases and then saying something to the effect of, “I can feel the happiness and love here tonight, I love you all!” Etc. Instead she just dumped anger on those watching at home and unfortunately her dancers. It was awful because her behavior was awful.

        Yuck. Pathetic.

      • Urghh January 5, 2017

        Ughh…Mariah Carey is awful! I wish she would just disappear. She is a horrible person and such a fricken diva. Look what she did on American Idol. She thinks she is way better then she actually is. Horrible horrible role model. Stop with the excuses Mariah. You WERE great at one time and you should have left it there. But since you want to blame someone else… If you are still so great, why not say stop the music I’m going acappella. Nope but you can’t do that cause you just aren’t the same artist. Give it up.She should apologize for behaving like an old spoilt has-been stripper.

      • Dan Boyce January 5, 2017

        I would rather watch Jenny McCarthy or Wendy pick her nose than to ever hear a single word out of Mariah Carey’s mouth.

        She’s a has been……yasss DONE!

      • Toni January 5, 2017

        If you’re a true artist, why do you need to lip sync? This isn’t karaoke at a bar. It’s live. After the tree lighting mess up from last year, who seriously would book you?

        Play the blame game. Cover up please. Maybe spend the time to make sure everything works (your voice ) and not keep tugging at your boobs. We’ve seen them already! D*** Clark is rolling over. Retire before you becoming the next Milli Vanilli 🤐😬🤤

      • Dangerous Woman January 5, 2017

        Karma …absolutely love it!!! 💋💋💋💋

      • Listener January 5, 2017

        She cant hit those high notes anymore. Dont you guys get it?!

        Some people are so slow in this topic! me down and I dont care. Truth always prevail. 💁🏿

      • LISA LEVINE January 5, 2017

        You all sound like a bunch of ANGRY trolls. Let’s state facts. Aretha/Mariah/Whitney/Celine. That’s how it goes, your fave will NEVER be apart of this group. Women who have sold over 200 million CD’s. So deal with her being IMPERFECT, and having a sound issue. Go get laid, and leave this woman be. She’s got 500 MILLION to chill with WHILE YA’LL LAYING ON A MATTRESS ON THE FLOOR with a yeast infection. STFU negative troll a_sses.

    • Hoochieriah Stay Home January 5, 2017

      Mariah’s team is a serial liar! D*** Clark Production Inc. is not in the position of sabotaging any stars. Are you nuts?!

      C’mom..they are in this business for quite some times since 2009. Go home and lounge nude all by yourself. Gurl friend doesn’t have one real friend and that speaks volumes. Even Nick couldn’t take it and had to beat feet.

      • John Vidal January 5, 2017

        Once she had a great voice. She now represents all the things that kill people’s trust in live performance. Get off the stage! Next….. 🙁

      • life drama in your a*** January 5, 2017

        MARIAH THE B*LLSHIT!!! Embarrassing to be a lamb these days. She’s mortified that she looked bad!!! If her dancers could seem to carry on, which they did, then WHERE WAS SHE? Too drunk, too snooty and too old to act for this big event. She looked like a freaking inept, constipated DIVA!!!

    • BeyHive Army January 5, 2017

      Karma …for shading so many people in the past. Looked like she was very drunk or high. She could not walk right, the dancers had to helper down the steps and around the stage. You were so amateurish and so wrong in many levels.

      Hang it up, fatso! 🙁

      • Minaj January 5, 2017

        One vivid sign of aging. Make up and technology can’t hide it.

        Ok byeee gurl.

    • Ex-Lamb January 5, 2017

      Oh, “Honey”, it’s time you consider reinventing yourself as an artist. Your voice has changed in recent years and it’s not what it used to be. We know it and we hear it. Stop with that awful lip syncing, and do something more in sync with your new voice. It’s time to get over the hurt(I know the feeling and the frustration), and do something new. MILF soft p0rn???

