Nipsey Hussle Condemns The “Homosexual” Emasculation Of Black Men

Published: Tuesday 9th Jan 2018 by David

Is there an effort to emasculate heterosexual black men?

Nipsey Hussle‘s answer? Yes.

Find out why the performer feels it’s important for African-American men to lead their communities with love and intelligence…and steer clear of “homo sexual” behaviour below.


His words were met with condemnation from some and praise from others.



Hussle isn’t the first artist to claim there is an effort to emasculate black men in the media as a way to uplift white supremacy.

Do you agree?

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  1. SMH January 9, 2018

    Sigh. This topic is old, dated and played out. Next.

  2. Belladonna January 9, 2018

    I use to think that the black community was the lest Progressive community out of all the People of color in America but that’s not true the media wanted me to think that black straight men where just killers,hood rats & unintelligent but The majority of black people love & support Gay people & people like this man are a small few. Sorry TGJ but I’m not falling for this.

    • Caleb January 9, 2018

      Wow I’m surprised to see you write this. It’s so different than what you’ve been writing on here over the years. It’s wonderful to see you aren’t falling for the “black people are all homophobic” narrative that the media has been working so hard to promote.

      • Belladonna January 9, 2018

        Yeah I went through a lot of trauma coming out with a lot of black people being homophobic & crazy enough white people have always been really nice to me witch made it really easy for me to believe anything bad about all people of color & feel safe in white space. I never hated myself for being black but I did wish not to be associated with the community but now I have beautiful and amazing black friends that I have met over the last 2years And I Watch a lot of black shows on Netflix’s ( She’s got to have it & Dear White People) lol So yeah I love Taylor & Beyonce lol And I love being Q**** and being apart of the Black community and no Homophobe can take that away from me now.

    • Jasmine January 9, 2018

      I’m glad that you realize the bigger picture now. Ignore the haters and do you brother. You have my support.

      • Belladonna January 9, 2018

        Thanks so much.

    • Kiliian January 9, 2018

      Awww.A comment you put down there actually got at me ,happy for you that you’re happy with yourself ,there’s nothing like acceptance and peace with oneself.

  3. January 9, 2018

    here we go against, speech an’t as free as they want you to think.

  4. Hmmm… January 9, 2018

    Yeah this discussion has been exhausted, and we’ve already had it here btw. Black men have been historically emasculated in various forms e.g., by being r&ped themselves, watching their wives be [email protected], being broken like horses, being dominated by white men to this day is in itself emasculation, and yes the media has promoted it, black comedians/actors have endorsed it, but acknowledging this is not the same thing as homophobia, though there is a lot of insecurity and homophobia in a lot of black men. I’m not really arguing for or against a gay agenda against black men, because I haven’t fully developed my opinions, but I can see that there are arguments for both sides.

    Also free speech does not mean your speech doesn’t have consequences. Free speech simply means you have the right to say it, you aren’t free from opposition or criticism though.

    • SvenMahdi January 9, 2018

      Great comment!

    • XYZ January 9, 2018

      Especially your last paragraph explains exactly what a lot of people don‘t understand these days.

  5. boomkat123 January 9, 2018

    The thing is, he doesn’t k now if anyone in the picture is homosexual. LOL. That makes it silly. Just because you have on a suit and stand next to other black guys doesn’t make you heterosexual. However, why does it even matter?

    • Hmmm… January 9, 2018

      Because some morons don’t think you can be gay and strong at the same time.

      I also think that’s an issue to explore because just like how the media likes to portray loud, “spicy”, latinas, and the comic relief sista girl, black women (who’s never the lead but the man-less best friend), the media likes to only show the animated, over zealous, highly spirited, hyper sexual, interior design loving, gay men. There needs to be more representation with less stereotypes.

      Of course individuals are responsible for educating themselves but offensive and oppressive beliefs and stereotypes are reinforced by the media.

  6. Paulo January 9, 2018

    it’s about time someone lets these types of morons know that they have blood on their hands everytime they make a statement like this. I understand where he comes from with white media but stop pinning this on LGBT people. especially cause it’s black LGBT people being murdered and beaten the most for being who they are. if he’s not willing to embrace all black men even the gay ones then that post is just hypocrisy at its finest.

  7. Cough Cough January 9, 2018

    Didn’t he date and impregnate and leave the industry thot Lauren London making her a second or third time single mom? Oh ok… that is a much bigger issue that gays, angry black men or anything else ur rambling about …

  8. Char January 9, 2018

    Yawns*. Who is he again? Next

  9. Girl you tried it January 9, 2018

    He’s an idiot. Lol You want representation of “strong” black man? Comment on your brothers from Love and hip hop? OH OKAY! Second what about STERLING K BROWN WHO JUST WON AN AWARD FOR BEING A STRONG BLACK MAN… Just shut up lol

  10. Jason Lyric January 9, 2018

    The ignorance in his statement is the fact that he can’t say who is gay or who is straight in the picture he showed. I understand his point as far as the images that we are fed. We are a diverse group and we need to see that. We need to see ALL of our images because they all exist. But gay is not the opposite of strong man.

  11. Yas January 9, 2018

    He won’t saying that when he was letting gay n.iggas suck his d.ick

  12. Bravo!! January 9, 2018

    S***, most of the straight guys loving on trannys, draq queen, and having their wife dig deep in them with a d****… so who knows what straight really is!?

  13. Steven January 9, 2018

    Black folks blame everyone else for their problems smh

  14. King January 9, 2018

    HTH the media doing this when WE r the 1s wearing these tight ass pants and ass hanging out…i guess every black man with his ass out in the back is the media then….we gotta recognize our part too

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