Nicki Minaj Spills Details On New Album

Published: Wednesday 7th Jun 2017 by David

As Nicki Minaj’s fourth studio album glides closer to its release date the rapper continues to give the world good reason to anticipate it.

In an interview with her old friend DJ Whoo Kid, the entertainer revealed that the set will be classically Hip-Hop and how her fan base, The Kingdom, have inspired its stories.

She shared:

My fans are a different level of die-hard. I always feel like I gotta make them proud. I gotta go hard. I gotta impress them. They always waiting for me. That’s a blessing in itself.

I know it’s going to be my best body of work and I always love to be in real time, see my fans reacting to something. That’s what I’m looking forward to now. Obviously, I’m not telling them when my album is coming out, but I know that it’s gonna be amazing because I want to thank the people who’ve rocked with me for all of these years.

Are you looking forward to the album?

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  1. steve June 7, 2017


  2. Realestinthebando June 7, 2017

    😂😂😂 @ classic hip hop. Bih WHERE???Let’s see how hard her Becky Barbz support her this go round like they did dem street duds Lookin ass n**** and Chiraq. 😳😂Ain’t nobody taking “hood nicki” serious. She’ll forever be a pop ass b****. The #shEtherEffect is so evident.. 😂thank Remy for exposing Onika.🙌🏾 Since this fraud pig refuses to stay in her commercial ass place, HUMBLE PIE will be served when this s*** flops. Bon appetit b****!

    • Dru June 7, 2017

      Coming from someone that has achieved greatness I’m sure! 😝

  3. Realestinthebando June 7, 2017

    The kingdom??? shEther got Nicki pressed she had to man-up her emasculated fan base with a name switch! She a whole clown 🤡 “Children of the CORN” is more fitting🌽 ..bishes be corny.😂

    • Snoopy V June 7, 2017

      reaaaaaaaaddddd lol

    • iCritic June 7, 2017


  4. iCritic June 7, 2017

    Since when has Nikki been classic hip hop? “The lies! The lies!!” (Kandi voice)

  5. I HATE WHITE n BLACK BIT..,,,HES June 7, 2017

    Is remy ready is the question

  6. SMH June 7, 2017

    Lol meanwhile all the remy, iggy, and azalea stans are shook because Nicki is about to make those z-list nobodies irrelevant again lol.

    • JustCoastWitHa June 7, 2017


      • iCritic June 7, 2017


        You a AB fan or not? I thought your handle was taken from Luxury

  7. June 7, 2017

    lm looking forward to Nicki’s new album.

  8. Pat June 7, 2017

    Not here for it.

  9. Biting Truth June 7, 2017

    She’s still here? I thought she tried to hug a comedian and got shoo’d away. Oh, wait…that was that other 2010 fad…

  10. Who said dat June 7, 2017

    Cute. I might enjoy a new Nicki album.

  11. Hillary June 7, 2017

    It’s almost eerie the way that this woman models her album styles after Lil’ Kim. Hardcore (Heavy use of wigs, wild outfits, heavy features from Junior Mafia + artists of the moment) / Pink Friday (Heavy use of wigs, wild outfits, heavy features from Young Money + artists of the moment), The Notorious K.I.M. (Blonde hair, flow experimentation, more pop production than any other Hip-Hop artist of the time) / Roman Reloaded (Blonde hair, flow experimentation, more pop production than any other Hip-Hop artist of the time), La Bella Mafia (Natural look, more emphasis on lyricism, club hits) / The Pinkprint (Natural look, more emphasis on lyricism, club hits), The Naked Truth (Most emphasis on lyricism, heavy homage to New York rap, sought to please fans of classic Hip-Hop) / Nicki’s 4th Album (Claims to be most lyrical, homage to New York rap, seeks to please fans of classic Hip-Hop)… Don’t get me wrong, I love the both of them, but I’ve only heard Nicki say she was influenced by Kim twice and the second time she had them cut the footage from her Hot 97 interview. With this pattern, I’m gonna need her to stop claiming Foxy was her biggest influence when it’s evident that is not the case. She does not want to give Kim her rightfully due props and everyone knows it. Think of how many more albums she could have sold if she had paid respect publicly and gained support from Kim fans, but she wanted it to be all about her. What a shame. They would have slayed the f**k out of a classic Hip-Hop collaboration.

    • DanYiel Iman June 8, 2017

      Exactly & I’m not here for Tricki Garbagh, Remy Ma slaughtered her with “ShETHER” most of her music is Dr Seuss type rhymes & Flavor-Aid to Lil’Kim’s Kool-Aid any day!! ✌🏽😂

  12. Essence_of_sean June 7, 2017

    There is no hype around this album. Lol

  13. steven jr. arra June 7, 2017

    Want to help out on your new album

  14. Caleb June 7, 2017

    How does this qualify as “details”?

  15. Dreazy Baby June 7, 2017

    It’s only classic hip hop cause she f***** Nas. Then whatever rap n**** she f*** with next it will be that theme.

  16. BamThaGawd June 11, 2017

    Nicki Minaj Wamables COVER/Freestyle

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