      • Kwinzy January 5, 2017

        If that’s really you with the hocus pocus snot in the avi, damn you ugly af. Bish, the door… —>

    • Pariah Scarey January 5, 2017

      The only reason why she was mortified was because she was caught lip-synching. As she wondered around the stage refusing to sing or dance all you could hear in the background were strategically placed high notes that she obviously no longer can sing. Tragic..

      • Sugar Daddy named Tommy January 5, 2017

        Excuses, excuses, does no one take accountability for their actions anymore. I’m so glad she was exposed to be the fraud she is. She was good in the day but now she is washed up diva. I wouldn’t be surprised if she did all this on purpose just so because would watch her tv show.

    • LaQoyah January 5, 2017

      Let’s be honest People, the woman can’t sing anymore and is faking it and has been faking it for a long time. Why they picked her was the worst idea of ideas. Someone pulled the curtain away to show how bad she really is…she pissed off someone haha you could hear Rachel Platten right before the ball drop and she was 100x’s better and actually singing….I feel bad for Lionel Richie who now has to tour with her…he will be clinging from the ceiling 🙇🏽‍♀️

  2. RCR81 January 5, 2017

    Good for you Mariah! Stay getting those coins. We all know you have the singing chops, now let’s see the story behind it – Should be interesting!

    I for one am really enjoying the light hearted entertainment that is ‘Mariahs World’ – It shows she has a personality and doesn’t take life too seriously. It has certainly peaked my interest in Mariah once again!

    • Cue the violins January 5, 2017

      And Celine can SING she would stop the music and f****** SING

      • So Long Overrated Diva January 5, 2017

        Beyonce, too and few others. Mariah, stay home.

      • RCR81 January 5, 2017

        Why is Celine even being bought into the conversation? Your sentence makes no sense what-so-ever.

    • RCR81 January 5, 2017

      “Beyonce, too and few others. Mariah, stay home.”

      The above also doesn’t make any sense – Go back to school please.

    • gina January 5, 2017

      Why can’t anybody in this country take responsibility for themselves? It’s always somebody else’s fault. Bad performance, a loss, divorce, got fired, lost an election … etc. Look in the mirror people. Own it and move on. I would have so much more respect for people like Mariah, Hillary, Obama etc. if they would just admit they F-ed up, didn’t put in the work and or they were just plain wrong. This country needs to lesson in humility and responsibility. Good greif!

      • SMH January 5, 2017

        You mean the same way Bush and his administration took responsibility for screwing up the country?

    • Buy Beyonce January 5, 2017

      One of the worst entertainers out there. Way overrated. She needs to stay home.🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  3. It a Shame January 5, 2017

    Better be careful what you say about Ms. Mariah good bad or indifferent. Her little Brats will come looking for you. DaBrat takes up for her whether she’s right or wrong. A good friend will tell you when to stop the BS. Truthfully, Brat seems to be down to Earth but Mariah is far gone left and over the top. Strange friendship

  4. Swit Katz January 5, 2017

    Everything about her is perfection. Living legend!!!

    • PMSL January 5, 2017

      I had a “vision of Love” of a “Hero” who once sang. A real “Dreamlover” who voice soared like a “Butterfly”..Now she is “Obessed” with lip syncing because she can not sing anymore. “If it’s over” just let it go girl. Maybe “One Sweet day” after some rest your voice can be just like a “Music box” for right now your “Vanishing”!! honest it took no time at all! Most of my “Emotions” went into it…I think However Mariah needs to learn the “Art of Letting Go” because “I still Believe” one day she may be able to sing again. Anything is possible “When You Believe”!! Lol

      • Kenya January 5, 2017

        where did you copy that from? I swear you haters are the biggest fans

  5. Bby boy January 5, 2017

    Dont with her

    • Bby boy January 5, 2017


    • So Long Overrated Diva January 5, 2017

      Done, too! Bye Felicia 👋🏻 If you weren’t trying to lip sync some of it, it never would have happened. You should know your own songs. I need to add, her attitude about it too was very unprofessional, you are a “performer”, go with it and “perform.”

  6. cassandra chen January 5, 2017

    Mariah can keep that tell Al…. her reality show is quite boring as well. She loves to blame everyone but herself, if only she had open her mouth and sing, she had been in the game for too long to be doing such bull.

  7. Justafan January 5, 2017

    Mariah…please get a new management team

    • wtf January 5, 2017

      What’s the point? She is not going to continue singing live anymore. Her voice is GONE!

      • FAF January 5, 2017

        Managers cant sing and perform for U

  8. gurlbye January 5, 2017

    The relentless Mariah shade from TGJ, though. It’s pathetic.

  9. Cake Like Gaga January 5, 2017

    They should have booked Grande. At least she got ..vocals. 😆

  10. Riri4Eva January 5, 2017

    Mariah threw a tantrum and wanted attention…guess she’s got it now 😆

  11. Yawnzzz January 5, 2017

    This woman is so f*cked up beyond repairs. Other singers have dealt with technical issues and they handled it beautifully. They never skipped a beat and kept on singing. Mariah Carey was absolutely horrible and is just trying to make excuses for blowing it. Technical problems happen all the time but perhaps if she wore shoes that she could actually have walked on without assistance may have helped her because if this happened to JLo, she would have still come through with flying colors. Typical to blame everyone but herself. Poor diva. Ok bye. I’m done!

  12. eric January 5, 2017

    “…backup singers can be a source of support and help an artist pick up cues if their inner earpieces don’t work and they can’t hear the music.” If Mariah can’t hear the music being amplified to a crowd of thousands, how would she hear a backup singer?? These are just more lies and more excuses. When Mariah is billed as a singer she should perform as one, not as a magician who uses trickery to merely look like a singer.

    • Becky January 5, 2017

      She is a liar. Period.

      Her backup singers didn’t miss a beat. What a sh*tty performance. The worst since Beyonce’s at Obama’s Inauguration. If i wanted to watch lip sync battle, i would’ve tuned into that instead of the New Years Eve Celebration.

      Do your job next time and you wont have to deal with embarrassment of this caliber.

  13. 2bad2bme January 5, 2017

    She is sooo overrated. Who is checking for her this hard? I mean the girl is a studio artist, she stiff as a board and her songs are tired and over played. Like…

    • Pariah Scarey January 5, 2017

      Hey… we’ve all seen Mean Girls, right? When the track starts skipping during the talent show she starts singing and saves the performance! Haha! C’mon Mariah… get it together!

      • FAF January 5, 2017

        Brandy at 14 sang circles around Mariah today

      • Truthfilthy January 5, 2017

        Brandy’s vocal is still okay. Unlike a so-called diva who cant even remember her own music and dont know how to sing live because she is an alcoholic and tone deaf on new year’s eve! 😔

      • Danny January 5, 2017

        😂😂😂😭😭 Did this fool just say that Brandy at 14 sang circles around Mariah LMAOOOOOOOO. Brandy can’t even out sing Alvin and the Chipmunks. With that said, Negro go take your medication.

      • Yes ladies January 5, 2017

        LOL Mental health is real. Brandy is the most overrated flop ever, “Who’s music career lasted about 5 yrs, with no #1 album” with her ashy 10 packs a day sounding voice. Explain to me why she is NEVER on any top vocalist list?

    • Yes ladies January 5, 2017

      Said the Brandy fan. Girl stfu. Nobody is more overrated than that bitter 90’s has been you stan for.

  14. Layola January 5, 2017

    I have said it once, and I will say it again. There is absolutely NO reason why she should not have made an effort to sing. Her mic was working just fine. Even if the in-ear monitors were NOT working, why didn’t she simply sing a-capella, and ask the sound engineer to turn off the track? I’ve sung in performances where the the pianists skipped ahead two pages, where people fell off the stage and all sorts of stuff. The key is, the show must go on, you don’t just stop because stuff goes wrong. I’m sorry, but for what she got paid, I’m sure it was plenty, she should have made a bigger effort. No pass.

    PS: the dancer’s kept going. They could hear the monitors.

    • Kenya January 5, 2017

      I agree but she clearly wasn’t thinking on her feet especially when it was a LIVE performance and had 6 minutes and was out in the cold which is known to be harsh on the voice.They should have cut to commercials

      • Matt January 5, 2017

        wear some clothes, b*tch !!!

      • Dan Boyce January 5, 2017

        Her fricken ear piece fell out when they took that horrid feather thing off her, that’s all that happened, she couldn’t hear the music. I am not a fan of hers but it was her over the top wardrobe that did her in. I think she should hang up the mic, she couldn’t hit those high notes anymore if she tried anyways. Beyonce is a raw deal. Sorry…

    • Arianator January 5, 2017

      WHAT PERFORMANCE, all she did was prance around sing a couple of bars & figit around blaming her earpiece. Her dancers were the only ones performing…….BYE FELICIA

  15. Kenya January 5, 2017

    Was wondering when that Madonna Stan and his troll accounts would show up🙄

    • huhuhu January 5, 2017

      Typical stinky sh*t Lamb..always blaming others just like their diva.

  16. Applause January 5, 2017

    Ol’ Mariah Carey is a done deal. Retire and let the next stars move in. You had your spotlight, and now you sound like [email protected] Stay home and out of the public eye. Stop with the excuses, screeching brake.

  17. Sugar Daddy named Tommy January 5, 2017

    The older you get darhliiinggggsss, the more ridiculous you act. Her voice is gone. Let it go and quietly retire Mamariah so that we can remember you and still have some respect for what you once were.

    Bring your team along …enjoy your ol’ money, ol’ darhliiiinggsss.

  18. done x3 January 5, 2017

    Dan Boyce LOL! That’s a great example for people continue refusing to accept responsibility for your failing. Sorry it is what it is and it happens–especially if you’re drunk. She tried to blame D*** Clark Productions and apparently parted ways with a staff member, but refuses to accept that it was her fault….smh.

  19. MDNA2017 January 5, 2017

    Nobody cares about her even Nick who happens to not be the real father of her kids because she was rápéd by an ape

  20. Dan Boyce January 5, 2017

    If this were to have happened to Beyoncé she would have killed it with no music or any background. S***…Beyonce tore her earlobe in half and kept going like it was no big deal. A professional doesn’t just stand there and say “oh well…s*** happens”. The songs were her songs and she should know them well enough to sing without background help…..BUT we have all hear Mariah sing without help and over the years she hasn’t been great.

  21. …. January 5, 2017

    i’m here to read comments…:lol: 😆 😆

  22. Erika January 5, 2017

    Very sad she used to have class and a 5 octave voice, now she can barley get two!

    Welcome to Ciara;s world. 😉

    • Zzz January 5, 2017

      And Rihanna and Nicki!

      • FAF January 5, 2017

        Ciara doesn’t have to sing she performs

        And isn’t stiff as a washing board

  23. Kunty Perry January 5, 2017

    Maybe you shouldn’t have lip synced …… you only have yourself to be angry create your own drama. Give my money back👩🏾‍💻

  24. Yulanda January 5, 2017

    Even D*ck Clark, had he been alive, would not have been able to make sure that Mariah knew the words to her biggest hit song. You know who sings live for 8 performances a week, with no ear pieces and background tracks? Broadway performers! Grow Up, Mariah. You screwed up, so just own it. Nobody will be checking you. No wonder you are busy making a reality TV. You just cant sing live anymore. Time to retire. 💅🏼💅🏼💅🏼

  25. Adrian January 5, 2017

    Wow you guys are the most negative people i have ever seen. Non of you ever performed in that sorta venue and are not artists but are the first to judge. The problem is whatever Mariah did, whether be sing or not or whatever you all would still hate. So leave the woman alone she has paid her due in the industry and has proven time and time again she has a voice. Listen to her recent performances and will see her voice is still there maybe not like in 90’s but hey do you look like the same as 10 years ago i THINK NOT.

    • Toni January 5, 2017

      Then sing live hit the notes. Problem solved. 🤣

    • Team Riri January 5, 2017

      Awhhh poor old easkef up , I think she needed this huge wake up call she is not the diva she thinks she is . It’s not all the money you always are showing off but the gifts God gave you . She’s talented and has been for years but she has let that diva attitude ruin so much . Humble yourself girl and get a reality check👨🏽‍⚕️

  26. Samantha Gavin January 5, 2017

    She’s been extra shady lately so karma gave her a dose of reality! 😂😂😂😂😂

  27. Team Riri January 5, 2017

    Just stay home and make a p*** movie with a russian millionaire or something. As if you havent opened your legs before to ugly guys! 🤸🏾‍♂️

  28. Dangerous Woman January 5, 2017

    It s time to sell your depleting p*ssy to the highest bidder like you did in the 90s snd 2016! 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😤😩😩😤😤😤😤😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😛

  29. Next??? January 5, 2017

    Pariah Cowry is a FRAUD

  30. Tommy Mottola January 5, 2017

    Mimi’s #1 hits

    Vision of Scam
    Vocal Takes Time
    Some Prerecorded Tracks
    I Dont Want To Sing
    I’ll Be Lip Synching
    Dream Ol’ Gold Digger
    One Tragic Eve
    Always Be My Problem
    My Supper
    Thank God I Found Billionaire
    We Swallow Together
    Don’t Forget About Ring
    Touch My Fanny

  31. Teflon Boy January 5, 2017

    The rigorous schedule that is required of A list super star singers is stressful on the human voice. Some singers voices are less clean and more reliable under those conditions of constant talking, interviews, lack of sleep etc than others. Someone like Mary J. Blige isn’t going to disappoint her audience if she’s a bit hoarse but Mariah would, as her lane is ‘pristine’ vocals and anything less doesn’t fulfil expectation. Mariah can sing extremely well but her voice is sensitive as f*** and simply cannot cope under the regime she consistently places herself in. That’s the long and short of it.., so she regularly lip syncs to protect what she has. The issue is after years of this fans, lambs and casual listeners are not here for the lip syncing and she’s feeling the burn because of that. Her schedule is to blame for the lack of live singing, as she never stops. Casual fans aren’t aware of these dynamics though so they chalk it up to ‘Mariah has lost her voice’ despite that being far from true.

    • Inyala January 5, 2017

      [email protected]!!! Excuses and more excuses.. .if you cant sing outdoor move back to Vegas. Why bother? Stay in the auditorium and keep scamming your stupid illiterate stans.

      Clearly you have been relying pre-recorded tracks god knows how long already! No wonder you cancelled your shows in South America. You voice has long gone!

      • Teflon Boy January 5, 2017

        Lol you do know I’m not Mariah right? Directing your maladjusted negativity towards a celebrity like her movements affect your day to day life. Tbh it’s sad. Mariah will continue to sing live on tour for the people who’ve paid money.., and lip sync on TV. I don’t like it but I understand why she does it. Meanwhile, you don’t like it, you have no live music experience AND you don’t understand why she does.., all of which keeps you in the confused state you clearly find enjoyable *sips beverage*

  32. Kay January 5, 2017

    Mariah has been exposed..big time. I wouldnt pay even 10 bucks to see this joker anywhere!


  33. What A Joke January 5, 2017

    Americans are so stupid. They would pay to see this old cow performing . And her fans… 🙄so pathetic. No wonder Trump is going to be their President! 💩

  34. Suicide Blonde January 5, 2017

    She looks fantastic in that old picture.

  35. Theman January 5, 2017

    Y’all sound dumb AF. Dancers don’t sing. So if her in ears ain’t working then she would not be able to sing. She would have sung to the track, which is common at events like that.. The instrumental played. So that means that she was going to sing dummies. They messed up her sound. But she shouldn’t do a tv story. She should focus on her music. Stella should handle reality stars.

  36. Kiii January 5, 2017

    The trolls are out in full force today

  37. Shaquiiii January 6, 2017

    NOOOOOOO! OMG don’t do it! and not in the vein of lifetime!! Those are always cheesy disasters! Mariah should have a movie, an not or another 20 years…good lord what is happening.

  38. We Nowqd Redv dimnobut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremxil January 9, 2017


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